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Pull Request #113: Enable prefetching childnodes by chregu · jackalope/jackalope · GitHub
RT : also added child prefetching support into would be a great addition for ODM http://t. ...
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april 2012 by chregu
Jsop - Jackrabbit Wiki
it's btw Jackrabbit-JSOP which differs a little to the proposed standard. see and thx for the link
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march 2012 by chregu
IKSContentRepositoryWorkshopSwitzerland - IKS Project
IKS is organizing a PHP Content Repository workshop in Switzerland in association with the PHPCR and Jackalope projects.
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april 2011 by chregu
jackalope's Profile - GitHub
RT : care about CMF? , PHP API, is getting commit love galore , this is a key infras ...
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november 2010 by chregu

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