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You meet the two on a hot Californian summer day. Neighbors, can’t afford the glamour that reflects off the broad shoulders of Hollywood. You all are settled in Palmdale. Nothing special, Palmdale. Cost-affordable. You find that shred of social neediness for the month, dress into flip-flops because the beach is beckoning. Sam-n-Dean are going to the grocery store. 2,447
SPN  SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Season!Undefined  Outsider!POV  OFC  hurt!OC  Mute  Mute!Sam  Domestic!Violence  Curtain!fic  Neighbour  archiveofourown  Angst  1000+  Short 
february 2019 by chellexxx
Wish You Were Here
I am delighted to present a merry little tale of our favourite family of three enjoying an entirely new experience. Well, mostly enjoying, anyway ...
SPN  SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Time!Off  Vacation  A!Break!From!Hunting  Character-Bobby!Singer  OFC  Het  25000+  Long  archiveofourown  Humour  Incubus/Succubus  Dean/ofc  Hunter  Romance 
may 2017 by chellexxx
Sam’s visions spiral out of control when he is psychically connected to a girl who uses pain to ensure cooperation. Dean struggles to protect his brother, while Sam must find strength within if he is to survive.

SPN  SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Hurt/Sick!Boys  hurt!Sam  Vision  Angst  Bonding  Epic  100000+  OFC  Character-Missouri!Moseley  Hospitalized!Boys 
april 2017 by chellexxx
Another Mother
It turns out not all gods are evil and/or crazy. Sam has found one, well, actually she found him, who wants to help save Dean from Purgatory; and the planet while they're at it. AU for post-Season 7; spoilers for all seasons. Lots of exposition in first 3 chapters, but picks up after that. Romance in later chapters. Sam W. and OFC. Now with short Sequel or long Epilogue.
SPN  SPN!Non-AU  Gen  post!Season!7  OFC  Separated!Boys  Alone/Separated  Angst  Epic  100000+ 
april 2017 by chellexxx
We've got tonight
Two drabbles for 11.04. Two different stories from the POV of two completely different versions of Piper.
SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Season!11  Outsider!POV  OFC  Missing!Scene  1104  Sam/OFC  Angst  under!1000  Short  livejournal  SPN  archiveofourown 
november 2015 by chellexxx
At the same time he wishes Dean would hear right through the
flimsy façade and come to his rescue because right now his head is
pounding and his body aches everywhere. .... 5,407
SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Season!11  1102  sick!Sam  Missing!Scene  AU!Season!11  OFC  Hospital  Angst  kick!ass!Sam  5000+  Short  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
november 2015 by chellexxx
Taboo Truths
Set in season 10 after “Ask Jeeves”, the Winchesters head to
the Pacific Northwest because the mutilated bodies are piling up. They
encounter a force that changes them in ways they could never have
anticipated. ... 11,500
SPN!Non-AU  Season!10  1006  Slash  Sam/Dean  Previous!Relationship  First!Time  OFC  Spell/Curse  Bonding  pining!Sam  pining!Dean  Cabin!fic  Time!Off  Bottom!Sam  Romance  livejournal  archiveofourown  10000+  Short  SPN 
february 2015 by chellexxx
Bottles on the Beach
Supernatural has been over for six years. Jensen's moved on
& is close to starting back on daytime TV but no one's seen or heard
from Jared in nearly five years. .. At a press event Jensen is
approached by a reporter with a photo of his friend living on a beach.
Confused & alarmed, he goes to find Jared to learn what happened.
.... When he does, Jensen must also face the very reason he pulled away
from Jared to begin in. As he does, and he learns that Jared's kept his
own secret feelings hidden the truth behind Jared's disappearance comes
out and Jensen finds out just what someone close to him was willing to
do to keep him and Jared apart. .... 71,984
RPS  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  post!Series  Bottom!Jared  Angst  Separated!Boys  sick!Sam  OFC  50000+  Long  archiveofourown  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Jim!Beaver  Person-Samantha!Smith  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
september 2014 by chellexxx
Sam and Dean have been dancing around each other for years and
have been using a buffer, or third party to allow them to be together
without the guilt. As a thank-you, their third party becomes
instrumental in giving them what they want…each other. .... 4,651
SPN!Non-AU  Slash  Het  Season!Undefined  Sam/Dean  First!Time  Threesome  Sam/OFC  Dean/ofc  Sam/Dean/ofc  Outsider!POV  OFC  PWP  livejournal  Short  1000+  SPN  archiveofourown 
august 2014 by chellexxx
this illusion we've become
Even though he's been living with the prestigious Morgan family
for years, Jared Padalecki has always been the outcast, save for the
relationship he has with Diane Morgan, the eldest child and heir. When
she's murdered brutally, Jared's forced to face up to the fact that he's
on his own, while trying to solve the murder with his best friend Chad
and his associate, Jensen Ackles, a medium who's able to see spirits. In
the midst of that, he has to deal with being suspected of murder, being
further ostracised by the Morgan family, his company being robbed,
hunting down his birth parents and his tumultuous relationship with
Jensen, as well the danger that continues to lie ahead. Meanwhile,
Jensen’s forced to deal with the fact that he’s in love with Jared and
is the only one who can communicate with Diane and help solve her
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Powers!Jensen  OFC  livejournal  Big!Bang  Homicide  Angst  Ghost  Private!Investigator!Jared  Case!fic  Private!Investigator  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray 
july 2014 by chellexxx
The Kindness of Strangers
Dean's a good big brother. People can see this. Outside POV. 4,213
SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Season!Undefined  hurt!Sam  Outsider!POV  OFC  Motel/Hotel  1000+  Short  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
june 2014 by chellexxx
A get-out-of-death free card sounds good, until it's not. Sam
finds reason to truly hate Lucifer's promise to bring him back if he
dies. post 5x04 "The End" hurt/limp!Sam comfort/awesome!Dean/Cas 7,996
SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Season!5  504  Abducted  Abducted!Sam  Torture  hurt!Sam  OFC  Short  5000+  Angst  early!Season!5  Separated!Boys  Depraved!Humans  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-Castiel  Character-Lucifer 
may 2014 by chellexxx
Family Mean More Than Blood
In the middle of a storm, the brothers find an unexpected
stranger who needs their help. Who is this stranger and what secrets do
they hold? Family/Comfort/Tragedy rate T for some language .... 32,881
SPN!Non-AU  Gen  People!Helped  Case!fic  25000+  Long  Mother!Nature  Kid!fic  OFC  Powers!OC  sick!Sam  Abducted  Abducted!OC  Parent/Guardian!Dean  Parent/Guardian!Sam  hurt!Sam  hurt!Dean  Sad  Storm  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-Bobby!Singer  Character-Castiel 
april 2014 by chellexxx
The Patient In ER Bay 3
Nurse Jenny has the night-shift, a cranky patient, and a secret. 1,739
SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Season!3  hurt!Sam  hurt!Dean  Outsider!POV  Hunter  Angst  archiveofourown  1000+  Short  OFC  Hospitalized!Boys  Hospital  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
march 2014 by chellexxx
i have a rendezvous with death
Harvie doesn't know what to make of the man who saved her, or
his great, yellow-eyed hound, but one thing's for sure: there are
stranger things in this rider-ridden world than haunts. 13,024
Short  10000+  People!Helped  OFC  Outsider!POV  archiveofourown  Powers!Sam  Powers!Dean  Demon  Post!Apocalypse  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Post!Series  SPN  Vessel!Sam  Vessel!Dean  Angst 
march 2014 by chellexxx
Anegada: The Drowned Land
Jared washes ashore on a remote Caribbean island after a
devastating shipwreck. The only person he can find to help him is a
brusque, misanthropic natural historian who declares he only wants
solitude, but whose eyes say something else altogether.
Schmoop  Romance  OFC  Possessive!Jensen  pining!Jared  archiveofourown  hurt!Jared  Bottom!Jared  Alone/Separated  Angst  Historical  livejournal  Long  25000+  1st!meeting  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  Separated!Boys  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
march 2014 by chellexxx
Closed Curtains
Curtain!fic. When Sam, Cas and Dean settle in New Haven Sam
thinks he has the best of all worlds. His damaged mind on the mend, the
love and support of his brother and angel. But then, inevitably, it all
starts to fall apart. ... 7,720 ..... Closed Curtains
livejournal  Domestic!fic  Living!Together  Emotionally!hurt  Emotionally!hurt!Sam  PTSD  post!Season!7  guilty!Dean  OFC  Jealous!Sam  Insecurity  Angst  Short  5000+  post!Series  Curtain!fic  Dean/Castiel  Sam/Dean/Castiel  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  archiveofourown  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-Castiel 
march 2014 by chellexxx
The Big Bad Wolf
Brenna is a waitress who just wants to go home after an
extremely long day at work. She doesn't like the woods around the diner
and just wants to relax in her apartment where it's safe and sound. She
didn't expect any customers on the late night shift. But she never knew
what is lurking behind the trees in the woods surrounding the little
People!Helped  Hunt  Werewolf  OFC  Diner/Restaurant  Outsider!POV  Short  1000+  Season!Undefined  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  SPN 
february 2014 by chellexxx
I Understand
Sam meets someone who gives him a new perspective on his brother
Bat!Cave  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  OFC  Short  1000+  Winchester!Gospels  Domestic!fic  913  Season!9  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  SPN 
february 2014 by chellexxx
A Bit Tired
An outsider sees a moment between the Winchesters. Gen, oneshot. Outsider POV, post Season 6.
1,675  Short  1000+  hurt!Sam  PTSD  Store  OFC  Outsider!POV  post!Season!6  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
february 2014 by chellexxx
Days Without Feathers
It’s tragic, everyone says. A chance in a million—a shorted
wire, an untended candle. When they get the news (one survivor, a young
male), she puts a hand over her mouth and waits for the world to end.
Short  livejournal  Angst  Sam/Jess  Stanford  Outsider!POV  Season!3  Season!2  Season!1  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  OFC  SPN 
february 2014 by chellexxx
Game Night
On a cold Friday night in January, a small Oklahoma town is
faced with tremendous loss. Then, two rough-looking strangers arrive,
maybe bringing more trouble with them. Could be, though, they'll send
trouble packing. Outsider POV.
9,669  Short  5000+  OFC  hurt!Dean  hurt!Sam  Case!fic  Diner/Restaurant  Outsider!POV  810  Season!8  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
january 2014 by chellexxx
Sam's Heart
There's something wrong with the youngest Winchester. It seems
unconcerning until he collapses whilst on a tough case and changes for
the worse. Staying strong used to be easy, now it's a chore just
standing up. Dean hides his pride, whilst Sam hides his secret from the
not so far past. (Sick!Sam) (No slash...not even if you squint.)
Dean/ofc  OFC  Hunter  Case!fic  Season!5  sick!Sam  20000+  Long  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-Bobby!Singer 
january 2014 by chellexxx
The Shipping News
"Sam and Dean stumble upon a SPN convention and Dean breaks up a
fight (and makes a beautiful and heartwarming speech that Sam tries not
to laugh at) between a wincest and a destiel shipper and by the end
both are thoroughly convinced of Sam and Dean's love for one another".
Humour  Short  1000+  fan!fiction  OFC  Convention  509  Season!5  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  SPN 
december 2013 by chellexxx
Only When I'm Breathing
Sam comes back to Dean after dying for the last time. He's
prepared to do whatever it takes to be with Dean, even if it means
letting his brother forget him. If Dean doesn’t remember then Sam dies
again, this time for good, and Dean will lose the only person who makes
him willing to live. But the clock is ticking and they still need to
solve a series of murders in a little town called Springfield. 40,000
OFC  Motel/Hotel  Spell/Curse  Big!Bang  pining!Sam  pining!Dean  Romance  Case!fic  Pretend/Mistaken/Couple  post!Season!5  livejournal  archiveofourown  35000+  Angel  Amnesia  First!Time  Sam/Dean  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Long  Shifter  Amnesia!Dean  AU!Season!6  Separated!Boys  SPN  Character-Chuck!Shurley  Character-Castiel 
november 2013 by chellexxx
Fifty Percent
Told in two eras: 2007 and 1989. The 2007 storyline is set
between “Bad Day at Black Rock” and “Sin City”; the flashback sequence
references “Something Wicked.”
While cleaning out John’s storage locker, Sam finds an envelope from his
father addressed to someone from their past. Dean objects to delivering
it, but Sam happens upon a hunt that takes them practically to her
doorstep. Could they be demons released when the Gate opened? In 1989,
shortly after the shtriga hunt, the Winchesters settle in small-town
Ohio while John figures out whether or not he can keep hunting. Beverly
Kirkland, the children’s librarian, meets the boys and their father.
After a chance encounter with John, she reluctantly grows closer to him,
all the while wondering what it is about the family that doesn’t quite
add up….
Big!Bang  Season!3  35000+  OFC  Demon  Domestic!fic  Weechesters  Pre-Series  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Long  SPN  Character-John!Winchester  archiveofourown 
october 2013 by chellexxx
Rock 'n' Roll High School
There's definitely something off about her teachers, Kylie
decides. As a hunter's kid, she knows what to expect when she moves to a
new town. But she definitely did NOT expect her teachers to be this
weird. Post-series, TFW settles down and they become high school
teachers. Totally improbable, but sets up for a nice outsider POV on
their lives. Title taken from the Ramones song.
Hunter  !School  OFC  Outsider!POV  teacher!Sam  teacher!Dean  post!Series  1000+  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Teacher  SPN  Character-Castiel 
october 2013 by chellexxx
Candle In The Window
Rising floodwaters trap Sam and an injured of course Dean in a
house with a kindly woman keeping watch for her long lost son. If you're
familiar with my stuff you know what to expect. 42,615 ....
Poison  Schmoop  OFC  Case!fic  Angst  hurt!Dean  Trapped  Mother!Nature  35000+  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Long  hurt!Sam  Storm  SPN  Natural!Disaster  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-Bobby!Singer 
october 2013 by chellexxx
The Winchesters grapple with the aftermath of "Devil's Trap,"
and their own, personal demons. Sam/Dean > Season One Characters:
Cassie Robinson, Dean, Jessica Moore, John, OFC, Sam 272,946
200000+  OFC  Angst  Season!1  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Epic  livejournal  AU!Season!1  Coma  hurt!Sam  Dream/Nightmare  Demon  Powers!Sam  pdf/mobi  Bottom!Sam  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-John!Winchester  Character-Missouri!Moseley  archiveofourown  Character-Cassie!Robinson 
october 2013 by chellexxx
Good Things
A blown-out knee grounds the Winchester boys in Moon Gulch,
Idaho. They get a dog. They discover what a Wishpoosh is. And maybe,
just maybe, they become 'people'...
10000+  OFC  Angst  post!Series  post!Season!7  PTSD  Emotionally!hurt  Emotionally!hurt!Sam  Domestic!fic  Leg!broken/injured  hurt!Dean  Dog/Puppy  Curtain!fic  5000+  livejournal  Gen  Season!7  SPN!Non-AU  Short  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  A!Break!From!Hunting  archiveofourown 
september 2013 by chellexxx
The Woods are Lonely, Dark and Deep
Missy Bender was three things. She was obsessive. She was
insane. And she was in love – with a tall, beautiful stranger who looked
real purty when he was hurting. But unfortunately for Dean Winchester,
one thing she wasn’t was still locked in the closet…
OFC  hurt!Sam  75000+  The!Benders  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Epic  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
september 2013 by chellexxx
Horrible Bosses?
Jared Padalecki is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of
everyone – but his long suffering secretary is about to get the shock of
her life… 1,000+ ....
Outsider!POV  Lawyer!Jared  Established!Relationship  Adorable  asshole!Jared  1000+  livejournal  Slash  RPS  Short  RPS!AU  Jared/Jensen  Boss!Jared  OFC  Humour  archiveofourown  Office 
september 2013 by chellexxx
Sam’s got his soul back, but it’s not easy living with what he
did while his soul was trapped in the Cage. When one consequence of his
lost year lands in his lap, the Winchesters’ whole world is thrown into
turmoil. 14,600
Angst  Parent/Guardian!Sam  guilty!Sam  livejournal  10000+  Kid!fic  Resouled  Season!6  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Sam/OFC  OFC  SPN  Character-Castiel  Character-Crowley 
september 2013 by chellexxx
Jared's Ghost
When Jared, a forensic pathologist, disappears in war-torn Sri
Lanka during a human rights investigation, Jensen has no choice but to
go after his estranged boyfriend. 20,500
Insecurity  livejournal  RPS  Medical!Professional!Jared  Previous!Relationship  Big!Bang  archiveofourown  Jared/Jensen  20000+  First!Time  hurt!Jared  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Abducted  Abducted!Jared  OFC  Medical!Professional!Jensen  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
august 2013 by chellexxx
Not Broken, Just Bent
Seven years after Supernatural ends, Jared is living a life far
away from Hollywood and the memories of his past. As a Texas high
school teacher he thinks his daily life is protected from the heartache
that colored the ending of the show, but a chance encounter with a man
and his dying brother brings back the ghosts of those years. 30,400
25000+  livejournal  RPS  Big!Bang  Jared/Jensen  RPS!Non-AU  teacher!Jared  Slash  post!Series  Long  pdf/mobi  Romance  Angst  Previous!Relationship  sick!OC  Sad  OFC  !School  Actor!Jensen  pining!Jared  Memories/Flashback  Actor  Teacher  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki 
july 2013 by chellexxx
Time travel really is a bitch. When Dean accidentally stumbles
through a time portal inside the Bat Cave, he discovers some new
information about the Men of Letters legacy. 8,000 ....
OFC  livejournal  Spell/Curse  Season!8  Time!Travel  Bat!Cave  5000+  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Short  SPN  Time!Travelling!Dean 
july 2013 by chellexxx
Shock Advised
A freak accident at the library sends Sam into cardiac arrest and throws Dean back into an unending nightmare. ... 4,006  Season!Undefined  hurt!Sam  OFC  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  1000+  Short  !Bobby  Schmoop  Hospitalized!Boys  Hospital  Library  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
july 2013 by chellexxx
One of Us
A man running from his past and a man with no past. Will their
house of cards come tumbling down when their pasts catch up with them?
Jensen Ackles is a judge in the small town of Killeen. Married to a
beautiful wife and with a baby on the way – the future looks bright for
Jensen. But things are not what they seem in Killeen when he stumbles
upon the town's chilling secret. Forced to flee Killeen with his baby
and an amnesic man in tow, Jensen will do anything to save his baby –
and the man he is not supposed to fall in love with. 26,000
Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Amnesia!Jared  25000+  Amnesia  livejournal  RPS  Big!Bang  Jared/Jensen  Kid!fic  First!Time  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  pdf/mobi  OFC  OMC  RPS!Family  Person-Christian!Kane 
june 2013 by chellexxx
In Medias Res
Dean wakes a day after dying with no memories of Hell, and no
idea what has happened. His only clues are a catatonic Sam, and whatever
his brother was doing when they were separated. 38,418
Amnesia  livejournal  316  First!Time  35000+  Sam/Dean  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Long  Amnesia!Dean  AU!Season!3  Angst  OMC  OFC  Big!Bang  SPN  Personality!Change!Sam 
june 2013 by chellexxx
Armchair Heartbreak
During a visit to her aunt's house, Krissy discovers the Supernatural series. 3,101
1000+  Winchester!Gospels  sick!OC  OFC  Outsider!POV  818  Season!8  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Angst  Emotionally!hurt  SPN  Character-Krissy!Chambers 
march 2013 by chellexxx
Surfer!boys 'verse
California Shallows
Jared's spending his last summer before college on the beach in a tiny
southern Californian town. Enter messed up Jensen with an odd fixation
with the ocean.

Lights are Changing
Sequel to California Shallows.
Summer's over and Jared's got two weeks back home until college starts.

Like Vines
surfer!boys in college. Stuff...ensues.

Life of a Salesman
This is Jensen's story.
Student!Jared  PTSD  RPS!Family  RPS  livejournal  100000+  OFC  OMC  Jensen/omc  top!Jared  Bottom!Jared  hurt!Jensen  Emotionally!hurt  Angst  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Slash  Epic  Emotionally!hurt!Jensen  RPS!AU  College!AU  Student!Jensen  Vacation  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Sandy!McCoy  Person-Sophia!Bush 
march 2013 by chellexxx
The Lie That Keeps You Warm
Jensen is a Hollywood actor who's quickly fading out of the
spotlight. To create a new buzz, his agent suggests a double whammy
tabloid shocker; Jensen Ackles is getting married... to a guy. But of
all the people his agent (Misha) picks to be his groom-to-be, Jensen
didnt expect it to be Jared Padalecki, the once dorky kid he used to
bully in high school. .... 72,977
Famous!Jensen  Actor!Jensen  Big!Bang  Famous/notFamous  RPS  50000+  Bottom!Jared  hurt!Jared  !School  RPS!Family  pining!Jensen  Depression  Bullies  Pretend/Mistaken/Couple  OFC  Memories/Flashback  Living!Together  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash  Long  Domestic!fic  RPS!AU  Actor  Arranged!Marriage/Forced!Relationship  Homophobia  Hurt/Sick!Boys  One!Hates!The!Other!At!First  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Steve!Carlson  pdf/mobi 
october 2012 by chellexxx
On the Cover of a Magazine
Sam and Dean are called in to investigate the mysterious death
of a model at a photography studio in Michigan. The only way for them to
get in? Pose as models themselves which is much easier said than done.
pdf/mobi  Dean/ofc  Big!Bang  Possessive!Dean  Sam/OMC  top!Sam  Season!1  OFC  pining!OC  Model!Dean  Jealous!Dean  livejournal  25000+  Model!Sam  Case!fic  SPN!Non-AU  Sam/Dean  First!Time  Slash  Long  Model  SPN  Undercover/Secret!Identity  Character-Ash 
june 2012 by chellexxx
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
A serial killer is targeting dark haired muscular male actors.
When Jared is kidnapped and his wife brutally murdered in their home,
its the men and women of the FBIs BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit)s job to
figure out how to find him before Jared joins this mad mans growing
list of deceased victims.
pdf/mobi  35000+  OFC  Angst  hurt!Jared  Non-Con  Torture  Abducted  RPS  Crossover  Established!Relationship  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Long  Abducted!Jared  Local!LEOS/FBI  Depraved!Humans  Hurt/Sick!Boys  TV!Show-Criminal!Minds  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Steve!Carlson 
june 2012 by chellexxx
Veteran: Filthy, Dirty Love
An old farmwife gets a long visit from a lonely man - and
catches a glimpse of love that puts all others to shame. Lots of brother
love and sweet Sam. 6,157
Ranch/Farm  5000+  OFC  Outsider!POV  post!Season!7  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Rancher/Cowboy!Sam  Rancher/Cowboy  sick!OC  SPN  Personality!Change!Sam 
june 2012 by chellexxx
Half of What You See
In her first year of college a rumour went around about a guy
on the floor above her dorm whod arrived with only two bags, a laptop
and the clothes on his back. Which is, yknow, odd, but whatever. Two
days later a drunk Marcy Green streaked down the hall naked and everyone
agreed that was much more interesting. 14,170
pdf/mobi  10000+  OFC  Outsider!POV  Stanford  Sam/Jess  Gen  livejournal  SPN!Non-AU  Het  Pre-Series  Short  kick!ass!Sam  SPN 
june 2012 by chellexxx
In Production
A decade after Supernatural ends, Jared Padalecki is still
working in series television. His marriage to Sandy is coming to an
amicable end, and he's famous enough that he wants to be out of town
before he becomes a tabloid headline. Jensen Ackles has seen his career
progress from small but weighty parts that earned him acclaim to above
the title billing. The notoriously private Jensen extends an
invitation--by way of a first-class plane ticket--for Jared to hide out
at Jensen's mostly empty Paris flat while he films his next movie. Three
months in Paris is enough to tone down the tabloid attention, but Jared
returns to LA only to find that he doesn't have everything figured out.
They say you can't go home again, but Jared discovers that sometimes
that's exactly what you have to do. 40,000
pdf/mobi  Big!Bang  RPS  35000+  OFC  Slow!Burn  On!Set  Humour  post!Series  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Long  Actor  Actor!Jared  Actor!Jensen  Famous!Jensen  Famous!Jared  Schmoop  Romance  pining!Jared  Bottom!Jared  Vacation  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Sandy!McCoy 
april 2012 by chellexxx
Something to Prove
Jared breaks down during an emotional scene, similar to Heart,
but their new director isn't happy and won't let him take a break.
Jensen doesn't take too kindly to that.
Character!Bleed  RPS!Non-AU  1000+  OFC  Sweet  Outsider!POV  On!Set  Gen  RPS  livejournal  Text/Email/Internet  Short 
march 2012 by chellexxx
Of Hospitals, Roommates, and Puke
Somehow, with bogus insurance and no money our boys always end
up alone in their hospital room. But what if that wasn't the case? I
want Sam, any injury, stuck sharing a hospital room with the roommie (or
family of roomie) from hell. You can make this angsty or comical, just
make sure Sam is annoyed beyond belief by having to share a room with
someone else. My only stipulation is that the injury is bad enough to
keep him there for a couple days, but not so bad that he's unable to
gripe and bitch.'
OFC  1000+  Season!Undefined  Gen  livejournal  SPN!Non-AU  hurt!Sam  Short  Hospitalized!Boys  Hospital  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
march 2012 by chellexxx
Small Potatoes
Dean has a gnarly upper respiratory infection and both boys are
cold and hungry and broke and tired of sitting in their car watching
the snow fall. So they go have a turkey dinner at a homeless shelter.
Outsider pov
OFC  Season!Undefined  Diner/Restaurant  1000+  Outsider!POV  sick!Dean  Gen  livejournal  SPN!Non-AU  Short  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
march 2012 by chellexxx
One Safe Place
mentions of Sam/Ruby, hits of Castiel/Anna. After their
encounter with the siren, after truths came out that neither Sam nor
Dean ever wanted to admit to, Dean makes a decision that has far
reaching consequences. Chuck wakes up that same morning to a pile of
fractured rewrites in his head and his day goes rapidly downhill from
there. He has to come to terms with the fact that his characters are
real, and that he might hold the key to saving the world. All he has to
do is piece together the future. 30,957
archiveofourown  Big!Bang  25000+  Demon  OFC  Angel  Season!4  First!Time  Previous!Relationship  Sam/Dean  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Long  AU!Season!4  FLocked!  SPN  pdf/mobi  Deleted!Fic!or!Author  Character-Bobby!Singer  Character-Chuck!Shurley  Character-Castiel  Character-Anna!Milton  Character-Ruby 
february 2012 by chellexxx
Knight in Shining Armor
Sometimes even knights in shining armor don't compare to being rescued by everyday heroes.. 1,450
People!Helped  Dean!centric  1000+  OFC  Outsider!POV  Season!Undefined  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Everyday!Heroes  SPN 
february 2012 by chellexxx
Thou Unknown I Know
The more she thinks about it, the more she knows she can't just pretend she doesn't know.
People!Helped  under!1000  OFC  Outsider!POV  Asylum  Season!1  Gen  livejournal  SPN!Non-AU  Short  SPN 
february 2012 by chellexxx
This Looks Like a Job For...
Daddy has to go to work again, so they go to Miss Kelly's again
and after Daddy leaves, she looks different again, and it's in her eyes
and Sammy sees her eyes are yellow now. "Is it Superheroes time?" he
asks. 1,337
Powers!Sam  livejournal  Weechesters  Pre-Series  OFC  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  1000+  Short  AU!Pre-Series  Absent!John  SPN  Character-Yellow!Eyed!Demon 
february 2012 by chellexxx
Fear of Flying
He's terrified of flying she can tell. She watches them as the younger one calms the other down
Season!Undefined  1000+  Adorable  OFC  Outsider!POV  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Short  SPN 
january 2012 by chellexxx
A Mother's Love
When Jessica asked if she could bring someone home to Clear
Creek, California, for Thanksgiving, Angela Moore was shocked. "A
boyfriend?" she asked.
Thanksgiving  Season!4  1000+  OFC  Outsider!POV  Stanford  Sam/Jess  SPN!Non-AU  Het  Pre-Series  Short 
january 2012 by chellexxx
The Thin Ice
An average hunt turns deadly when a mysterious hunter kidnaps
Sam and Dean, determined to exorcise a demon from Sam in order to "save"
him. Sam and Dean insist Sam's not possessed but Libby doesn't believe
them, and with good reason. Libby has proof
Sam Winchester's a killer and she's not going to let him go.
Abducted!Dean  Big!Bang  20000+  Hunter  OFC  Abducted  Gen  livejournal  SPN!Non-AU  hurt!Sam  Outsider!POV  Long  Abducted!Sam  Depraved!Humans  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
january 2012 by chellexxx
Who believes in the Tooth Fairy?
Sometimes the sweet things from your childhood? Well they end
up not being so sweet. Set mid-season 6 post 6x14 Mannequin 3: The
Reckoning. A stand-alone hunt. Some hurt!sam with a sprinkling of
hurt!dean and a dash of that Winchester angst/comfort
Case!fic  OFC  Dream/Nightmare  614  Season!6  20000+  SPN!Non-AU  Torture  Angst  Gen  hurt!Sam  Abducted  Long  Abducted!Sam  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-Bobby!Singer 
january 2012 by chellexxx
a life in knives
When you were fifteen, you went through a phase where you wanted to see what you’d look like with a black eye.
From mid season 3 to early season 4
archiveofourown  Gen  Alone/Separated  Hunter  Hunt  OFC  Season!3  SPN!Non-AU  Outsider!POV  Separated!Boys  SPN  Character-Bobby!Singer  Character-Ellen!Harvelle 
january 2012 by chellexxx
High School Blues
Amanda Heckerling finds out why Dean thinks he's a hero.
Demon  5000+  kick!ass!Dean  OFC  !School  Teenchesters  After!School!Special  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Pre-Series  Short  SPN 
december 2011 by chellexxx
Writing a Will
A notary meets two young men who want to make wills.
Season!5  Gen  OFC  1000+  livejournal  SPN!Non-AU  Outsider!POV  Short  SPN 
november 2011 by chellexxx
On a Wing and a Prayer
It's a slow, almost lazy night at the bar when the Winchesters
walk in. They've changed, barely human and they are admired and feared
by all. 6,236
Sam/Dean  Established!Relationship  Angel!Dean  Demon!Sam  kick!ass!Dean  kick!ass!Sam  Bar  OFC  5000+  post!Series  livejournal  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Outsider!POV  Short  Powers!Sam  Powers!Dean  SPN 
november 2011 by chellexxx
Tough All Over
A diagnosis of an epidural hematoma was not necessarily a death sentence, but it certainly did not bode well for Sam.
Brain/Head!injury  702  Missing!Scene  Gen  Season!7  OFC  25000+  SPN!Non-AU  hurt!Sam  Long  Hospitalized!Boys  Hospital  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
november 2011 by chellexxx
Prophets Have One Use
How are the brothers supposed to explain similar hand prints to
random, everyday civilians on the street? Chuck's books have one use.
And seriously, who is Luke? Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Winchester!Gospels  Sam/Gabriel  Dean/Castiel  Established!Relationship  fan!fiction  Humour  OFC  1000+  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Short  SPN  Character-Chuck!Shurley  Character-Castiel  Character-Gabriel/The!Tickster 
october 2011 by chellexxx
Workout Winchesters
Two hot men come into her gym, what's she to do but stare? - 3,653
psych xover 344
Jealous!OC  Season!Undefined  Sam/Dean  Crossover  Established!Relationship  1000+  OFC  Gen  under!1000  livejournal  SPN!Non-AU  Slash  Outsider!POV  Short  SPN  TV!Show-Psych 
october 2011 by chellexxx
Mysterious, Dangerous Man
Garcia has a thing about meeting handsome men who get her in a whole lot of trouble. 2,750
1000+  Crossover  Werewolf  OFC  Sam/OFC  SPN!Non-AU  Caught  Short  Gen  livejournal  Someone!Finds!Out  Outsider!POV  Local!LEOS/FBI  SPN  TV!Show-Criminal!Minds 
october 2011 by chellexxx
Tryin'a make a living and doin' the best I can
In which Wednesday is pool night and Kayla hates her job.
Sam and Dean earn cash by hustling the locals while recovering from a hunt, a bartender watches
Season!Undefined  1000+  Bar  Gen  hurt!Dean  OFC  Pool  livejournal  SPN!Non-AU  hurt!Sam  Outsider!POV  Short  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
october 2011 by chellexxx
Sam's having a hard time coping with the wall coming down, but
he's managing. Somehow. Dean, as always, is awesome. And then the boys
meet some old friends.
kick!ass!Sam  Hunt  PTSD  Memories/Flashback  Motel/Hotel  Dog/Puppy  Gen  post!Season!6  sick!Sam  OFC  10000+  SPN!Non-AU  hurt!Sam  Outsider!POV  Short  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
september 2011 by chellexxx
high fantastical
Dean Winchester wakes up just in time in drown, and things only get worse from there.
Sam/Dean  Season!3  First!Time  Spell/Curse  Body!Swap  OFC  5000+  livejournal  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Outsider!POV  Short  SPN 
september 2011 by chellexxx
Camdon Inn
In the backwoods of Northern Michigan, Sam and Dean are on the
trail of what they think might be the area's fabled 'Dog Man.' What they
find instead in the small town of Silver Lake is a suspicious sheriff, a
shady innkeeper, a closed mouth town and a lot more than they bargained
for when the supposed overly large wolf that they were hunting starts
hunting them back. And, much to Dean's horror, he can no longer seem to
keep his hands off of Sam.
Angst  Spell/Curse  hurt!Dean  hurt!Sam  top!Sam  Season!2  OFC  Big!Bang  Case!fic  pining!Dean  Dog/Puppy  Motel/Hotel  livejournal  35000+  Sam/Dean  First!Time  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Long  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  archiveofourown 
september 2011 by chellexxx
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