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Brought Here to Do
Summary: Sam gets gay-bashed after his soccer game. Dean kicks ass and takes names before taking care of his baby brother.
fandom:SPN  genre:slash  pairing:sam/dean  established-relationship  rating:r  wordcount:1k-5k  teen!chesters  pre-series  hurt/comfort  hurt!sam  protective!dean  warning:underage  warning:homophobia  underage 
may 2017 by cherry619
Life Is Fragile, Handle With Care
Summary: High school student and resident rebel without a clue, Jensen Ackles, faces expulsion for a prank gone wrong. His punishment is eventually lessened to mandatory participation in the drama club's spring play. Forced to interact with the Pastor's son (and president of the geek squad) Jared Padalecki, the boys’ relationship blossoms from initial dislike into something much more unexpected. Until something terrible threatens to destroy everything they've worked so hard to create.
fandom:RPS  genre:slash  au  wordcount:30k-40k  rating:nc-17  sick!jared  hurt!jared  schmoop  bullied!jared  tear!jerker  angst  first.time.together  warning:homophobia  bottom!jared  highschool!fic  pairing:jensen/jared 
april 2017 by cherry619
On December, 22nd
Summary: Originally written as fill for a prompt by Anonymous on spnkink_meme. The prompt says: Jensen, Jared and their kids were supposed to go shopping for the holidays but Jensen's father, who never liked Jared, make it difficult for Jensen to leave work early so Jared and the kids go alone.Later, when they're ready to go back home Jared and the kids are threated by an armed man. The man takes the money, the presents and unexpectedly he shots Jared and one of the kids.When Jensen gets the call he's still in the office.Jared is unconscious, hurt badly but wakes up in Christmas Eve
established-relationship  December.22nd.verse  warning:homophobia  pairing:Jensen/Jared  protective!jensen  fandom:RPS  genre:slash  au  nurse!jared  daddy!boys  married!boys  rating:R  wordcount:20k-30k  schmoop  hurt/comfort  hurt!jared  hospitalized!jared  comforting!jensen 
august 2012 by cherry619
Angel in Blue
Summary: Officer Ackles is a hardened city cop who finds himself in the worst situation, staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. When Jared rescues the officer, Jensen owes Jared his life... or perhaps, it’s the other way around. An AU based on the movie, Angel Eyes.
first.time.together  pairing:Jensen/Jared  tear!jerker  cop!jensen  fandom:RPS  genre:slash  schmoop  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!jared  rating:nc-17  wordcount:30k-40k  au  switching  warning:homophobia  pairing:jared/omc 
august 2012 by cherry619
Summary: After the death of his grandfather, Jensen Ackles never expected to inherit anything other than the families’ run-down farm. It comes as a surprise to find he has in fact inherited the Midnight Ranch - one of the largest, best-known horse ranches in Texas, which belonged not to his grandfather but to a man, he never knew – his mysterious great-grandfather, Captain Ross.

Jensen fully intends to sell the ranch and start up his own business but when he meets handsome groom Jared (a man with secrets of his own) he finds his priorities start to change. Jared introduces Jensen to a love of horses and the land, and Jensen begins to weaken, wanting to find out more about his great-grandfather and the ranch that he has inherited.

Can Jensen and Jared find the love and peace they have both been searching for in each other, or will circumstances drive them apart.
genre:slash  abused!jared  hospitalized!jared  protective!jensen  wordcount:20k-30k  rating:nc-17  hurt!jared  rancher!jensen  bottom!jared  first.time.together  au  pairing:Jensen/Jared  fandom:RPS  warning:homophobia  *cherrypdf 
june 2012 by cherry619
One Small Step
Summary: Jared has had a secret crush for months. But it’s not like publishing genius and gay activist Jensen Ackles is going to notice the tall, weird guy pushing the mail cart. So when Jared’s best friend and Jensen’s assistant, Sandy, tells him that Jensen is getting married in one month to a fellow activist -- something about being the first gay couple to get married in the state -- Jared knows some things just aren't meant to be. And now Sandy is insisting that Jared help her plan the wedding. She thinks it’s a good idea. Jared thinks she’s nuts. Because the only thing this could lead to is heartbreak. Right?
wordcount:30k-40k  rating:r  pairing:Jensen/Tom  fandom:RPS  au  aspergers!jared  publisher!jensen  geek!jared  hurt/comfort  angst  schmoop  mailcarrier!jared  warning:homophobia  pairing:Jensen/Jared  genre:slash  *cherrypdf 
september 2011 by cherry619
You Be the Prom Queen, I'll Be The Malcontent
Summary: Three years ago, Jared Padalecki's parents disowned him, and he moved to Boston to start over. He's got a decent life carved out for himself, until he starts talking to his crush, and he realizes there's still a lot he needs to deal with before he can really be the person he wants to be.
fandom:RPS  college!fic  first.time.together  schmoop  hurt!jared  hurt/comfort  bff!chad  violinst!jensen  construction.worker!jared  warning:homophobia  pairing:jensen/jared  pairing:Jensen/Tom  genre:slash  au  rating:r  wordcount:20k-30k  bottom!jared 
july 2011 by cherry619
Don't Hide Your Light
From a very young age, Jensen has been told what it means to be a man, and he does everything he's supposed to. His next-door neighbor, Jared, doesn't seem to get it. Jensen moves to New York after college and loses touch with nearly everyone in his hometown. Everyone except Jared, who, even though he's unashamedly, flamboyantly gay, is Jensen's best friend. After years of solitude in New York, Jensen's life is turned upside down when Jared moves in with him, following his dream of being a fashion designer. Jared's easy charm and the way he can make friends anywhere have always inspired Jensen, and he wonders if maybe there isn't one more lesson he can learn as he watches Jared become an overnight success.
fandom:RPS  au  first.time.together  designer!jared  angst  schmoop  hurt/comfort  warning:homophobia  pairing:Jensen/Jared  genre:slash  rating:r  wordcount:20k-30k  *cherrypdf 
july 2011 by cherry619
Summary: For Lady and the Tramp. Jensen is not a cocker spaniel, Jared is not a mixed breed and sadly, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is definitely not a rotund Italian who feeds dogs spaghetti.
genre:slash  warning:homophobia  wordcount:5k-10k  rating:r  pairing:jensen/jared  fandom:RPS  au  angst  abused!jared  hooker!jared  hurt!jared  hurt!jensen  hurt/comfort  first.time.together  protective!jensen 
july 2011 by cherry619
Day in the Life of a Teenage Outcast
Summary: AU. Jared is the emo kid everyone makes fun of. Jensen is the new kid from California that shakes things up.
fandom:RPS  bullied!jared  au  protective!jensen  first.time.together  hurt!jared  angst  schmoop  warning:homophobia  genre:slash  pairing:jensen/jared  rating:pg-13  wordcount:1k-5k 
july 2011 by cherry619
The Color Pink
Summary: Dean thought the prank was pretty funny until he went to pick Sam up after school.
wordcount:5k-10k  rating:pg  genre:gen  fandom:SPN  pre-series  highschool!fic  bullied!sam  guilty!dean  protective!dean  hurt!sam  warning:homophobia 
may 2011 by cherry619

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