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kristin posehn
kristin posehn's fascinating metropolis project. as she explains "metropolis was founded in 1910 as a planned city in nevada, usa. a group of investors incorporated as the pacific reclamation company purchased 40,000 acres of remote, high desert land. the land was to be partially irrigated and resold for farming. a one-mile square city plan was laid out with modern conveniences rare in the rural west, including sidewalks, electricity, and two showpiece buildings. for the settlers who invested in metropolis, these two splendid multi-storey brick structures embodied the security of their family’s future. the pacific reclamation company had an acute business sense, and used every means at its disposal to cultivate an image of metropolis as a desirable, modern, fertile and permanent settlement. metropolis was promoted heavily throughout the western states and canada via advertising, a brochure and newspaper. the company built a dam and reservoir with plans to irrigate 30,000 acres; negotiated with the southern pacific railroad to build an extension from the transcontinental railroad into metropolis; and maintained an onsite demonstration farm with luxuriant crops of oats, apples, corn, beans, beets and so on. a sagebrush standing six feet high, with a trunk the size of a small tree, was proudly displayed in the offices of the company as testament to the astonishing fertility of the soil. settlers, many with no prior experience in farming, moved their families across the country on the company’s promises of wealth and prosperity. however, all was not as it seemed...." read/see more about the project right here.[all kristin posehn. from the series metropolis. 2008.]
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march 2009 by Chris.Hamby
No more Mexican truckers on U.S. roads
Cato's Daniel Griswold catches an interesting provision in the omnibus appropriations bill passed by the house:
Buried in the $410 billion catch-all appropriations bill now before the
U.S. Senate is a provision that would end a program that has allowed
Mexican truck drivers to deliver goods to destinations inside the
United States....
Under current restrictions, goods coming into the United States from
Mexico by truck must be unloaded inside the “commercial zone” within 20
miles or so of either side of the border and transferred to U.S.-owned
trucks for final delivery. U.S. goods going to Mexico face the same
inefficient and unnecessary restrictions.
The Bush administration established a pilot program that allows certain
Mexican trucking companies that meet U.S. safety and other standards to
deliver goods directly to U.S. destinations, while the Mexican
government has agreed to allow reciprocal access to its market. But the
Democratic Congress and the new Democratic president have vowed to
finally kill the program, and the provision inside the appropriations
bill will probably deliver the final blow.
So much for being "very careful about any signals of protectionism." Maybe that only applies to Canada.
(Hat tip: Hit & Run)
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march 2009 by Chris.Hamby
video • balloons
william lamson: emergejustin kelly: shred yer brainmartin löfqvist: balloonswork by william lamson, justin kelly and martin lö is a weekly column by michael bühler-rose that appears each friday on i heart photograph.
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november 2008 by Chris.Hamby
the world is all that is the case
great show up through 12/20 at hudson franklin in nyc. 'the world is all that is the case' curated by arthur ou. featuring work by: darren bader, arthur ou, matthew porter (images above) and too long a list of other dazzling photographers to write out here. take a peek at the full details.[all from the exhibition the world is all that is the case. top to bottom: darren bader, atitle, and/or new advances in geometry (found photograph), 2007. install shot (back walls). arthur ou, untitled (view 1), 2008. matthew porter, blueberries, 2008.]
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november 2008 by Chris.Hamby
christina seely
work from christina seely's 'lux' project documenting the artificial glow produced by major cities in the united states, western europe, and japan. "this project is inspired by the disconnect between the immense beauty produced by man-made light and the complexity of what this light represents....for most of human history, man-made light has signified hope and progress within local and global arenas. in this project, light also paradoxically denotes regression or transgression--an index of the complex negative human impacts on the health and future of the planet." see more here.[all christina seely. from the series lux. top to bottom: metropolis 48°52’N2°19’E (paris). metropolis 35°00’N135°45’E (kyoto). metropolis 35°10’N136°50’E (nagoya).]
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november 2008 by Chris.Hamby
video • let's get physical
nagi noda: mariko takahashi's fitness video, for being appraised as an "ex-fat girl" slava mogutin + brian kenny: teen werewolf workoutzachary ordonez: resistance - release - recovergetting physical with nagi noda, slava mogutin + brian kenny, and zachary ordonez. thanks to why + wherefore and shane for the is a weekly column by michael bühler-rose that appears each friday on i heart photograph.
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october 2008 by Chris.Hamby
shane lavalette
shane lavalette's project 'crush.' as he explains: "a series of screenshot-photographs taken during the moments when various "cam girls" had exited the frame of their webcams, leaving only the eroticized, domestic backdrop to the viewers. " take a peek at more here.[all shane lavalette. 2007. top to bottom: lauren. princessdolley. best_sexy_sugar.]
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october 2008 by Chris.Hamby
daniel everett
daniel everett's 'building a more meaningful existence'. as he explains: "for this project i used a graphics editor built into an early arcade game to convert spam emails i had received into a virtual landscape. by reconfiguring the graphics editor interface to accept keystrokes as input, i was able to build these landscapes solely by transcribing the spam messages and compiling them. for this piece i specifically chose spam messages that promised me a more meaningful life, increased happiness, and a greater sense of self-worth." see more here.[all daniel everett. from the series building a more meaningful existence.]
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september 2008 by Chris.Hamby
luis gispert
absolutely amazing work by luis gispert. see more here.[all luis gispert. top to bottom: untitled (gerilla), 2007. bmx, 2007. air hockey, 2007. piss pool, 2006. all from el mundo es tuyo (the world is yours).]
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august 2008 by Chris.Hamby

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