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Salmon With Anchovy-Garlic Butter Recipe - NYT Cooking
try 15 minutes at 225 or at most 250; then pour the melted sauce over the fish for delectable moist flakiness after searing
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Provençal Fish Stew Recipe - NYT Cooking
8 ounces of cubed cod or turbot and cut the amount of spinach to 1/2 lb., canneloni bean, clam, bagette slices, bay scallop
fishStew  shrimp  caper  anchovy  chickpea  spinach  olive  M.Bittman 
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Pasts w.anchovies, chilies, mint | National - TastingTable
Stowell favors the fish in pasta; in his signature dish, noodles are tossed with chopped anchovies, olive oil, chiles and mint.
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Anchovy Butter | TastingTable Recipes - E Stowell
Melt it in a pan to sear meat, or add it to mashed potatoes for a whack of umami.
anchovy  butter 
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Rose Wine
I love their new rose.
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