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Networks, interfaces, and computer-generated images: learning from digital visualisations of urban redevelopment projects
Over the past five years, computer-generated images (CGIs) have become commonplace as a means to market urban redevelopments. To date, however, they have been given relatively little attention as a new form of visualising the urban. In this paper we argue that these CGIs deserve more attention, and attention of a particular kind. We argue that, instead of approaching them as images situated in urban space, their digitality invites us to understand them as interfaces circulating through a software-supported network space. We use an actor-network theory understanding of ‘network’ and argue that the action done on and with CGIs as they are created takes place at a series of interfaces. These interfaces—between and among humans, software, and hardware—are where work is done both to create the CGI and to create the conditions for their circulation. These claims are explored in relation to the CGIs made for a large urban redevelopment project in Doha, Qatar. We conclude by suggesting that geographers need to reconsider their understanding of digital images and be as attentive to the interfaces embedded in the image as to the CGI’s visual content.
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may 2014 by Chris.Hamby
Issuu - architecture00
Hello... 00:/ is a London based strategy & design practice. With a foundation in delivering award-winning architecture and commissioned research into the built environment, we are driven by an aspiration to create genuinely sustainable places founded on evidenced social, economic, and environmental principles.
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june 2011 by Chris.Hamby
The Reverse Commute | The American Prospect
The Obama administration is trying to rein in suburban sprawl. But is it any match for 70 years of unsustainable development?
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july 2010 by Chris.Hamby
Age of the Castrato – Cecilia Bartoli Sacrificium – last castrato Alessandro Moreschi – Nicholas Clapton – Failure magazine |
Thousands of boys were castrated in the name of music, and for most the benefits outweighed the drawbacks.
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june 2010 by Chris.Hamby
Crude Meridian - Triple Canopy
"The desert of Arabia is America's last frontier.” The story of the cowboy oilmen who branded the Gulf and the Bedouin who followed in their footsteps.
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may 2010 by Chris.Hamby
State of Metropolitan America - Metropolitan Policy Program - Brookings Institution
The State of Metropolitan America is a signature effort of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program that portrays the demographic and social trends shaping the nation’s essential economic and societal units—its large metropolitan areas—and discusses what they imply for public policies to secure prosperity for these places and their populations.
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may 2010 by Chris.Hamby
We post articles, past and present, that we think are too long and too interesting to be read on a web browser.

We started this site to bring together our enthusiasm for both great longform reads and the excellent Instapaper reader.
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april 2010 by Chris.Hamby
Why There Is No Jewish Narnia > Publications > Jewish Review of Books
Although it might seem unlikely that anyone would wonder whether the author of The Lord of the Rings was Jewish, the Nazis took no chances. When the publishing firm of Ruetten & Loening was negotiating with J. R. R. Tolkien over a German translation of The Hobbit in 1938, they demanded that Tolkien provide written assurance that he was an Aryan. Tolkien chastised the publishers for “impertinent and irrelevant inquiries,” and—ever the professor of philology— lectured them on the proper meaning of the term: “As far as I am aware none of my ancestors spoke Hindustani, Persian, Gypsy, or any related dialects.” As to being Jewish, Tolkien regretted that “I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people.”
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march 2010 by Chris.Hamby
Hamish Hamilton: Five Dials
Five Dials is a magazine published by Hamish Hamilton, edited by Craig Taylor.
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february 2010 by Chris.Hamby
Metagames and Containers – Sleepover
“In simple terms, [metagaming] is using out-of-game infor­mation, or resources, to affect one’s in-game decisions.
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february 2010 by Chris.Hamby

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