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Ashes of the Moon
Jared Padalecki, an inexperienced and uncertain young man, is sent to Kibilisa, Africa, to work for his church. Less than a month later the country is torn apart by civil war. Alone in charge of a group of children, he despairs of surviving – until he meets a mysterious man named Jensen Ackles who seems to know the country and the language. Their journey together will bring them terror, pain, horror and the deepest grief; but also friendship, self-sacrifice, love and redemption

RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  1st!meeting  Angst  Kid!fic  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Homophobia  Big!Bang  Long  livejournal  35000+  Homicide  Hurt/Sick!Boys  hurt!Jensen 
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The House at the End of the Street
Written for the All Hallows' Eve J2/SPN Meme, using dugindeep's prompt of Trick or Treating with a li'l one (their own kid, niece/nephew, whatever) and Jared is a bit scared by the really creepy house at the end of the street. Brush your teeth after reading this, folks. It's that sweet ♥
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  1st!meeting  Schmoop  Halloween  Kid!fic  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Adorable  1000+  Short  livejournal  pdf/mobi  Firefighter  Firefighter!Jared  Architect!Jensen 
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Talking Through a Different Face
When single dad Jared Padalecki is recruited under desperate
circumstances to become the “normal” face of a house full of misfits
(including a vampire, a voodoo priestess, a man who has modified his
body to look like a jungle cat, and an all-too-naked Misha Collins) he
unwittingly enters a world where magic exists. He thinks his greatest
problem is figuring out his surprising attraction to Jensen “Totally Not
a Warlock” Ackles, but when his suddenly super-powered six-year-old
daughter goes missing, he needs to learn to trust his newfound family to
get her back before anyone else is harmed. ... 34,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Big!Bang  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Kid!fic  Powers!Jensen  Living!Together  Powers!OC  Vampire  Abducted  Abducted!OC  Angst  archiveofourown  livejournal  25000+  Long  Witch/Warlock  Witch/Warlock!Jensen  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Sebastian!Roché  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
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Somewhere With You
Ever since his divorce became public, Jared can't go anywhere
without the paparazzi hounding him. The scandals surrounding his
marriage to Wall Street mogul Tom Welling swirl out of control, leaving
Jared desperate to shield his young daughter from the media. When he
flees with his daughter to a small town on the Florida coast, Jared's is
forced to rely on the kindness of a stranger Four years ago, Jensen
Ackles had everything he ever wanted – a partner and an infant son. But
when that perfect life was torn from him, he vowed never to let anyone
close again. Now, he spends his life traveling to scenes of natural
disasters and helping those who can't help themselves. The last thing he
needs after another exhausting mission is to find a stranger sleeping
in his bed. He most definitely doesn't need to hear the Frozen
soundtrack again. ... 15,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Romance  Kid!fic  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Angst  Living!Together  Neighbour  Dog/Puppy  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  Vet/Animal!Shelter  Emotionally!hurt  Emotionally!hurt!Jensen  Library  PTSD  Everyday!Heroes  Memories/Flashback  Bottom!Jared  kick!ass!Jensen  Homeless!Jared  1st!meeting  15000+  Long  livejournal  archiveofourown  Thanksgiving  Jared/Tom  Wealthy!Jared  Homeless  Librarian!Jared  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Jim!Beaver  Person-Osric!Chau  Person-Matt!Cohen  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
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I now pronounce you ....
Jared and Jensen are best friends who got married as a last
resort to ensure they had somewhere to live for their last year of
college due to being kicked out of their dorm thanks to the loveable
resident douchebag Chad Murray. It was supposed to be a quick fix for a
messy situation... What they got however was something that neither of
them could have ever expected. .... 103,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  College!AU  Living!Together  Friends!to!Lovers  Pretend/Mistaken/Couple  RPS!Family  hurt!Jensen  top!Jared  GSW  Hospitalized!Boys  Angst  Separated!Boys  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Kid!fic  Bartender!Jensen  Writer!Jared  teacher!Jensen  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Barista!Jensen  pdf/mobi  Secret  Emotionally!hurt  Emotionally!hurt!Jared  Emotionally!hurt!Jensen  asshole!Jensen  Epic  100000+  Student!Jared  Student!Jensen  Homophobia  Teacher  Barista  Bartender  Vacation  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Sandy!McCoy  archiveofourown 
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Mad World
Jared must find the strength to keep their family from being
torn apart when the kidnapping of his and Jensen's six month old son
nearly destroys their safe and perfect life. .... 33,636
RPS  RPS!Non-AU  RPS!Family  Slash  Jared/Jensen  Established!Relationship  Kid!fic  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Angst  Abducted  Abducted!OC  post!Series  Local!LEOS/FBI  25000+  archiveofourown  Long 
december 2014 by chellexxx
Everything I Do
Jensen is the best in the business, a vocal coach who can work
wonders. Jared is an ex member of a boy band, a master at lip synching
and looking good. He needs to sing live, he needs the money, there is
only one person he can turn to for help. Thing is Jensen doesn't
actually like Jared and says no.... ......... 34,481 ...
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Musician  Musician!Jensen  Musician!Jared  Famous!Jensen  Famous!Jared  RPS!Family  sick!Jared  Angst  Romance  Sad  hurt!Jared  Emotionally!hurt  Memories/Flashback  Emotionally!hurt!Jared  Hospital  Parent/Guardian!Jared  pdf/mobi  Long  top!Jared  25000+  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Christian!Kane  archiveofourown  Person-Steve!Carlson 
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Disclaimer Master List
Jared and Jensen are willing to do almost anything to help
their friends. Almost. But what Chris is asking of them this time? It's
the one thing they both swore they'd never do: Grow up.
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Kid!fic  Epic  livejournal  pdf/mobi  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Tattoo  Length!Unknown  Person-Christian!Kane 
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Looking for a Lesson in the Periodicals
Every week Jared brings his niece to the library like any good
uncle should. The hot librarian that works there is the reason he stays.
... 9,600
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  Schmoop  First!Time  pining!Jared  Kid!fic  Parent/Guardian!Jared  5000+  Short  livejournal  Romance  Store  sick!Jared  Humour  Library  Librarian!Jensen  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Sandy!McCoy 
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They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes
and you relive every moment of it. A near-death experience leaves Jared
with an epiphany about Jensen, a mess to work through with him and their
wives, and the realization that even five years after the show ended,
there's still a supernatural touch to their lives. Because that second
chance? No one just gets something like it handed to them by a strange
woman showing up in their back yard. 42,000
RPS  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  hurt!Jared  post!Series  Big!Bang  Angst  Romance  Kid!fic  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Time!Travel  35000+  Long  archiveofourown  livejournal  top!Jared  Jared/Genevieve  Jensen/Danneel  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Time!Travelling!Jared  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki 
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Jensen has never had a guy he barely knows propose marriage to
him so that he can gain custody of a child, but apparently there really
is a first time for everything. 7,035
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Kid!fic  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Living!Together  Domestic!fic  Pretend/Mistaken/Couple  pining!Jensen  Schmoop  Romance  5000+  archiveofourown  Short  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles 
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A Little Rose Is All It Takes
When Megan Padalecki dies she leaves the care of her nine year
old daughter in the hands of her big brother. Jared loves his niece and
would do anything for her so when he finds a letter adressed to her
biological father he posts it, not realising the consequences it could
have. One Day Jensen Ackles, a filthy rich busines man, shows up on
their doorstep to claim his daughter but Jared is not willing to let her
go. Jensen won't leave without her so there is only one thing to do...
they get married and that is when it all begins. Jensen has a
reputation, class, manners and all the money in the world, Jared has
honor, love and the most ridiculously wide smile Jensen has ever seen.
What will happen when they are forced to put those two personalities in
the same house.... and let's not forget a determined little nine year
old who has plans of her own. 27,686
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Kid!fic  Living!Together  Romance  pdf/mobi  25000+  Long  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  asshole!Jensen  Bottom!Jared  Wealthy!Jensen  Movie-A!Marriage!of!Convenience  Based!on!a!Movie/Book/TV!Show  One!Hates!The!Other!At!First  archiveofourown  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Steve!Carlson  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
june 2014 by chellexxx
My New Life is Waiting
Jared and his daughter Hannah are used to depending only on
each other. Their life at the cabin on the lake isn’t exciting, but it’s
safe. Until the night Hannah goes outside, drawn by the soft sounds of a
guitar. While Jared is drawn to the music, the guitar player is too
close for comfort. .......... 14,600
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Schmoop  Romance  Bottom!Jared  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Cabin!fic  Musician  Musician!Jensen  10000+  Short  livejournal  Angst 
may 2014 by chellexxx
Sometimes It's Hard to Keep On Running
Why can't everybody just leave him alone? All Sean Rafferty
wants is solitude to recover from a gunshot wound. That's why he's here
on Maine's isolated Osprey Island: to heal and move on. But how can he
face going back to being a Massachusetts state police officer since he's
sworn off ever playing hero again? Unfortunately, Sean can't avoid
heroics when neighboring Connie Bradford's daughter keeps getting into
trouble. And the fiercely independent Connie makes it clear she doesn't
need a rescuer-- reluctant or otherwise. The mother-and-daughter antics
make his solitude seem almost too quiet. Despite himself, Sean finds
this pair wrestling their way into his if they belong there.
Jensen's running from a past he doesn't want to face. Jared's moving on
in his life, doing what he can for his daughter. What happens when
Jensen stops running away from what he wants, and turns toward his
future? 26,800
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Neighbour  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Kid!fic  hurt!Jensen  Agent/Police!Jensen  GSW  25000+  Long  livejournal  pdf/mobi  teacher!Jensen  Armed!Forces  Writer!Jared  Romance  Writer!Author  Depraved!Humans  Agent/Police  Teacher  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Misha!Collins 
may 2014 by chellexxx
A Doll's House
Jensen owns Puzzles Toys, a high-end store specializing in
making and selling dollhouses. Jared is a regular; he stops by every few
days with his daughter, Emma. They visit so often that Jensen can't
help starting to suspect it's not just toys bringing them back. 20,763
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Store  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Kid!fic  Romance  Schmoop  livejournal  20000+  Long  pdf/mobi 
may 2014 by chellexxx
Jared Padalecki has it all - a successful partner he loves, a
daughter he adores, the family life he’s always dreamed of and a good
friend in Jensen, the hot new photographer in town. But when certain
truths come to light, he’s forced to learn that not everything is what
it seems to be and, more importantly, not everyone is who he thinks they
are. 60,000
pdf/mobi  Jared/omc  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Kid!fic  hurt!Jared  Long  50000+  livejournal  Big!Bang  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  Jensen/ChrisKane  Photographer  Photographer!Jensen  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Christian!Kane 
february 2014 by chellexxx
soccer 'verse
Jensen coaches pee wee soccer, coaches Jared's kid, and he's
definitely not crushing on Jared. Seriously, he's not. Except, he
totally is.

pining!Jensen  archiveofourown  Sport!Jensen  teacher!Jensen  Kid!fic  Parent/Guardian!Jared  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  Teacher  Football!Player!Jensen  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Sandy!McCoy  35000+  Long 
february 2014 by chellexxx
Starting Anew
Jensen is the average man. He's a second grade teacher and has
an identical twin brother who teaches high school. He just got out of a
bad relationship and isn't looking for anything new. Jared is a recently
single father who is a successful actor. When they run into each other
Jensen is oblivious as to who Jared is and Jared falls for Jensen. Hard.
Kid!fic  WIP  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jared  Humour  pining!Jared  Parent/Guardian!Jared  teacher!Jensen  Length!Unknown  livejournal  Actor!Jared  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  Actor  Steve/Chris  Mike/Tom  Teacher  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Steve!Carlson 
february 2014 by chellexxx
Chris meets a co-worker, Jared, in the playground near his
work. The man is gorgeous, with an adorable daughter who might be the
perfect playmate for his son. Then he finds out Jared appears to have a
husband... 4,398
Schmoop  Parent/Guardian!Jared  livejournal  Short  1000+  pining!OC  First!Time  Jared/CristianKane  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  Kid!fic  Writer!Jared  Domestic!fic  Writer!Author 
january 2014 by chellexxx
Freedom's Just Another Word
At twenty Jensen thought he had his future mapped out. At
twenty-three everything had changed and he was left holding the baby,
literally. When her biological father, Jared, suddenly walks into their
lives, Jensen finds himself more than intrigued. But that's much too
complicated and dangerous. He has to protect his baby girl.

Years later he meets Jared again and this time there's no way Jensen can
stay away. But building a life together is the easy part. Keeping it
together? Not so much. As the years pass, both men are forced to make
difficult choices that threaten to tear their family apart.
pdf/mobi  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Schmoop  25000+  Kid!fic  RPS!Family  Angst  Established!Relationship  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Big!Bang  livejournal  Slash  RPS  Long  RPS!AU 
september 2013 by chellexxx
Both Sides Now
Jared is Jensen's world and that world is about to be
insidiously threatened. Through the nightmare, will their children and
relationship be enough to see them through, or is it time to accept
things will never be the same again?
100000+  Epic  Bottom!Jared  Agent/Police!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Angst  Kid!fic  Cancer  sick!Jared  Established!Relationship  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash  RPS!Family  RPS  RPS!AU  Agent/Police  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane 
august 2013 by chellexxx
Parental Eggsperiments
Jared and Jensen are Seniors in High School. Jensen's the
gayest football player ever. Jared's a bit gay, maybe, probably. They
have just adopted a pet egg and must keep him alive for a week. Madness
ensues. 174,595
pdf/mobi  HighSchool!AU  top!Jared  RPS  Romance  Jared/Jensen  Humour  RPS!Family  150000+  First!Time  Slash  Epic  RPS!AU  Student!Jensen  Student!Jared  Friends!to!Lovers  Football  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  American!Football!Jensen  American!Football  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Sandy!McCoy  archiveofourown 
august 2013 by chellexxx
Last Wish
Seventeen, sick and alone with only his baby sister as company,
the only thing Jared wants out of life is for someone to love her
when's not around to anymore. What he gets is so much more than he could
ever have dreamed of.
pdf/mobi  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Angst  25000+  Brain/Head!injury  livejournal  RPS  Jared/Jensen  Kid!fic  First!Time  sick!Jared  RPS!Family  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Student!Jensen  Student!Jared  HighSchool!AU  Friends!to!Lovers  Hospitalized!Boys  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
july 2013 by chellexxx
The True Seeing is Within
Gifted—or cursed—with the ability to see the future so long as
he remains pure, Jensen has traveled across many realms and been the
property of a dozen different lords and rulers along the way. When he's
handed over to serve someone new—King Jared of Tejas—Jensen wonders for
the first time if maybe his life could be different. That is, if he can
believe that the future might actually hold good things for him.
......... 50,490
Historical  Parent/Guardian!Jared  sick!Jensen  Royal!Jared  top!Jared  hurt!Jensen  Schmoop  Angst  pdf/mobi  Powers!Jensen  livejournal  RPS  Big!Bang  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  50000+  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  SciFi/Fantasy!AU  Virginity  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki 
july 2013 by chellexxx
An Unexpected Love
Police officer, Jared Padalecki lived what most people would
consider the perfect life; he married his childhood sweetheart and
eagerly awaited the birth of their first child, he had a nice home and a
great job with the prospect of promotion. Yet when tragedy strikes
Jared realizes it wasn’t the perfect life he was meant to live. Fireman
Jensen Ackles thought a different woman every night, with all the sex he
could ever want and none of the commitment was his idea of a perfect
life. However, when he meets family man, Jared, he starts to question
where his life is heading. What happens when two, seemingly, straight
men develop a friendship that turns to love and, in the process have to
overcome the obstacles of their non-gay friendly careers in order for
them to find a perfect life together? 23,000
Parent/Guardian!Jared  hurt!Jared  Firefighter!Jensen  Agent/Police!Jared  RPS  Big!Bang  Jared/Jensen  20000+  Kid!fic  Jensen/ofc  First!Time  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Firefighter  Agent/Police  Jared/Genevieve  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Misha!Collins 
june 2013 by chellexxx
Out of the dark
At the age of thirty-one award winning author Jensen Ackles has
everything he could possibly want but nothing that he needs. Suffering
from burn out and unable to write he takes off to a woodland hideaway to
try and get his mojo back. When he meets the reclusive hermit, Jared
for the first time he can’t possibly imagine the extent to which their
lives are already inextricably entwined. Maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s
just coincidence. Maybe together they can journey out of the dark.
archiveofourown  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Famous!Jensen  Artist!Jared  Emotionally!hurt  PTSD  Writer!Jensen  Big!Bang  Heartbreaking  Kid!fic  RPS!Family  25000+  livejournal  hurt!Jared  Angst  Famous/notFamous  First!Time  RPS  Jared/Jensen  Slash  Long  Emotionally!hurt!Jared  RPS!AU  Artist  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Steve!Carlson 
march 2013 by chellexxx
She's A Handsome Woman
Jensen Ackles is a talented actor with a reputation for being
difficult. When his friend Danneel is passed over for a role on a soap
opera, he cross-dresses, auditions for the part - and gets it. As
Jennifer Albee, he's got to deal with a jackass director and ridiculous
plotlines, not to mention his blossoming friendship with actor Jared
Padalecki, a single dad with a few surprises of his own. Basically a J2
retelling of Tootsie. 30,200
Parent/Guardian!Jared  Famous!Jensen  Famous!Jared  Kid!fic  On!Set  Actor!Jared  Actor!Jensen  Big!Bang  25000+  livejournal  RPS  Cross!Dressing  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Actor  Movie-Tootsie  Based!on!a!Movie/Book/TV!Show  Undercover/Secret!Identity  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles 
march 2013 by chellexxx
Yes Sir (I Don't Mean Maybe)
The path to parenthood is full of complications for Jared and
Jensen, who are forced to take part in a trendy parenting class to
improve their chances at adoption. Can they survive encounters with
obsessive tabloid reporters and nosy talk-show hosts, handle the needs
of a very special robot and resist the gravitational pull of the small
planet called Vin Diesel? Will they come through unscathed and unscarred
on the other side of this story? Will there be schmoop? (Spoiler: There
will be schmoop.)
Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Big!Bang  Humour  Kid!fic  20000+  livejournal  RPS  Established!Relationship  RPS!Non-AU  Jared/Jensen  Slash  Long  Domestic!fic  Schmoop  Romance 
march 2013 by chellexxx
Silence = Death
Jensen Ackles has a problem: while his newly-gay boyfriend
Jared is perfectly fine with Jensen, their daughters and he all moving
into their first home together, he's not fine with telling his parents
about his new life. It doesn't take long until Jensen's wish for Jared
to come out and to stand up for his family leads to fights and tension.
When the perfect occasion arises – the birthday of Jared's mother –
Jared finally gives in and agrees to take Jensen and their daughters to
San Antonio to meet his parents. The trip to Texas sucks everyone into a
proper roller coaster ride of emotions. 55,000
Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Big!Bang  50000+  livejournal  Angst  Kid!fic  RPS!Family  RPS  Established!Relationship  Jared/Jensen  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Homophobia 
march 2013 by chellexxx
Last Stop: Chicagoland
But Jensen came home after a show and it was two in the
morning, it was a Saturday night and Jared waited up for him. He was
just sitting there, grinning, and Jensen knew. Anne was pregnant.
Knocked up. In the family way. It was done. Anne was going have their
kid. It wasn't until that moment that Jensen started freaking out.
Jensen and Jared are married with kids. Not an AU.
pdf/mobi  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Big!Bang  Length!Unknown  RPS!Non-AU  RPS  Kid!fic  Established!Relationship  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash 
march 2013 by chellexxx
A Place in This World
Popular sci-fi author J Ross, a.k.a. Jensen Ackles, escapes
from the noise and pressures of NYC to the suburbs of Northeast Ohio
after the passing of his grandmother. When he meets his neighbor, speech
therapist Jared Padalecki, and Jareds little girl Kara, Jensens
carefully controlled and ordered world gets turned upside down. 31,370
Parent/Guardian!Jared  Neighbour  Famous!Jensen  Writer!Jensen  livejournal  Big!Bang  25000+  archiveofourown  RPS  RPS!Family  Romance  Kid!fic  Famous/notFamous  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Friends!to!Lovers 
january 2013 by chellexxx
Can You Help Me Remember How To Smile?
Jared's been raising his four year old twin nephews, taking
care of his Mama, his sister and trying to make ends meet at just 23.
When he gets life changing news he has to make the decision to bring the
boys to the father they never knew, a man he once loved with all his
heart. Fatebegins
Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  livejournal  guilty!Jensen  RPS!Family  RPS  archiveofourown  Kid!fic  First!Time  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  sick!Jared  35000+  Cancer  Jared/Jensen  Slash  asshole!Jensen  Long  RPS!AU  CEO!Jensen  Wealthy!Jensen  C.E.O  Hurt/Sick!Boys  One!Hates!The!Other!At!First  Deleted!Fic!or!Author 
january 2013 by chellexxx
Live To This
When they first meet they're just two screwed up people looking
for something. Its only supposed to be a one night stand, but they just
cant shake what they found in the dark. But everything between them
blew up in their short time together. Years later they're even more
screwed up and they've stopped looking for anything. But what was once
there is still there. 56,000
Parent/Guardian!Jared  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Chef/Baker!Jensen  hurt!Jensen  RPS!Family  Kid!fic  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  drunk!Jensen  drunk!Jared  hurt!Jared  Bottom!Jared  top!Jared  RPS  Big!Bang  Jared/ofc  Jared/Jensen  Angst  50000+  livejournal  First!Time  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Addiction  Chef/Baker  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Steve!Carlson  Person-Sophia!Bush 
december 2012 by chellexxx
Painting A Heart Whole
Jensen is a kindergarten teacher. Jared is the single father of
one of his students. Sometimes love happens when you least expect it.
Parent/Guardian!Jared  Famous!Jared  Jealous!Jensen  Artist!Jared  teacher!Jensen  Famous/notFamous  top!Jared  Romance  Angst  35000+  RPS  Kid!fic  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  pdf/mobi  Artist  Teacher  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Sophia!Bush 
december 2012 by chellexxx
Finding My Way Home Started With Finding You
Scott McCoy is searching for who he is, literally. Seven months
ago he woke up from a coma with no memory as to who he is or how he
ended up in the hospital in the first place. Not entirely content at the
ranch he has taken refuge at but not exactly ready to face an unknown
past he`s convinced himself to stay until he has more money saved up.
That is until the sleepwalking and the dreams start then he knows he has
to start searching for the life he`s forgotten. Jensen Ackles-Padalecki
has never accepted (despite a murder confession from Chad Michael
Murray) that his husband Jared is dead. He wont believe it until he sees
Jared's body. Once the phone calls from Jared begin, he has renewed
hope of finding him even if his friends refuse to believe that Jared is
alive. Both of them start searching for a life missing but when they
find each other can they find whats lost? ..... 69,830
RPS!Family  Amnesia!Jared  Big!Bang  50000+  RPS  First!Time  Established!Relationship  top!Jared  Angst  Amnesia  hurt!Jared  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Non-Con  Ranch/Farm  pining!Jensen  pdf/mobi  Kid!fic  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Mechanic  Mechanic!Jensen  Rancher/Cowboy!Jared  Rancher/Cowboy  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Steve!Carlson  Person-Sandy!McCoy  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
december 2012 by chellexxx
Life's Not-so-little Surprises
Jensens life is pretty sweet. He has a successful career, an
awesome apartment, great friends, and his choice of bed partners. Hes
got life all planned out. But what happens when he finds out he has a
five-year-old daughter and meets her adoptive father? 32,800
archiveofourown  Angst  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Big!Bang  Hospital  Slow!Burn  25000+  RPS  Kid!fic  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Writer!Jared  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
november 2012 by chellexxx
This Time We'll Get It Right
It's not easy raising a kid all alone, and making a name for
himself in the courts of Dallas County is tough. But finding himself in
love with his best friend? Easiest thing he's ever done. With some help
and nudging in the right direction from his match-making ex-wife that
he's finding harder and harder to hate, Jared discovers that what he's
been looking for was right there all along. 35,000

Parent/Guardian!Jared  Lawyer!Jared  Big!Bang  Bottom!Jared  top!Jared  35000+  RPS  Kid!fic  pining!Jared  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  pdf/mobi  Schmoop  Romance  Friends!to!Lovers  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Medical!Professional!Jensen  Domestic!fic  One!Hates!The!Other!At!First  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles 
november 2012 by chellexxx
It's Not Easy
After 12 years together, 3 kids, and 2 dogs - can Jared and Jensen withstand the pressures of family and career?
Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  10000+  Adorable  Emotionally!hurt  Christmas  Angst  Insecurity  Kid!fic  Established!Relationship  post!Series  Jared/Jensen  RPS  livejournal  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Schmoop  Short 
september 2012 by chellexxx
A Blessing In Disguise
Jared receives some news that will change the outcome of his future.
Jared's old friend is dying and leaves full custody of her daughter to Jared
Parent/Guardian!Jared  25000+  Kid!fic  Established!Relationship  Jared/Jensen  RPS  livejournal  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Long  archiveofourown  Angst 
august 2012 by chellexxx
America's Son
It is said that you don't get with both hands. Jensen Ackles is
the exception to that rule. He was born into a family of power and
privilege, he was positioned to be the best of them all. He embraced and
liked his life as he got ready to fulfill the promise to be the next
great leader. At first sight Jared doesn't know any of that, he just
knows that the guy in the library is hot. Bit by bit Jared learns about
Jensen Ackles and what that means. And he learns that even perfect
doesn't mean an easy happy ending. 50,000
pdf/mobi  RPS!Family  Student!Jared  Student!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Politics!Jensen  Famous!Jensen  Big!Bang  Politics  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  Famous/notFamous  50000+  Sad  Kid!fic  Romance  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  RPS  livejournal  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Library  Wealthy!Jensen  College!AU  Popular!Jensen 
august 2012 by chellexxx
Falling In and Out
You never expected to fall for him. He was your friend, your
coworker. But, you fell hard and fast. Careening over the edge into
something you weren't sure you were ready for and he wouldn't
reciprocate. 6,400
Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  RPS  5000+  Sad  Romance  Kid!fic  post!Series  Established!Relationship  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  asshole!Jensen  Short  Infidelity  Jensen/ofc 
july 2012 by chellexxx
There Goes My Life
Jared Padalecki is a mess. When his brother and sister-in-law
die in a tragic car accident and leave him with their three childrens
custody, his girlfriend breaks up with him, he has to leave college
without obtaining his teaching degree and is forced to take a shitty job
in a biker bar to make ends meet because his parents wont help him.
Depressed and exhausted, hes about to do a very stupid thing then he
meets Jensen Ackles.... 43,670
Bartender!Jensen  pdf/mobi  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Bar  Kid!fic  35000+  RPS  RPS!Family  Bottom!Jared  Romance  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Homophobia  Bartender  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Sandy!McCoy 
july 2012 by chellexxx
Lingering in the Golden Gleam
On New Year's Eve ten years after the end of Supernatural,
Jared goes to sleep in Los Angeles and wakes up in Vancouver, in bed
with Jensen Ackles. And they've got kids. ... 21,000 ... based on the
movie The Family Man
Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  teacher!Jensen  20000+  Kid!fic  Time!Travel  Spell/Curse  Bottom!Jared  post!Series  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  RPS  livejournal  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Long  Teacher  Witch/Warlock  Cursed!Jared  Time!Travelling!Jared  Movie-The!Family!Man  Based!on!a!Movie/Book/TV!Show  New!Year's!Eve  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray 
may 2012 by chellexxx
Rescue Me
Jared and Sandy are married and expecting their first child. Tragedy strikes and Jared is left alone with a child to raise.
Can Jensen help?
Parent/Guardian!Jared  Length!Unknown  hurt!Jared  Car!Accident  First!Time  Slow!Burn  pining!Jensen  Kid!fic  post!Series  Jared/Jensen  RPS  livejournal  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
april 2012 by chellexxx
Things We Didn't Say
Jared's a divorced dad. He has the opportunity to work on a
movie with a mystery director, Jensen. After years of not talking they
meet up on Oprah. He films the movie, with America Ferrerra and Jensen.
pdf/mobi  On!Set  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Big!Bang  Kid!fic  50000+  RPS!Family  RPS  Get!a!Clue  Slow!Burn  Romance  Living!Together  pining!Jensen  Friends!With!Benefits  Previous!Relationship  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  post!Series  livejournal  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Long  Domestic!fic  Director!Jensen 
april 2012 by chellexxx
Love Lives On
after Jared's wife walks out on him, after finally admitting
that he's gay, Jensen invites him to stay with him, stopping him killing
himself. there he meets up with Chris who has a baby daughter dropped
on him by an uninterested mother. ..... 5,360
Parent/Guardian!Jared  Jensen/ofc  RPS!Non-AU  post!Series  Kid!fic  Romance  Jared/CristianKane  First!Time  Heartbreaking  Death!fic  5000+  RPS  livejournal  Slash  Short  FLocked!  Deleted!Fic!or!Author  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles 
november 2011 by chellexxx

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