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bloodyfandom: Better In Practice. NCIS: Gibbs/DiNozzo
No one ever understood that Gibbs needed someone to drag him in from the cold. Tony does it without making it a big deal
slash  ncis  Gibbs/DiNozzo  short  author:bloodyfandom 
september 2011 by chris_king_2005
NCIS Fanfiction Archive >> The Taste of You
Author's Summary: Crossover with The Sentinel. Gibbs and DiNozzo learn some of the finer points of sentinel/guide behavior while Jim and Blair debate the nature v. nurture of attraction.
slash  ncis  Gibbs/DiNozzo  jim/blair  au  crossover  TheSentinel  author:lila 
september 2011 by chris_king_2005
As the team chase suspects through the forest, Gibbs is shot in the line of duty. He reverts to wolf form and Tony realises who he is. Whereupon, the two begin a slow courtship dance as we discover Tony's background knowledge and Gibbs recovers from his injuries.

Hot, sweet and with snappy dialogue. What's not to love about this fic?
ncis  slash  AU  Gibbs/DiNozzo  nc-17  first-time  author:eoenkethry  were!fic 
september 2011 by chris_king_2005 NCIS - Index
Including Myths and Revelations: An exercise in Centaur AU
NCIS  slash  Gibbs/DiNozzo  AU  centaur!fic 
september 2011 by chris_king_2005
The Pulse by Megaera
Set in a post-apocalyptic world where telepathy becomes possible. WIP
ncis  slash  AU  hurt/comfort  firsttime  Gibbs/DiNozzo  wip  telepathy 
september 2011 by chris_king_2005
Awakening Universe Series by Nix
More Things in Heaven and Earth" challenge. Everyone in the world suddenly gains psychic abilities. There are consequences
slash  ncis  AU  firsttime  Gibbs/DiNozzo  author:nix  bonding  angst 
september 2011 by chris_king_2005
Andy by Xanthe
When Tony receives some bad news, it forces him and Gibbs to go on an emotional journey and face up to the events of a time long past.
ncis  slash  nc-17  romance  first-time  angst  hurt/comfort  Gibbs/DiNozzo 
september 2011 by chris_king_2005
Change!verse by adafrog
Cross over with The Sentinel. After a tough case, Tony's abilities as a Sentinel come on line. Gibbs is his Guide.
slash  AU  crossover  Gibbs/DiNozzo  ncis  author:adafrog  sentinel 
september 2011 by chris_king_2005
Myths and Revelations: Part 1
NCIS cross over with James Walkswithwind's "Horse of a Different Color" 'verse.

Use the archives' quick series search to find the rest of the series
ncis  slash  Gibbs/DiNozzo  long  series  author:Nix 
september 2011 by chris_king_2005

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