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bollu/ everything you know about word2vec is wrong
"[...] this is probably the last time I take a machine learning paper's explanation of the algorithm seriously again --- from next time, I read the source first."
word2vec  sci-pub  gensim  source-first  nlp 
6 weeks ago by chl
scispacy | spacy models for biomedical text processing
"[...] a python package containing spacy models for processing biomedical, scientific or clinical text."
spacy  scispacy  bio-inf  bio-med  nlp  text-processing 
february 2019 by chl
[1711.00043] unsupervised machine translation using monolingual corpora only
"in this work, we [...] investigate whether it is possible to learn to translate even without any parallel data. we propose a model that takes sentences from monolingual corpora in two different languages and maps them into the same latent space. by learning to reconstruct in both languages from this shared feature space, the model effectively learns to translate without using any labeled data."
neural-mt  nn  nlp  mt  vsm 
november 2017 by chl

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