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The Obsidian Knife
Jared wasn't expecting that his research in Mexico would lead to a passionate affair with a novelist interested in the same ancient legends as him. Nor was he expecting Jensen to leave without saying a word of goodbye. But when Jensen's best friend calls to report him missing, Jared realizes that Jensen might not have left voluntarily—and that he might be in more danger than any of them know.

RPS  RPS!AU  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Previous!Relationship  Writer!Author  Writer!Jensen  Teacher  teacher!Jared  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  livejournal  pdf/mobi  15000+  Long  Abducted  Abducted!Jensen  Library 
may 2017 by chellexxx
The Lost Boy
Stuck with writer's block, Jensen has been hoping for a breakthrough. He never expected that would mean coming face to face with his own characters, and having to solve the mystery he should have been writing.

RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Angst  Writer!Author  Writer!Jensen  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jensen  Domestic!Violence  Abused  Abducted  20000+  Long  archiveofourown 
april 2017 by chellexxx
Betrayal & Love
Jensen's new in town, looking for a bit of fun. He meets this woman, Sandy, and finds himself in an impromptu relationship. But is Sandy as available as she leads him to believe? “Listen, man…It’s not that bad… Sandy didn’t know you’d be getting in so early; else we would’ve gone out.”

~8,000 words, NC-17, hurt!Jared, some het!sex, protective!Jensen
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  1st!meeting  Jared/Sandy  Jensen/Sandy  Infidelity  Angst  pining!Jensen  Writer!Author  Writer!Jared  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jared  Living!Together  livejournal  5000+  Short  Bottom!Jared  fics!by!freakn-out 
april 2017 by chellexxx
Accidents will happen
Jared is a guardian angel moonlighting as a handy man, Jensen
is a very accident prone human. Zaniness ensues. Cue schmoop and various
times Jensen has his life saved by the handyman he is secretly crushing
on. Prefer top Jared if it gets to that. ..... 4,100
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Angel!Jared  hurt!Jensen  Humour  archiveofourown  livejournal  Writer!Author  Writer!Jensen  Schmoop  1000+  Short  Powers!Jared  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Felicia!Day 
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follow your heart (but take your brain with you) ..... Jared doesn’t
have the world’s hardest job; he writes an advice column for a local
newspaper while staring at the back of Jensen Ackles’ (the sport
correspondent) head, fantasizing about the moment that Jensen will
finally notice him. Jared’s never been the smoothest guy in the world,
but when a chance work opportunity throws the two of them together, he
hopes that he can convince Jensen that they’re made for each other. ....
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Work!Together  Writer!Author  Writer!Jensen  Writer!Jared  Sport  archiveofourown  pining!Jared  Humour  10000+  Short  Office  Jealous!Jensen  Confession  top!Jared  Journalist  Journalist!Jared  Journalist!Jensen  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Jim!Beaver  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
january 2016 by chellexxx
Gossip Guy
American Journalist Walter Winchell said “Today’s gossip is
tomorrow’s headline”, and nothing could be truer for Jensen Ackles. As
he seeks the job as Editor-in-Chief of his high school paper, Jensen has
to spend time covering the swim team, where star Jared Padalecki (and
Jensen’s current enemy) serves as captain. Over time, they get to know
one another and see past the hatred, but a new item in The Austonian
drudges up Jensen’s past for spreading good gossip. .... 14,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Secret  Sport!Jared  Sport  Writer!Author  Writer!Jensen  HighSchool!AU  Slow!Burn  hurt!Jared  Humour  10000+  livejournal  archiveofourown  Short  Swimmer  Swimmer!Jared  Journalist  Journalist!Jensen  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Felicia!Day 
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Hold the Whipped Cream
International Best Selling Author Jensen Ackles is all kinds of
specific with the details of his life. He likes privacy, writing, and
coffee; black, no sugar, hold the cream. He’s become a fixture at the
local coffee shop, writing from his table every day for the past two
years. His vices include routine, neatness, and structure. Jensen
doesn’t do messes. Then there is Jared, recent post-grad basket case,
who’s been coming in every day for caffeine he doesn’t need and bringing
the increasing disaster in his life with him. Jared is a mess in all
the ways Jensen is not and so Jensen offers to help Jared in the only
way he knows how: by buying Jared a cup of coffee. .... 37,606
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Schmoop  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jensen  Writer!Jensen  Writer!Author  Romance  35000+  Long  archiveofourown  pining!Jensen  Humour  Barista!Jared  Slow!Burn  Friends!to!Lovers  1st!meeting  drunk!Jared  Adorable  Wealthy!Jensen  Barista  Undercover/Secret!Identity  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Stephen!Amell  Person-Osric!Chau  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
september 2015 by chellexxx
Eye of the beholder
Being an investigative journalist meant spending hours on a
story; sometimes even placing yourself in mortal danger. The story he
was following was no different, except that it was and Jared ended up
being blinded and suffering from amnesia. He has no idea of who his
attacker was or if he would end up being blind permanently.Jensen didn't
mean to attack the lanky man, and he had all the intention to go and
apologize until he saw the police and the lead detective talking
attempted murder, while the doctors discussed their patient's lost of
eyesight. It scared him and with his shady past, he did the only thing
he could do and he ran. But fate intervened and when someone tried to
kill Jared, and it was up to Jensen to keep Jared safe. When things
became hairy both men realize that they have to place their trust into
each other if they wanted to get out alive. Will Jared's sight and
memories return, will Jensen be able to get past the guilt he was
carrying around .. 45,402
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Bottom!Jared  Angst  Amnesia  Writer!Author  Amnesia!Jared  Blind  Blind!Jared  guilty!Jensen  hurt!Jared  35000+  Long  archiveofourown  Journalist!Jared  Journalist  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Steve!Carlson  Person-Ty!Olsen  Person-Mark!Sheppard  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
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Go Back Home
Sam Winchester's book has been stuck at chapter fifteen for
ages. He has the inspiration alright, but it just isn't working out.
Stressed after writing all day, he gives in to Anna's request to join
her had a local concert of the band 'The Fallen Archangels'. Turns out,
alcohol and concerts just don't mix well. Especially the morning after.
Not that he minds waking up next to a naked Gabriel Novak, guitarist of
said band. What ensues is the tale of two men in a pretend relationship,
concerts, acting like goofballs and, love? ... 41,520
SPN!AU  Slash  Sam/Gabriel  Dean/Lisa  Sam/Jess  Pretend/Mistaken/Couple  Car!Accident  Addiction  Addict!Dean  drunk!Dean  Big!Bang  Writer!Sam  Writer!Author  Musician  35000+  Long  archiveofourown  SPN  Character-Charlie!Bradbury  Character-Castiel  Character-Gabriel/The!Tickster  Character-Lucifer  Character-Ruby  Character-Lisa!Braeden  Character-Ben!Braeden 
september 2015 by chellexxx
Coming off a year of dealing with his parents' estate, Jared
buys an old mansion in the country with the goal of becoming the
proprietor of a B&B and a novelist. The house has a dark past, but
he scoffs at the idea that it's haunted. Then, he gets the feeling he's
being watched and strange things begin to happen in the house. A brutal
murder in town has the local sheriff looking into the murder of Jared's
parents. While events have Jared questioning reality, Jensen woos him
the only way he knows how. .... 37,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Angst  Homicide  Local!LEOS/FBI  Writer!Author  Writer!Jared  Motel/Hotel  Criminal!Jensen  Bottom!Jared  Memories/Flashback  Emotionally!hurt  Emotionally!hurt!Jared  Big!Bang  pdf/mobi  livejournal  Long  35000+  Medical!Professional!Jensen  Dub-Con  hurt!Jared  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Jim!Beaver  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
august 2015 by chellexxx
he who writes my story
After his last book flops and he breaks up with his boyfriend,
Jensen moves back to his hometown of Brookgreen, California, to start
over. His plans to take a break from writing (and dating!) veer
off-course, however, when Jensen’s best friend introduces him to Jared,
the new deputy sheriff in town, who immediately reignites Jensen's
creativity along with his desire. Now it's up to Jensen to decide which
he wants more: a successful book or a relationship with the man of his
dreams. .... 13,700
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Writer!Author  Writer!Jensen  Agent/Police!Jared  Secret  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jensen  livejournal  10000+  Short  pdf/mobi  Schmoop  Slow!Burn  Porn  Humour  Agent/Police 
july 2015 by chellexxx
I Will Anchor You
Jared enjoys his life, he does. He currently subtitles porn
movies for a living, but as a writer, the plan is to publish his own
books someday. Apart from that, he is married to Tom, who is the love of
his life or so Jared is convinced. But Jared's life comes crashing down
when Tom announces that he's leaving him, with little to no
explanation. Soon after, Jared finds out that his now ex-husband has a
brand new boyfriend and they're going on a cruise to Italy together. So
Jared, with the help of his two loyal friends, decides to board the same
ship so he can try to win his husband back. ....... 43,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  1st!meeting  Mike/Tom  pining!Jared  Big!Bang  Humour  drunk!Jared  drugged!Jared  Porn  Writer!Author  Writer!Jared  Jensen/omc  Bottom!Jared  livejournal  archiveofourown  35000+  Long  Vacation  Jared/Tom  Undercover/Secret!Identity  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Stephen!Amell 
july 2015 by chellexxx
Of Dogs and Puppy Dog Eyes
Author of graphics novels and self proclaimed introvert Jensen
Ackles is recently divorced and is not looking for a relationship. All
he wants to do is focus on himself and pretend his problems don't exist.
Part of that plan is to get a new home in the suburbs and a dog. Two
things happen that completely destroy this plan of Jensen's: 1. He gets a
dog. 2. He gets a Jared. .... 28,462
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Neighbour  Writer!Author  Writer!Jensen  Romance  Schmoop  Slow!Burn  Medical!Professional!Jared  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jensen  aww  pining!Jensen  Humour  Dog/Puppy  25000+  Long  archiveofourown  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan  Jensen/Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan  Artist  Artist!Jensen 
july 2015 by chellexxx
Slave for Love
Jared is a reporter who will do anything for a story. When his
plane crashes during an important job he finds himself in the Harem of a
notorious sheik – Jensen. Eroticism, sex and love may follow!
Jensen/ofc  Plane!Crash  livejournal  pdf/mobi  Seduction  Bottom!Jared  Royalty  Royal!Jensen  Writer!Jared  Writer!Author  Slave!fic  Trapped  Historical  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  Person-Sandy!McCoy 
march 2015 by chellexxx
the way the cookie crumbles
Jensen is left speechless when his favourite author Jared
Padalecki (who writes survival stories) walks into his bookstore. After
several consecutive visits Jensen finally manages to hold a normal
conversation with Jared. After getting to know each other better, they
start dating. One day Jared invites him to spend some time at his cabin
and what starts out as a normal date quickly turns into a real life
survival story when disaster strikes. ... 20,000
RPS  RPS!AU  RPS!Family  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Addiction  Addict!Jensen  Writer!Jared  Famous!Jensen  Famous!Jared  pining!Jensen  hurt!Jared  Trapped  Cabin!fic  Angst  Mother!Nature  Hospitalized!Boys  Leg!broken/injured  Slow!Burn  20000+  archiveofourown  livejournal  Long  Writer!Author  BookStore  Blizzard/Snow  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Tom!Welling 
december 2014 by chellexxx
Just The Way You Are
Sometimes Jensen gets too deep into his head. That's where Jared cranks up his magic. 1,421
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  Established!Relationship  Schmoop  Romance  Writer!Jensen  Famous!Jensen  Famous/notFamous  Adorable  Sweet  1000+  Short  livejournal  Writer!Author 
december 2014 by chellexxx
My Shining Star
Jensen Ackles is the NFL's most coveted quarterback, he gave up
everything to be where he is today; even the chance to Love. Jared
Padalecki is content with his lot in life; he has a great job a great
family and friends. so what if he had a non existent love life because
he was still in love with the man that spurned him to become a football
star. What happens when an untimely accident forces Jensen to return to
his hometown and comes face to face the one person who he is most scared
to face? ... 40,206
RPS  RPS!AU  RPS!Family  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Previous!Relationship  Sport  Sport!Jensen  Writer!Jensen  teacher!Jared  HighSchool!AU  top!Jared  Bottom!Jared  Angst  asshole!Jensen  Romance  Schmoop  35000+  archiveofourown  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jensen  Writer!Author  Football  Teacher  American!Football!Jensen  American!Football  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Sophia!Bush  Person-Michael!Weatherly  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
december 2014 by chellexxx
Jared and Jensen meet online - Livejournal to be exact - in a
fandom about two hot men who are slashed. Jensen wants to meet Jared -
but Jared is ... socially awkward. .... 10.926
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  pining!Jared  pining!Jensen  Insecurity  Shy!Jared  Shy!Jensen  Schmoop  Bottom!Jared  Text/Email/Internet  archiveofourown  10000+  Short  fan!fiction  Writer!Jared  Writer!Author  Geek!Jared  Geek!Jensen  Chef/Baker!Jensen  Virginity  Chef/Baker 
november 2014 by chellexxx
When the Credits Roll
"Romancing the Stone." Jensen is a romance writer glad to be
home from a crazy adventure in South America, and he doesn't miss the
handsome man who helped him save his sister and then left in search of
treasure. Nope. Jensen doesn't miss him at all. ... 2,857
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  Previous!Relationship  First!Time  pining!Jensen  Writer!Jensen  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jensen  livejournal  Short  1000+  Writer!Author  Movie-Romancing!the!Stone  Based!on!a!Movie/Book/TV!Show 
november 2014 by chellexxx
Quite So, Sir and Other Code Words
Being housekeeper to novelist Jensen Ackles should be a simple,
safe job—just what Jared needs. Once burned, Jared wants to lead a
pleasant but otherwise generic life. Jensen is attractive, intelligent,
thoughtful and very charming! Soon Jared wants to wear all colors of the
rainbow just to get Jensen to notice him, especially in that way
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Writer!Jensen  Boss/employee  Schmoop  Romance  pining!Jared  livejournal  10000+  Short  Powers!Jensen  Humour  pdf/mobi  SciFi/Fantasy!AU  Writer!Author  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  Wealthy!Jensen  Boss!Jensen  Person-Misha!Collins 
july 2014 by chellexxx
Off-Screen Chemistry
Jared’s Hollywood royalty. Jensen’s nothing more than a
journalist with a fansite, and the unoffical president of Jared’s
fanclub. When the lines between fantasy and reality blur, and Jensen
gets to do a week long expose on Jared, sparks fly. Life isn’t a
fairytale though......... 20,255
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jared  Writer!Jensen  Actor!Jared  20000+  Long  archiveofourown  livejournal  Big!Bang  top!Jared  Jealous!Jensen  Possessive!Jensen  Humour  Someone!Finds!Out  Writer!Author  Actor  Journalist!Jensen  Journalist  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki 
june 2014 by chellexxx
Fateful Scene
Jared's a college student in need of fast money. He's got his
half of the rent due, fighting to pay for college and keep a job tending
bar despite being constantly sexually harassed by the owner's son.
Jensen's a former porn star turned studio co-owner after he went into
semi-retirement when a scene with someone he trusted went horribly bad.
Meeting when Jensen saves Jared from a case of mistaken identity &
the uncaring act of another actor, the two men from very different
worlds, are immediately drawn to the other despite Jared's innocence and
Jensen's caution. A lifetime of being used & belittled makes it
hard for Jared to believe when Jensen says he's good enough to not only
film but that he wants to get to know him, he finds himself trusting his
new boss more when a close call leaves Jared bleeding. When things from
Jensen's past resurface bringing back his own self-doubts, it's up to
Jared to convince Jensen that he's good enough to find his own buried
dream .... 58,481
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Porn  Bottom!Jared  Non-Con  hurt!Jared  Bondage  50000+  archiveofourown  Long  Shy!Jared  Insecurity  Student!Jared  Famous!Jensen  Actor!Jared  Actor!Jensen  Vet/Animal!Shelter  Vet!Jared  Writer!Jensen  Writer!Author  Actor  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
may 2014 by chellexxx
I Taught Your Boyfriend That Thing You Like
Jared is a big gay celebrity gossip blogger. Jensen is the biggest straightest action star in Hollywood. Boysex ensues. 22,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Actor!Jensen  Writer!Jared  Humour  Bottom!Jared  Famous!Jensen  20000+  Long  Writer!Author  Actor  dreamwidth 
may 2014 by chellexxx
Sometimes It's Hard to Keep On Running
Why can't everybody just leave him alone? All Sean Rafferty
wants is solitude to recover from a gunshot wound. That's why he's here
on Maine's isolated Osprey Island: to heal and move on. But how can he
face going back to being a Massachusetts state police officer since he's
sworn off ever playing hero again? Unfortunately, Sean can't avoid
heroics when neighboring Connie Bradford's daughter keeps getting into
trouble. And the fiercely independent Connie makes it clear she doesn't
need a rescuer-- reluctant or otherwise. The mother-and-daughter antics
make his solitude seem almost too quiet. Despite himself, Sean finds
this pair wrestling their way into his if they belong there.
Jensen's running from a past he doesn't want to face. Jared's moving on
in his life, doing what he can for his daughter. What happens when
Jensen stops running away from what he wants, and turns toward his
future? 26,800
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Neighbour  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Kid!fic  hurt!Jensen  Agent/Police!Jensen  GSW  25000+  Long  livejournal  pdf/mobi  teacher!Jensen  Armed!Forces  Writer!Jared  Romance  Writer!Author  Depraved!Humans  Agent/Police  Teacher  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Misha!Collins 
may 2014 by chellexxx
Haven't Met You Yet
After an unsettling break-up with his lover, well-known horror
writer Jared Padalecki has settled into the quiet and privacy of his new
home. Except he's developing an obsession about the visitor in his
garden who feels like someone Jared has been waiting for his whole life.
Trouble is, the man he wants to meet lives in a world where Jared
hasn't even been born. 16,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Writer!Jared  Ghost  Famous!Jared  Romance  livejournal  archiveofourown  15000+  Long  Writer!Author 
may 2014 by chellexxx
That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles
Based on the TV show Castle: Gabriel Tricksler is a successful
crime author with everything going for him. He's got a great publisher
behind him, several best-sellers under his belt and now Hollywood wants
to make his books into a blockbuster. Life couldn't get much better.
Well, he could find some motivation to write. Luckily for him, or maybe
not as it turns out, a body is discovered at one of his charity events,
and the investigating officer is none other than Sam Wesson, one of the
city's best homicide investigators and perfect inspiration. He's not so
keen on working side-by-side with Gabriel Tricksler, but his Chief makes
sure he has no choice in the matter. Of course, when Gabriel manages to
literally stumble over a second corpse, Sam starts to suspect that
Gabriel is more involved than he's letting on. ..... 22,943
Slash  Sam/Gabriel  First!Time  Local!LEOS/FBI  Famous/notFamous  Dean/Castiel  Big!Bang  archiveofourown  Long  20000+  SPN!AU  Homicide  Writer!Author  Agent/Police!Sam  Case!fic  hurt!Gabriel  GSW  Depraved!Humans  Agent/Police  SPN  Based!on!a!Movie/Book/TV!Show  AU!Not!Raised!as!Hunters  TV!Show-Castle  Character-Charlie!Bradbury  Character-Castiel  Character-Gabriel/The!Tickster 
may 2014 by chellexxx
Some Nights
Jared is used to having his life decided for him. His crappy
genes -not to mention his parents- have been running the show now since
before he was old enough to walk. Sick and tired of being sick and
tired, Jared finally takes his life into his own hands by moving out and
starting college and nothing is going to ruin it for him, not his
illness, not his overbearing parents. Life is finally going his way. And
then he meets Jensen… 16,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  RPS!Family  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  sick!Jared  College!AU  Long  livejournal  15000+  Romance  Writer!Jared  Musician!Jared  Musician  Writer!Author  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
april 2014 by chellexxx
Jared and Jensen are in love, have been for most of their
lives. There is just one tiny little problem: Jensen is imaginary, and
they can only be together in Jared's dreams. How can Jared ever find
true love in the real world when his heart belongs to a figment of his
imagination? ... 175,000
RPS  RPS!AU  RPS!Family  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Romance  Artist!Jared  Writer!Jensen  Dream/Nightmare  Epic  150000+  archiveofourown  Big!Bang  Angst  Jared/omc  Jensen/omc  Writer!Author  Jensen/Steve  Artist  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Steve!Carlson  Person-Sandy!McCoy  Person-Sophia!Bush  Person-Samantha!Smith  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
april 2014 by chellexxx
Chris meets a co-worker, Jared, in the playground near his
work. The man is gorgeous, with an adorable daughter who might be the
perfect playmate for his son. Then he finds out Jared appears to have a
husband... 4,398
Schmoop  Parent/Guardian!Jared  livejournal  Short  1000+  pining!OC  First!Time  Jared/CristianKane  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  Kid!fic  Writer!Jared  Domestic!fic  Writer!Author 
january 2014 by chellexxx
The Safety in Lying
Take one spy with amnesia and mix in a few guys with guns, a
man named Jensen who has some secrets of his own, and a lot of questions
with no answers and what do you get? Jason's not sure but that's one
answer he hopes to find. Loosely based on The Bourne Identity. 26,498
First!Time  Bottom!Jared  Writer!Jensen  hurt!Jared  Big!Bang  25000+  Agent/Police!Jared  Amnesia!Jared  Amnesia  livejournal  Long  Spies  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  pdf/mobi  Previous!Relationship  Writer!Author  Agent/Police  Movie-The!Bourne!Identity  Based!on!a!Movie/Book/TV!Show  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Sophia!Bush 
january 2014 by chellexxx
Tropical Depression
Felicia drags Jensen to a tropical writer's retreat so they can
work on their screenplay. Jensen would rather work on seducing the
fitness instructor.
top!Jared  1000+  Short  livejournal  Humour  pining!Jensen  Training  Writer!Jensen  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  Writer!Author  Vacation 
december 2013 by chellexxx
This is not a puppy love
One not so abandoned alley, one Jensen who takes a short cut and you never know what treasures you can find. 4,300
Vet!Jared  Famous!Jensen  1st!meeting  pining!Jensen  Famous/notFamous  Dog/Puppy  Writer!Jensen  Bottom!Jared  Humour  Schmoop  Vet/Animal!Shelter  First!Time  livejournal  Short  1000+  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  pdf/mobi  Writer!Author 
december 2013 by chellexxx
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Texas in July is not exactly where Jensen Ackles has any desire
to be, but a job's a job and interviewing Jared Padalecki, the most
famous and successful winner of America's Next Celebrity Chef for Saveur
magazine isn't something Jensen's going to turn down. He'll do the
interview, try not to laugh, and get back on the plane. Jared isn't any
happier at the thought of yet another interview with someone who's
already made up his mind that Jared's nothing but a pretty face, but the
network insists, so fine. He'll do the interview, practice his
patience, and be done with it. Funny how things don't quite work out
that way. 42,000
Slow!Burn  Chef/Baker!Jensen  RPS!Family  Emotionally!hurt!Jensen  Famous!Jared  hurt!Jared  Schmoop  Romance  top!Jared  Angst  archiveofourown  Big!Bang  livejournal  Famous/notFamous  On!Set  Long  35000+  Writer!Jensen  Chef/Baker!Jared  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Chef/Baker  Journalist  Journalist!Jensen  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Misha!Collins 
december 2013 by chellexxx
Food Porn
Jensen’s a neurotic sous chef and his roommate Jared’s a
disgruntled chef turned blogger turned author who’s just trying to
finish his book. Mostly they call each other names, and then they fall
in love. And then they call each other names some more.
Chef/Baker!Jared  Bed!Sharing  pining!Jared  top!Jared  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Living!Together  Humour  Long  50000+  Kid!fic  Writer!Jared  Chef/Baker!Jensen  Slash  RPS  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Chef/Baker 
december 2013 by chellexxx
Waiting for Jared
Prompt: Jensen had always joked about how he could write a
freaking book, or two, about Jared (Waiting on Jared, This is why I
don't have nice things), back in the days when they were still filming
Supernatural. Now, years later, when his life cannot possibly become any
worse, he actually does start writing. Getting it all out, writing down
little episodes and stories about the two of them helps; but the more
Jensen writes, the more he realizes how - and why - everything could go
so horribly wrong. But the most important realization of all is he
understands what has been missing in his life for the last seven years
... Jared. 5,200
5000+  pining!Jensen  Writer!Jensen  post!Series  RPS!Non-AU  livejournal  Slash  RPS  Short  Writer!Author  Jared/Genevieve  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki 
october 2013 by chellexxx
The Little Artist That Could
Sam manages to claim the Big Bang of his favorite fanfiction
author. Dean's last Big Bang gets claimed by an unknown, incredibly bad,
but earnest artist. ... 6,359
Season!4  Bottom!Sam  Winchester!Gospels  fan!fiction  5000+  Artist!Sam  Writer!Dean  First!Time  Sam/Dean  SPN!Non-AU  livejournal  Slash  Short  Writer!Author  Artist  SPN  archiveofourown 
october 2013 by chellexxx
When tragedy strikes, Jared is determined to seek revenge. What
he doesn't realize is how much his revenge will hurt his own life…and
his new relationship with Jensen.
First!Time  Bottom!Jared  top!Jared  Big!Bang  Writer!Jared  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  RPS!Family  hurt!Jensen  Angst  Jared/Jensen  20000+  livejournal  Slash  RPS  Long  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Depraved!Humans  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Steve!Carlson 
october 2013 by chellexxx
The Woman on the Stairs
When his momma dies, lonely student, Jared Padalecki travels to
London to care for a famous writer’s child. He is swept into a world of
mystery and fear; only his love for the child he cares for and his
growing attraction to his strange employer to keep him sane. Who is the
woman he thinks he sees on the stairs and are the rumours that Jensen
Ackles murdered his wife really true?
Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Angst  Bottom!Jared  Shy!Jared  Living!Together  Boss/employee  Writer!Jensen  livejournal  RPS  Jared/Jensen  Kid!fic  Length!Unknown  First!Time  teacher!Jared  Slash  Domestic!fic  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Geek!Jared  Wealthy!Jensen  Boss!Jensen  Teacher 
august 2013 by chellexxx
poems have possibilities but math has answers
Jensen is the poet, hiding behind his pseudonym and the death
of a parent, Jared the newly graduated, the newly come out, who ran away
from home, rather than face the consequences of his actions. When they
collide, there are instant fireworks. There are words written, many
kisses had, but in between dates in the park and bus rides to work,
Jensen withdraws and Jared reaches a breaking point. They discover that
happy endings are hard to come by and that life is not a fairytale.
Writer!Jensen  livejournal  RPS  Big!Bang  archiveofourown  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Angst  35000+  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Romance  Writer!Author  Vet/Animal!Shelter  Neighbour  asshole!Jared  Emotionally!hurt  Emotionally!hurt!Jared  Emotionally!hurt!Jensen  Separated!Boys  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jensen  Secret  Insecurity  Dog/Puppy  Sad  Homophobia 
august 2013 by chellexxx
The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn
When his best friend promises Hollywood fame and fortune,
aspiring writer Jared Padalecki moves from the comfort of his home in
San Antonio to the dark streets of Los Angeles. Outfitted only with his
brother's hand-me-down laptop and the '99 edition of Microsoft Word,
Jared finds himself sorely unprepared for his new life. But with a movie
to write and a crew of crazy new friends relying on him, including the
gorgeous and mysterious Jensen Ackles, he has no choice but to go along
for the ride. A modern Moulin Rouge!, J2; style. Written for
spn_j2_bigbang. 50,862
RPS  Big!Bang  Jared/Jensen  50000+  livejournal  Writer!Jared  First!Time  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Movie-Moulin!Rouge  Based!on!a!Movie/Book/TV!Show  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Sophia!Bush 
august 2013 by chellexxx
Gimme Danger
Jared Padalecki -- professional skater: talented, good-looking,
insufferably arrogant. Jensen Ackles, writer Transworld Skateboarding
magazine, isn't to happy when he has to interview the one and only
Jared, who thinks he's God's gift to the skate world. And leave it to
Jensen to be attracted to someone he hates. But will he learn that it's
all just a front? What's the reason for Jared's cockiness and can Jensen
learn to live with it? 21,267
Famous!Jared  Sport!Jared  Writer!Jensen  livejournal  RPS  Jared/Jensen  20000+  First!Time  Famous/notFamous  Sport  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Journalist  Journalist!Jensen 
july 2013 by chellexxx
Fragments of a Glass Marble
Famous writer Jensen R. Ackles is pretty sure living in the
middle of nowhere isn’t going to help him get over his case of writer’s
block. He’s got this new book to write, a looming deadline and an
ex-girlfriend who’s trying too hard to stay in the picture. But here he
is, and he’ll make the best of it. He’s just not too sure what to make
of his reluctant landlord though. Medical examiner Jared Padalecki has
been divorced for just over three years now. He keeps mainly to himself,
has a cat and works the nightshift at the Raleigh Police Force morgue
and likes it that way. Only he’s got this huge house and decides to rent
out the lower half. It’s just sitting there, he might as well make some
extra money from it. His new tenant however, is definitely not what he
was expecting in the slightest.
Famous!Jensen  Romance  Slow!Burn  25000+  RPS  livejournal  Writer!Jensen  Medical!Professional!Jared  Living!Together  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Famous/notFamous  Slash  Caught  Long  Domestic!fic  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki 
july 2013 by chellexxx
Close to Home
Jared Padalecki is a Journalist and Jensen Ackles is a homicide
detective with a serial murder investigation on his hands. The murders
bear a striking resemblance to the case that tore their relationship
apart five years ago. Could this new investigation be the catalyst they
needed to reconnect? 48,000
Writer!Jared  livejournal  RPS  Previous!Relationship  Big!Bang  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Agent/Police!Jensen  35000+  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Agent/Police  Journalist!Jared  Journalist 
july 2013 by chellexxx
All That's Left To Chart
Jared is a hot shot MTV VJ, easygoing and affable. Jensen is a
brilliant science journalist, geeky and introverted. They’re a perfect
case of opposites attracting, but when they’re unable to compromise and
save their relationship, the natural forces of the universe decide to
intervene. They wake up in each other’s bodies in order to get a taste
of their very different lives—if they don’t drive each other crazy
first. 36,000
Writer!Jensen  livejournal  RPS  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Established!Relationship  Body!Swap  35000+  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Journalist!Jensen  Journalist!Jared  Journalist  archiveofourown 
july 2013 by chellexxx
Serve and Protect
Jensen Ackles is an ex Navy Pilot and bodyguard to the
Padalecki Children. Jared, Allie and Ben need him more than they thought
as they struggle to survive. Can Jensen overcome his past to forge a
path to his future and save them all? 27,117

Timestamps ....
Armed!Forces!Jensen  pdf/mobi  Abducted!Jared  Writer!Jared  top!Jared  Abducted  hurt!Jared  hurt!Jensen  Plane!Crash  25000+  RPS  Armed!Forces  Politics  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Angst  RPS!Family  Slash  Bodyguard  Long  Abducted!Jensen  RPS!AU  GSW  Writer!Author  Bodyguard!Jensen  Pilot!Jensen  Pilot  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
july 2013 by chellexxx
Choosing Happiness
Jared worked through his years as an awkward gay teen by always
having a sketchbook with him, turning his love of drawing and story
telling into a successful career as a graphic novelist. His love/hate
relationship with Jensen Ackles, his brother's best friend, insinuates
itself into every area of his life, even after years of not seeing each
other. When Jared is asked to guest judge during San Antonio's Food and
Wine festival, an event Jensen is hosting, their tumultuous relationship
comes to a head. Between great food and wine, they are thrust out of
the frying pan and into the fire, with emotions and feelings coming to a
rolling boil. Question is, will either of them make it through to enjoy
dessert? ..... 34,342
Car!Accident  Sport!Jensen  Slow!Burn  Emotionally!hurt!Jensen  Depression  pining!Jared  !College  Camp  Bottom!Jared  Sad  Famous!Jensen  Famous!Jared  Artist!Jared  Writer!Jared  livejournal  RPS  Big!Bang  archiveofourown  First!Time  Angst  RPS!Family  35000+  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Artist  Vacation  Hurt/Sick!Boys  One!Hates!The!Other!At!First 
june 2013 by chellexxx
The Not-So-Secret Interior Life of the Scientific Moose
Jared's a scientist in training (second year grad student,
immunology) and the artist for his and Chad's web comic (black and
white, two new pages every week), and he feels as if he spends most of
his life on one or the other. (And sometimes, when he's drawing or
inking comic pages in the lab, both.) The only things keeping him sane
are his friends (most of the time), his dogs, and the friendly, amused
voice of an overnight DJ named Jensen Ross.
Writer!Jared  Artist!Jared  25000+  livejournal  RPS  Big!Bang  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  pining!Jared  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Artist  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray 
june 2013 by chellexxx
Those Were the Days, My Friend
It’s 1997 and Jared’s back in his small Texas hometown that he
vowed he would never come back to. With a writer’s block and a fiance
left back in San Francisco and no desire to tell anyone about it, he
runs into his three childhood best friends Mikey, Tommy and the guy who
has been the cause of Jared’s vow: Jensen. Now that Jared’s back, he
needs to reconcile who he once was and what he has now become. But with
the help of the people who used to know him better than he knew himself,
Jared might be able to figure everything out. 37,500
Writer!Jared  RPS  Previous!Relationship  Big!Bang  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  First!Time  35000+  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Friends!to!Lovers  Homophobia  Jealous!Jensen  Infidelity  Angst  Jared/Genevieve  Jensen/Misha  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki 
june 2013 by chellexxx
The True Story of the New World
Years after the world ended and their lives went to hell in a
hand basket (metaphorically, not literally), Sam started writing books.
Dean didn't care, not until it began to take Sam away from the hunt and
away from him. But Dean never imagined that reading Sam's books could do
what Heaven and Hell couldn't - tear them apart permanently. 25,000
Writer!Sam  25000+  livejournal  Big!Bang  post!Apocalypse  First!Time  Sam/Dean  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Long  Writer!Author  SPN 
june 2013 by chellexxx
All of Those Abiding Here
Jensen Ackles was the first journalist in fifty years to be
jailed for refusing to name his source. A year later he's out of jail
and has to deal with a murder case, a new intern called Jared - who may
have secrets of his own - and re-adjusting to life after jail. But the
past is never far behind and what will happen when it starts to catch up
with him? 40,037
Writer!Jared  Writer!Jensen  livejournal  RPS  Big!Bang  Prison/Jail  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  35000+  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Journalist!Jensen  Journalist!Jared  Journalist  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Samantha!Ferris 
june 2013 by chellexxx
You're a Real Fucking Page-turner
Jared's days pretty much all run together, one big muddy mess
of emotional turmoil and confusion and shitty friends and shittier
classes. not to mention that his best friend is equal parts awesome and a
complete jerk, his little sister is also kind of a jerk, and he thinks
privately that someday his books are going to be the only thing to stand
by him in the end. luckily, life has a way of turning things around on
him. 17,300
Slow!Burn  Schmoop  HighSchool!AU  Jensen/omc  Angst  Writer!Jared  livejournal  RPS  Jared/Jensen  15000+  First!Time  RPS!Family  Slash  asshole!Jensen  Long  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Virginity  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Steve!Carlson 
june 2013 by chellexxx
The Next Big Thing
Sometimes when the Muse hands you something, you have no choice
but to give in and write it -- even when your name is Sam Winchester,
and posting things on the Internet generally doesn't lead to anything
good. & Sequel (Next entry) 4,500+
Writer!Sam  livejournal  Bat!Cave  Humour  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  1000+  post!Series  Short  Writer!Author  SPN  Character-Charlie!Bradbury  Character-Kevin!Tran 
june 2013 by chellexxx
You Made My House A Home
When Jensen Ackles is hired to fix heart broken writer, Jared
Padalecki’s house, the carpenter ends up fixing a lot more than that.
hurt!Jared  Emotionally!hurt  Writer!Jared  livejournal  RPS  Angst  Jared/Jensen  15000+  First!Time  Slash  Long  Emotionally!hurt!Jared  RPS!AU  Writer!Author  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
may 2013 by chellexxx
Criminal Intentions
A body is found in small-town Texas. One murdered girl and no
solid suspects’ leads local sheriff Jeffrey Dean Morgan to Jared - son
of respected ex-sheriff, Gerald Padalecki, and soon-to-be newlywed. With
nothing but shared history and circumstantial evidence to link him to
the case, Jared’s name is cleared, but there is more than one life
destroyed that night and harsh truths are brought to light which
threaten everything Jared thought he could count on. Four years later
Jared Padalecki returns to his hometown, and his old life – including
his best friend and ex-fiancé Jensen – as a successful Agent of the
Federal Bureau of Investigation. Jared has received information which
endangers Jensen and everything Jared still holds dear, but his
investigation provides him with more than he bargained for, including
worrying insights into the crime that destroyed his life. Is Genevieve
Cortese’s killer back and gunning for Jensen? Or is there more to the
case than meets the eye? 69,350
pdf/mobi  Agent/Police!Jensen  Writer!Author  top!Jared  hurt!Jared  50000+  Local!LEOS/FBI  Previous!Relationship  Angst  First!Time  livejournal  RPS!Family  RPS  Jared/Jensen  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Agent/Police  Jared/Genevieve  Jensen/Danneel  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki 
april 2013 by chellexxx
Secret Muse
Sam has some secrets that he's kept from his brother. What
happens when Dean discovers that Sam writes fan fiction, loves Twilight
and isn't as straight as he seems?
Writer!Sam  Seduction  pining!Sam  Bottom!Sam  10000+  livejournal  fan!fiction  First!Time  Sam/Dean  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Writer!Author  SPN 
march 2013 by chellexxx
How Jared Met Jensen: A Love Story in the Key of D (For Dog)
It's been three years since Jared and Sandy got divorced, and
Jared's sister and brother think that it's time he meets someone new.
Nobody said that it would be easy. Miscarriage & Internet dating
& misunderstandings
teacher!Jared  Writer!Author  Dog/Puppy  RPS!Family  10000+  RPS  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash  Text/Email/Internet  Short  RPS!AU  Teacher  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Sophia!Bush 
december 2012 by chellexxx
standing on the edge of nothing
San Francisco, 1924. Five years after the worst day of his
life, Sam Winchester's still hustling for a living, still searching for
his missing brother, and on the track of a story so big it might just
break him. please be aware that this particular story takes a jaundiced
view of certain religious concepts, necessarily contains period-specific
instances of racism and homophobia, and illustrates an unsympathetic
portrait of Castiel. Warning: major character death, Castiel. 41,000
Romance  Angst  guilty!Dean  Writer!Sam  pining!Sam  guilty!Sam  top!Sam  Sam/OMC  Historical  Big!Bang  35000+  Sam/Dean  Slash  Caught  Long  Someone!Finds!Out  Separated!Boys  Writer!Author  SPN!AU  Homophobia  SPN  AU!Not!Raised!as!Hunters  Character-Castiel  Character-John!Winchester 
august 2012 by chellexxx
Dean helps Sam with a very non-supernatural problem. Sam meets his favourite author 2,002
Writer!Author  Gen  Season!6  fics!by!clair!beaubien  1000+  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Shy!Sam  Famous/notFamous  SPN 
september 2011 by chellexxx
Inspirations and Standing Ovations
"She normally writes scenes in Los Angelesits just easier all
around to separate herself from the actual goings-on and sink deep into
fantasy, the doom and gloom of the Winchesters."
Writer!Author  Jared/Jensen  Established!Relationship  On!Set  OFC  Humour  1000+  RPS  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Outsider!POV  Short  archiveofourown  Person-Sera!Gamble 
july 2011 by chellexxx
The Theory of Relativity
The Apocalypse is over. Sam writes it all down, and the result
tops the New York Times bestseller list for an entire year. Dean loves
that Sam's found something to do with his life, but doesn't know how he
fits in. And when Dean reads Sam's second novel, things get even more
confusing for him.
Domestic!fic  First!Time  Romance  Big!Bang  Slow!Burn  Writer!Sam  post!Apocalypse  Curtain!fic  15000+  post!Series  archiveofourown  Sam/Dean  SPN!Non-AU  Slash  Long  Writer!Author  SPN  Character-Bobby!Singer  Character-John!Winchester  Character-Mary!Winchester 
april 2011 by chellexxx
author, author
The boys have some downtime after a hunt. Dean finds out a sexy secret his Sammy's been hiding...a response to The Huntress's challenge.

pining!Sam  Writer!Sam  10000+  Sam/Dean  SPN!Non-AU  Slash  fan!fiction  First!Time  Short  Writer!Author  SPN  archiveofourown  FLocked! 
december 2010 by chellexxx
Tore Up from the Floor Up
Eric, Kim, and Sera are celebrating the news of a third season
when Eric notices something, well, unusual going on outside his trailer.
Writer!Author  livejournal  Voyeurism  top!Jared  OFC  Humour  1000+  RPS  Jared/Jensen  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Outsider!POV  Caught  Short  Someone!Finds!Out  Person-Eric!Kripke  Person-Kim!Manners 
october 2010 by chellexxx
Becoming by Accident
In a rotting house in the middle of nowhere, circumstances
force Sam to take the initiative, hunting a spirit which just doesn't
fit the pattern.
hurt!John  Trapped  hurt!Dean  Ghost  Writer!Author  Teenchesters  Pre-Series  5000+  Hunt  SPN!Non-AU  Gen  hurt!Sam  Short  Hospital  Hospitalized!Boys  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-John!Winchester 
october 2010 by chellexxx

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