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Networks, interfaces, and computer-generated images: learning from digital visualisations of urban redevelopment projects
Over the past five years, computer-generated images (CGIs) have become commonplace as a means to market urban redevelopments. To date, however, they have been given relatively little attention as a new form of visualising the urban. In this paper we argue that these CGIs deserve more attention, and attention of a particular kind. We argue that, instead of approaching them as images situated in urban space, their digitality invites us to understand them as interfaces circulating through a software-supported network space. We use an actor-network theory understanding of ‘network’ and argue that the action done on and with CGIs as they are created takes place at a series of interfaces. These interfaces—between and among humans, software, and hardware—are where work is done both to create the CGI and to create the conditions for their circulation. These claims are explored in relation to the CGIs made for a large urban redevelopment project in Doha, Qatar. We conclude by suggesting that geographers need to reconsider their understanding of digital images and be as attentive to the interfaces embedded in the image as to the CGI’s visual content.
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may 2014 by Chris.Hamby
A High Line for Harlem - Center for an Urban Future
This commentary, by the Center's David Giles, calls on the Bloomberg administration to back a proposal to turn the empty space under the Metro North tracks in Harlem into a vibrant, mile-long market for hundreds of local entrepreneurs. It argues that the proposed market could do wonders for a neighborhood lacking in affordable retail space and a city struggling to retain independent businesses.
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september 2010 by Chris.Hamby
Cisco wires 'city in a box' for fast-growing Asia - Technology -
As tens of millions of people across the developing world migrate from the countryside to new cities, Cisco Systems is helping build a prototype in South Korea for what one developer describes as an instant "city in a box." Cisco, which has more than 4,400 employees and contractors in Research Triangle Park, is wiring every tech nook and cranny of the new city, making it one of the most technologically sophisticated urban centers on the planet.
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june 2010 by Chris.Hamby
DSGN AGNC is a non-profit research and design firm looking at new forms of urban design, architecture, and urban planning for the world's growing urban peripheries. We are also interested in new technologies and media.
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february 2010 by Chris.Hamby

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