The Packers of Catan: Green Bay’s Board-Game Obsession - WSJ
RT : This is great. NFL team Green Bay Packers are obsessed with 'Settlers of Catan'
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8 days ago
Kennings - BeechwoodPark.Net
A Kenning is a special kind of poem, invented well over a thousand years ago by the Anglo-Saxons: they're the people we English are descended from, and from whom we get our language.
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10 days ago
Territory Annexed - The Awl
Wondering why there are so many videos on Facebook now?
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16 days ago
How Self-Tracking Apps Exclude Women - The Atlantic
RT : When 25-year-old boys design all your lifeware, you get lifeware designed for 25-year-old boys.
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5 weeks ago
Steven Greenhouse Leaves The New York Times, As Newspapers' Labor Beat Keeps Shrinking
RT : NYT says it won't decide right away if it plans on replacing its lone labor reporter, who's taking a buyout…
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7 weeks ago
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