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Geo IP Address Lookup / Locator
This is a free geolocation / geotargeting service which can be queried through HTT. To use it, just fetch a URL like:
geolocation  web  api 
february 2010 by chregu
Google Latitude Public Location as JSON
Use a KML or JSON feed to create a custom experience in your own application
geolocation  json  google 
june 2009 by chregu
Gears API Blog: Gears 0.4 is here!
Gears makes whereami kindof obsolete :) -> "we have added a new Geolocation API"
googlegears  geolocation 
august 2008 by chregu
Fire Widget
A Fire Eagle WIdget for OS X, doesn't really work for me
widget  osx  geolocation  yahoo  fireeagle 
march 2008 by chregu
GSM Location
GSMLoc, Open Cellstumbling
geolocation  gps  gsm  mobile 
july 2007 by chregu
My IP Address Lookup and GeoTargeting
- Community Geotarget IP Project - what country, city ip addresses map to - IP Trace
geolocation  map 
july 2007 by chregu
geo - Microformats
Missing in our microformats support :) but at least we have a jira-issuer now for it:
microformats  geolocation 
january 2007 by chregu is the plaze for all developers who want to make use of Plazes services.
august 2005 by chregu
Plazes Support in Wordpres
automatically geolocate your posts
blogs  geolocation 
august 2005 by chregu
geolocate your pictures
may 2005 by chregu

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