course announcement: data mining (36-462/662), fall 2019
"for the first time in ten years, I find myself teaching data mining in the fall. this means I need to figure out what data mining is in 2019."
data-mining  course  by:cshalizi 
2 days ago
tumblr the day after – matt mullenweg
"first, [verizon] chose to find a new home for tumblr instead of shutting it down. second, they considered not just how much cash they would get on day one, but also — and especially — what would happen to the team afterward, and how the product and the team would be invested in going forward. third, they thought about the sort of steward of the community the new owner would be. they didn’t have to do any of that, and I commend them for making all three points a priority."
tumblr  automattic  web  history  verizon  by:matt-mullenweg 
3 days ago
österreichisches staatsarchiv - posts - subventionsansuchen von peter mitterhofer
"ansuchen von peter mitterhofer, erfinder der schreibmaschine aus partschins an den kaiser um eine subvention."
peter-mitterhofer  typewriter  history 
8 days ago
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