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Yin Xiuzhen
Yin Xiuzhen, Large-scale, installation, 2010
Yin Xiuzhen, Large-scale, installation, 2010
Yin Xiuzhen, Collective subconcious, 2007
Yin Xiuzhen, Portable city : Hamilton, 2003
Yin Xiuzhen, Portable city : Stuttgart, 2010
Espace identitaire.
Space identity.

Sources : Lost at e minor,  Yin Xiuzhen on art net
Ville/City  Arts_Visuels_/_Visual_Arts  Sculpture  Installations  from google
september 2010 by Chris.Hamby
Mathilde Nivet
Mathilde Nivet, Upside TownMathilde Nivet, Upside TownMathilde Nivet, ParisMathilde Nivet, QuartierVille de papier.Paper city.Sources : Gycouture[design], Mathilde Nivet
Papier/Paper  Ville/City  Arts_Visuels_/_Visual_Arts  Sculpture  Arts_d'impression_/_Printmaking  from google
may 2010 by Chris.Hamby
Derick Melander
Derick Melander, The Ocean is the Underlying Basis for Every Wave, Second-hand clothing, wood and steel, 2008Derick Melander, Filter, detail, Second-hand clothing, wood and steel, 2009Derick Melander, Filter, Second-hand clothing, wood and steel, 2009Accumulations géométriques.Geometrical accumulations.Sources : Boom, Of paper and thing, Derick Melander
Textile  Arts_Visuels_/_Visual_Arts  Sculpture  Videos  Installations  from google
march 2010 by Chris.Hamby
[no title]
“Machine with concrete”, 1992 by Athur Ganson. The speed at which the cogwheels turn is slowed down by 12 pairs of reductors. The last cogwheel needs two trillion years to complete one rotation (video).
Stoneham  cogwheel  conctrete  decay  duration  kinetic  movement  reduction  sculpture  speed  time  from google
december 2009 by Chris.Hamby
[no title]
“Giesskanne”, 1989 by Thomas Bayrle. Plastic watering pots, metal.
Frankfurt  1937  assamblage  male  repetition  sculpture  watering_pot  from google
september 2009 by Chris.Hamby
[no title]
»a moon of saturn resting on a doric foundation«, 2007 by Robert Andrade. Collaboration with Daniel G. Baird.
Chicago  2007  architecture  building  greek  male  monument  sculpture  upside_down  white  from google
april 2009 by Chris.Hamby
[no title]
»Oh why so serious?«, 2008 by Paul Chan.
New_York  grave  keyboard  monument  sculpture  from google
april 2009 by Chris.Hamby
[no title]
»Under Discussion«, 2005 by Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla.
San_Juan  boat  improvisation  motor  sculpture  travel  water  from google
march 2009 by Chris.Hamby
The Art of the Porno Burrito.
Do you smell what the Monster is cooking? That’s 13 inches of straight up burro con carne asada. (Photos by C-M.)

Last year, my L.A. homegirl Vidalia introduced me to the grotesque spectacularness of the Porno Burrito, El Atacor’s legendary mac daddy burro, a sculptural assemblage of beans, rice, meat, guacamole and pico de gallo that weighs as much as a small dog. Vidalia and I had taken on the burrito in the past. But last night we did it again. And because we had one too many drinks in us, we decided to order two. We only made it through one, even though we split it three ways with Celso. But because I hate to waste a good Porno, today, Celso and I devoured the second (after taking lots of pictures).

How do we feel after inhaling this monster? Something along the lines of this.

Click on images to supersize. Many more after the jump.

Porno burrito next to a standard-issue reporter’s notebook.

Porno burrito with a 12 oz. can of Diet Coke. Because there’s nothing quite like the irony of eating a burrito the size of a baby with diet soda.

Porno burrito with Cox Cable universal remote.

Porno burrito with bombing marker.

Porno burrito with size 10 men’s flip flop.

Porno burrito with the complete works of Pablo Neruda. 

Porno burrito reclines alongside a luscious Chilean cab.

Porno burrito, bathed in sunlight.

Celso manhandles my porno burrito.
C-Monster  Food  Los_Angeles  Sculpture  el_atacor  porno_burrito  from google
january 2009 by Chris.Hamby
The Digest. 12.08.08.
Ben Godward at the Laundromat Gallery in Brooklyn. (Photo by Yvonne Connasse.)

Mass jumping at MoMA tonight!!! Beginning at 6:30 p.m. (MoMA’s Twitter.)
The MOCA Mess: Roberta Smith says everyone needs to step to the plate, including rich artists (“you know who you are,” she writes) and not-so-rich folks, who might be able to donate $100 or $1,000. Plus: L.A.T. columnist Tim Rutten calls for a house cleaning. (Modern Art Notes.)
Francis Bacon’s dying wish.
Art21’s blog is exploring the topic of controversy in contemporary art this month. (The video at the bottom of this piece, in which students discuss the work of Kara Walker, is fascinating.) There are other posts, too: on self-consciousness and controversy, and willful controversy (which addresses the Turner Prize and the YBAs).
Relational aesthetics, Flickr edition.
Video: Takashi Murakami on money, success and art.
Jeff Koons, thespian.
I’m curious to see how this experiment fares: The Brooklyn Museum is creating a subscription-only Twitter art feed called 1stfans. Cost: $20. The incentive: 1stfans who turn out for the museum’s First Saturday event on Jan. 3 can get a free Swoon print, just B.Y.O paper. (Hrag Vartanian.) Related: Museums and Twitter.
National Academy sells paintings to pay the light bill. More here.
At the Basel Frazzle: An informal Herald survey reveals that sales mostly dropped or were flat. Sort of related: At CIFO Art Space, the art was in the interrogation. And a report on the fair’s largest piece, which in case you’re wondering, was a bell. Plus: because what Miami needs is another private museum, this time from real estate developer Craig Robins.
The Moment talks to Dorothy Vogel.
Nirvana baby now a Shepard Fairey intern.
Today’s Graff: Roa in Pasadena.
WYSE and NEKST seriously redo a WK Interact mural in Miami. 
Street art as puzzle: El Autotono. (Ekosystem.)
Christopher Hawthorne on L.A. Live, the city’s latest crap-ass megadevelopment project: “…their architecture is fundamentally not really architecture at all but an extensive series of armatures on which the developer and its tenants can hang logos, video screens and a sophisticated range of lighting effects.”
David Chipperfield addition for the St. Louis Museum of Art is on hold due to the economic downturn.
Felt architecture.
The Skyline looks at how design and infrastructure upgrades will intersect under the incoming Obama administration. My personal plea to Obama: Please start with the nation’s airports. They are an embarrassment.
Stormtroopers at the beach. (Coudal.)
Your moment of New York, I love you, but you’re freaking me out.
C-Monster  Installation  Painting  Sculpture  The_Digest  Ben_Godward  from google
december 2008 by Chris.Hamby
5 Incredible Works of Insane Architectural Genius: Wooden Skyscrapers to Recycled Wonderlands
How many people does it take to envision, design and build a typical building? Architects, builders, carpenters, laborers are often just the beginning of a long list of co-creators. Well, these bizarre exceptions were each primarily the work of a single eccentric individual and in many cases took decades (or even lifetimes) to construct. Despite having this essential factor in common the ultimate built outcomes range significantly in style, execution, materiality and purpose.

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Architecture  Environment  Travel  Urban_Art  Architectural_History  Installation_Art  Sculpture  from google
march 2008 by Chris.Hamby

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