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Programmer’s Toolbox Part 3: Consistent Hashing «
Hash resources and server identifiers into the same namespace. When looking for a resource, use the server who’s hash is the next server hash after the resource’s hash (second server hash for a secondary server, et cetera).
consistent-hashing  hashing  cache  distribution  algorithm  programming  via:Hacker-News 
march 2012 by chris_johnsen
24/192 Music Downloads are Very Silly Indeed
Monty describes why 24-bit/192kHz music distribution is a worthless idea.

44.1/48kHz sampling rates are sufficient to cover human hearing. The ultrasonics captured by higher sampling rates often result in extra noise within the actually audible frequency range due to the way amplifiers and speakers work.

16 bits are enough to cover all of the dynamic range of human hearing. Higher depth samples are useful during production, but not for final distribution.

Testing this stuff is hard due to myriad ways biases can be introduced.
Monty  xiph  digital-audio  music  distribution  sound  44.1kHz  48kHz  192kHz  sampling-theorem  16-bit  24-bit  dynamic-range  placebo-effect  confirmation-bias  single-blind  double-blind  ABX  via:Twitter 
march 2012 by chris_johnsen
HockeyApp - Home
Over-the-air beta distribution, crash report collection with (basic) analysis, and device/OS/user analytics. Starting at $10/month (up to 5 apps (unlimited versions) totaling 250MB).

Compare to TestFlight.
MacOSX  iOS  Android  software  beta  distribution  installation  test  iTunes  sync  app  development  crash-report  analysis  analytics 
march 2012 by chris_johnsen
ERCOT - Press Releases
The “Electric Reliability Council of Texas” seems to be the organization that called for the rolling blackouts today. They published information in their press releases and warn that there may be more rolling blackouts tonight and tomorrow.
Texas  power  electricity  distribution  blackout  rolling-blackout  grid 
february 2011 by chris_johnsen
TestFlight | iOS beta testing on the fly
Over the air installation of test versions of iOS apps (instead of “download, drop on iTunes, then sync over USB”).
iOS  software  beta  distribution  installation  test  iTunes  sync 
january 2011 by chris_johnsen
Bozo Engineering Redux -- The Idiocy of the Power Brick
Usenet reply that mentions someone rolling their own DC power-distirbution system to avoid the multitude of transformers that modern electronics require.
electronics  electricity  power  distribution 
january 2006 by chris_johnsen

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