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7 keys to SEO: How to help people find your blog
Steve Buttry writes: Even a novice blogger needs to understand how people use search engines to find the content they are looking for. You want to help people find your posts. This practice is known as search-engine optimization, abbreviated SEO.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
Paton prepares his newspapers for a world without print
According to Mr. Paton, his new employees at MediaNews were hoping to discern the silver bullet that would enable them not only to survive, but prosper. Instead, he worked his way through a detailed presentation about outsourcing most operations other than sales and editorial, focusing on the cost side that might include further layoffs, stressing digital sales over print sales with incentives, and using relationships with the community to provide some of the content in their newspapers.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
John Paton’s Big Bet: Will “Digital First” bring home the bacon?
"We’re no good at this,” John Paton says, sitting in a midtown Manhattan conference room on a gray, rainy spring day. “We” is the news business, and “this” is designing a viable future for it. “We have to figure it out.” He leans forward in his chair and adjusts his blue Hermès tie. “If this business model’s not fixed, the amount of American daily newspapers that won’t be here in five years will stagger you. They won’t make it.” The reporters and editors at Journal Register Company—a chain of eighteen daily newspapers and 176 non-daily newspapers, magazines, and websites in small markets throughout the Midwest and Northeast—should know. Paton took over as CEO of the company in February 2010 when the previously public company emerged out of bankruptcy as a private one.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
Using Twitter as Your Database
Instead of building our own system, we asked reporters to post their updates to Twitter and use hashtags to associate each update with a race. Then we used the Twitter API (via John Nunemaker’s Ruby gem) to fetch updates for each page.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
The storyteller strikes back - BuzzMachine by Jeff Jarvis
When I dared question the article’s monopoly as the atomic and only acceptable form of news, I honestly did not imagine the reaction I would get. I thought I was observing a trend and an opportunity. I have tried to provoke plenty of times. But here I truly did not think I was saying anything provocative. But clearly, I plucked a nerve. I’ve been asking myself why I evoked such a strong emotional response, online and off. At Jeff Pulver’s 140 Conference in New York this week, I endeavored to answer that.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
AOL Hell: An AOL Content Slave Speaks Out
An interesting read on one writer's experience with AOL. The most poignant part is the final paragraph.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
A librarian for news
A news orga­ni­za­tion is not unlike a library in many ways. It is an infor­ma­tion fun house. The sheer quan­tity and qual­ity of infor­ma­tion con­tained in the archives of a major news orga­ni­za­tion is stag­ger­ing. What’s miss­ing, though, is a guide who can help us nav­i­gate all of this data.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
If your news site isn’t social, great design won’t matter
There’s been a lot of sound and fury in the media sphere recently, sparked by a blog post from web designer Andy Rutledge that tore apart the New York Times website for being ugly and cluttered. This caused a firestorm of sorts on Twitter, as defenders of the site argued that most of his criticisms and proposed solutions were unrealistic — which many of them arguably are. But the biggest blunder Rutledge commits is when he argues that news sites should avoid social-recommendation elements, when the opposite is true.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
5 tips for getting started in data journalism
Data journalist. Computer-assisted reporter. Newsroom developer. Journo-geek. If those of us who work in the field aren’t quite sure what to call ourselves, it’s little wonder that sometimes even the people who work beside us are puzzled by what we do. Part of the confusion (and one reason for all the competing labels) lies in the sheer variety of tasks that can fall under this heading. We may be fairly sure that some jobs lie within the boundaries of data journalism, but we’d be hard-pressed to say what can’t be jumbled into this baggy monster of a field.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
A call for consolidation: Dean Singleton on John Paton, collective action, and the next waves of newspaper cutbacks
When MediaNews Group and Journal Register Co. announced a quasi-merger on Wednesday — putting the two under a new common management structure named Digital First, with John Paton serving as CEO of both companies — it was the most dramatic combination of American newspapers companies in years. And it was also a victory for the vision of Dean Singleton, the longtime MediaNews CEO who has been a champion for consolidation in the newspaper industry for decades.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
7 keys to managing a great social media news team
As news organizations embrace Twitter and Facebook to distribute stories and engage their audiences, many have decided social media is no longer a one-person job.

Effective social media use now requires that you post and monitor almost all the time — from early morning to late at night, and don’t forget weekends. Your social media editor needs a team, or at least some backup.
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november 2011 by cherylsadler
Newspaper Death Watch
Chronicling the Decline of Newspapers and the Rebirth of Journalism
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october 2011 by cherylsadler
Monday Note: Proof by Mask
The graphic evolution of the web must deal with two negative forces: its language framework doesn’t evolve fast enough, and it faces the burden of messy advertising.

Looking at websites with advertising masked to see where the content lies.
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october 2011 by cherylsadler
Science of social media timing
Community managers take note… Ever wondered what is the best time of day to post a tweet or a fb update?? Wonder no more… Utilizing techniques to schedule your social media engagement can maximize the exposure your content will get in social networks. Included are stats for Facebook and Twitter on what days and times are best to maximize the audience size and the possibility that your content will be both found and shared.
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june 2011 by cherylsadler
2010 Journal Register Company Editorial Awards
The 2010 Journal Register Company Editorial Awards are open to all current Journal Register Company employees. The submission process is open call — categories are open to all areas of the newsrooms from news to sports to business to features to photo.

Along with recognizing quality journalism within the Company, the awards are designed to:

* Foster a sense of community within our organization
* Develop talent and retain talent within our Company
* Recognize those who excel and share their knowledge
* Encourage innovation and challenge the status quo
* Celebrate those who adapt and lead
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february 2011 by cherylsadler
Most Influential Media Industry Bloggers on Twitter
This list includes the Most Influential Media Industry Bloggers on Twitter generated using Klout score.
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january 2011 by cherylsadler

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