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Google Wave – Enttäuschungswelle :: Google, Web 2.0
Google Wave, die Enttäuschungswelle. Bin ich froh, ging das gestern nicht nur mir so...
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august 2009 by chregu
Google Latitude Public Location as JSON
Use a KML or JSON feed to create a custom experience in your own application
geolocation  json  google 
june 2009 by chregu
QR Code via Google Chart API
Didn't know, that they provided that :)
qrcode  google  api 
january 2009 by chregu
Google AJAX Language API
translate via AJAX, maybe soon really needed in our multi-language company :)
ajax  api  Google  translation  webservices  javascript 
march 2008 by chregu
Mapstraction - a javascript library to hide differences between mapping APIs.
Mapstraction is a library that provides a common API for various javascript mapping APIs to enable switching from one to another as smoothly as possible.
ajax  googlemaps  google  mapping  yahoomaps  javascript  maps 
january 2008 by chregu

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