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vitamin d: beyond metabolism. - pubmed - ncbi
"the vdr gene is [...] examined as a factor in the evolutionary selection of skin depigmentation at higher latitudes to allow vitamin d synthesis. evidence is given to show that vdr polymorphisms exhibit a latitudinal gradient in allele prevalence consistent with such a paradigm."
vitamin-d  vdr  skin-pigmentation 
april 2019 by chl
randomized control trial assessing impact of increased sunlight exposure versus vitamin d supplementation on lipid profile in indian vitamin d deficient men
"increase in vitamin d concentrations through sunlight exposure significantly reduced tc, ldl-c, and hdl-c concentrations, and cholecalciferol supplementation increased tc and hdl-c concentrations."
sun-exposure  vitamin-d  lipid-profile  ldl  hdl 
february 2019 by chl
vitamin d status predicts new brain magnetic resonance imaging activity in multiple sclerosis. - pubmed - ncbi
"in multivariate analyses, each 10ng/ml higher 25-hydroxyvitamin d level was associated with a 15% lower risk of a new t2 lesion [...] and a 32% lower risk of a gadolinium-enhancing lesion [...]. each 10ng/ml higher vitamin d level was associated with lower subsequent disability [...]. higher vitamin d levels were associated with lower, but not statistically significant, relapse risk."
vitamin-d  multiple-sclerosis 
february 2019 by chl
are the protective benefits of vitamin d in neurodegenerative disease dependent on route of administration? a systematic review: nutritional neuroscience: vol 0, no 0
"on the basis of this systematic review, strong recommendations regarding therapeutic benefits of vitamin d in neurodegenerative disease cannot be made. it is unclear if vitamin d mediates a protective benefit in neurodegenerative disease or whether it is an associative marker of uv exposure, which may contribute to as of yet unidentified neuroprotective factors."
sun-exposure  vitamin-d 
august 2018 by chl
the effect of high dose vitamin d3 on physical performance in frail older adults. a feasibility study. - pubmed - ncbi
"vitamin d supplementation using 4000 iu/daily is safe and has a modest beneficial effect on physical performance for frail individuals and those with insufficient vitamin d levels."
august 2018 by chl
effect of solar ultraviolet radiation exposure on serum 25(oh)d concentration: a pilot randomised controlled trial. - pubmed - ncbi
"after adjustment for baseline 25(oh)d, the mean change per week during the intervention phase was non-significantly higher in the intervention [8 seds] than in the control group [4 seds] (0.7 vs. 0.3; p = 0.35). this difference was not sustained during the follow-up period."
vitamin-d  25(oh)d  sun-exposure  uv-b  standard-erythemal-doses 
august 2018 by chl
vitamin d supplementation in pregnancy and lactation and infant growth. - pubmed - ncbi
"[...] maternal vitamin d supplementation from midpregnancy until birth or until 6 months post partum did not improve fetal or infant growth."
vitamin-d  rct 
august 2018 by chl
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