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Dean Singer is a tattoo artist, single and unhappily so. Sam Winchester is the sexy librarian who has been feeding his secret book habit. When Sam walks into Dean's shop, will Sam break through Dean's walls and see the man beneath? (Summary to be fixed when I'm not sleep deprived.) .. 25,116
SPN  SPN!AU  Slash  Sam/Dean  AU!Not!Brothers  Tattoo!Artist!Dean  Tattoo  Library  Librarian!Sam  Bottom!Sam  Character-Benny!Lafitte  Character-Jo!Harvelle  Character-Rufus!Turner  Character-Garth!Fitzgerald!IV  Kink-Obedience  Bondage  Kink-Pain  Kink-Spanking  Possessive!Dean  AU!Not!Raised!as!Hunters  archiveofourown  25000+  Long 
april 2017 by chellexxx
They Met at the Photo-Op Booth
Jared Padalecki is from a small town in Texas, has just
graduated high school, and works at the only bookstore in town. He saves
up six paychecks to buy a ticket to a convention three hours away,
where he's got a photo-op with actor Jensen Ackles. Jared expects thirty
seconds of embarrassment only to find Jensen's number slipped into his
pocket. [Completed, sequel pending.] ..... 188,028
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jensen  Bottom!Jared  Shy!Jared  100000+  archiveofourown  Epic  Angst  Convention  Schmoop  Romance  Christmas  Geek!Jared  BookStore  Homophobia  Cross!Dressing  Humour  Separated!Boys  Alone/Separated  Thanksgiving  Domestic!fic  Actor!Jensen  Actor  Text/Email/Internet  Everyday!Heroes  Kink-Panties  Kink-Toys  Kink-Spanking  Mirror  Kink-Mirror  Person-Matt!Cohen 
november 2014 by chellexxx
Fresh Meat
Jared doesn't want to go clubbing. People make him shy and
clubs really aren't his scene. But Chad wants to and Jared can be a bit
of people pleaser. When he gets there, he wasn't expecting all of the
attention. He turns them all down until one man has his voice catching
in his throat. Jensen Ackles had his eyes on Jared the second he walked
through the clubs doors, much like most others who spotted the fresh
meat. His intentions were just to get the kid back to his place, but now
he can see that this was a chance meeting that meant so much more for
their futures, regardless of the circumstances. .... 12,661
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  1st!meeting  Possessive!Jensen  Bar  Bottom!Jared  PWP  D/s  10000+  archiveofourown  Short  Shy!Jared  Bondage  Kink-Toys  Kink-Spanking  Kink-Dirty!Talk  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray 
may 2014 by chellexxx
More Than Meets The Eye
Jensen is shy like really, really shy. Jared pokes and prods
Jensen until he gets under Jensen's skin and into his life. First as
friends and finally as lovers. Sadly, Jared is secret!bottom and he
worries that Jensen may expect the same "dominate"!Jared he sees
everywhere else in the bedroom. Cue months of Jared putting off sex
because of his fears. Finally, Jared just decides he loves Jensen enough
that he is willing to top or willing to coach Jensen into topping him.
Cut to bedroom where Jensen seemingly is no longer his shy-self, but a
toppy-as-hell bastard. He proceeds to manhandle Jared: rimmimg, tying
up, spanking, you name it and Jensen does it. Jared is surprised, happy,
and totally blissed out afterwards. Jensen is secretly!smug because
even though he is shy, he has always been toppy!Jensen and knew about
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Shy!Jensen  D/s  Bottom!Jared  Slow!Burn  Short  livejournal  1000+  Possessive!Jensen  Friends!to!Lovers  Geek!Jensen  Kink-Spanking  Popular!Jared 
march 2014 by chellexxx
School Slut
Dean drops by Stanford to visit Sam, only to hear some
unexpected rumors about his little brother. Warnings: Public sex, group
sex, gay and straight sex, a little bit of spanking, light dom/sub,
underage drinking. Consent is dubious because of excessive alcohol and
terrible communication, but everyone is fine in the end. This story
contains wincest. ... 17,874
First!Time  drunk!Sam  D/s  Long  15000+  Dub-Con  Kink-Spanking  PWP  Sam/OFC  Sam/OMC  Sam/Dean  Pre-Series  Stanford  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  SPN 
january 2014 by chellexxx
Wrong Guys After All?
A hooker who needs money meets the Winchesters who need a third
man. Not much of a plot here. Established wincest, threesome, explicit
adult content They gave him the call he's waited for but now Nick isn't
so sure if another night with Sam and Dean is such a good idea after
all. Second in the NickTheHooker'verse
top!Sam  Length!Unknown  livejournal  Threesome  PWP  Prostitution/Hustling  Sam/Dean/omc  Sam/Dean  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Kink-Spanking  SPN 
september 2013 by chellexxx
Have Hatred and Gravity Won
The plan was for Jensen to infiltrate the ranch as the
President's slave, get security data out and his team of ruthless
mercenaries in. It wasn't supposed to involve the President's bratty
teenage son. Nowhere had he read the line about becoming Jared's
personal slave. It wasn't supposed to get messy and personal, but then
it did, and a violent act of revenge would put them both on a long
journey to redemption. It can be a fine line between hatred and love,
and once you cross it, then maybe gravity can pull you together in the
end. 77,000
Abused!Jensen  Bottom!Jared  Hooker!Jensen  hurt!Jensen  hurt!Jared  top!Jared  !Kink  archiveofourown  Prostitution/Hustling  Dub-Con  livejournal  RPS  Big!Bang  Politics  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Angst  75000+  Slash  Epic  RPS!AU  Slave!fic  Depraved!Humans  Abused  Kink-Spanking  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
august 2013 by chellexxx
Plaything (The Freak On His Leash)
He’s the only one who gets to call him that, and when he stops,
Sam feel like he’s withering inside. Lucifer has risen and Ruby has run
away, but rogue angels and a legion of demons are still the least of
his worries. He just wants his brother back; because there is nothing in
the world like being Dean’s “Sammy”. 35,000
Jealous!Dean  Possessive!Dean  Season!5  Season!4  Season!3  post!Season!4  Angst  Voicemail  D/s  Bottom!Sam  Sam/Dean  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  35000+  livejournal  First!Time  Long  AU!Season!5  Kink-Spanking  Bondage  Kink-Obedience  Kink-Toys  SPN  Kink-Dirty!Talk  archiveofourown 
october 2011 by chellexxx
A Touch of Madness
Sparring, spanking, porn. That's pretty much it. .... 1,286
1000+  Sam/Dean  First!Time  Teenchesters  Training  livejournal  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Pre-Series  Short  Kink-Spanking  D/s  SPN 
september 2011 by chellexxx
You've Got a Lesson to Learn
Sam flirts with a waitress and Dean decides to teach him a lesson. Jealous!Top!Dean. 1,950
Possessive!Dean  Jealous!Dean  Established!Relationship  Bottom!Sam  Sam/OFC  Sam/Dean  First!Time  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  1000+  livejournal  Short  Kink-Spanking  SPN 
august 2011 by chellexxx
A Map of Me and You
It starts with a butt plug in Phoenix, Arizona. Sam makes Dean
wear it the whole day. Then it kinda escalates, just like their prank
wars -- Dean finds a plug that vibrates, and, well, turn about is fair
play. And then there's all the rest of it, too: handcuffs and spanking,
and finally Sam figures out that Dean kinda likes the idea of being
watched when they have sex. And, yeah, he can't deny Dean anything,
really, can he? 11,914
dreamwidth  Sam/Dean  Established!Relationship  Bondage  OFC  10000+  Voyeurism  Bottom!Sam  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Kink-Toys  Kink-Spanking  SPN  Character-John!Winchester 
april 2011 by chellexxx
You Deserve This
Sam gets a spanking. Dean gets the Impala waxed. (Dom/Sub,
Punishment, Role play, naughty language, spanking, Impala!sex, dirty
talk.) 1,135
Season!Undefined  PWP  D/s  Bottom!Sam  Sam/Dean  SPN!Non-AU  Slash  1000+  Established!Relationship  Short  Kink-Spanking  SPN  Kink-Dirty!Talk  Character-Impala  archiveofourown 
january 2011 by chellexxx
Dad! You Spanked Sammy! You Bastard!
Sam is all of seventeen years old, head strong, stubborn, ready
to take on the world, and then he pushes his dad too far... 1,852
Established!Relationship  Sam/Dean  1000+  Slash  Teenchesters  Pre-Series  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Kink-Spanking  SPN  Character-John!Winchester  archiveofourown 
december 2010 by chellexxx
Pushed Buttons, Crossed Wires
Sam pushes Deans buttons, and Dean pushes buttons Sam didn't know he had. Pain Kink 11,000

10000+  Established!Relationship  Sam/Dean  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Kink-Pain  Kink-Spanking  SPN 
december 2010 by chellexxx
As We Collide
We need to talk Jared simply says, enters the room and closes the door. Jensen gives him a look that could kill.
1000+  RPS  Jared/Jensen  RPS!Non-AU  Slash  Short  archiveofourown  Established!Relationship  PWP  Kink-Spanking  asshole!Jared  pining!Jensen  Bottom!Jared 
november 2010 by chellexxx
That Frenzy of Mutual Possession
Sam and Dean move to Colorado when Sam is 14 and Dean is 19.
Sam is confused and horny, Dean is worried and jealous, and they both
work themselves up until they can't hold back anymore. 6,777
Jealous!Dean  pining!Dean  5000+  Bottom!Sam  livejournal  Sam/Dean  Pre-Series  Teenchesters  First!Time  SPN!Non-AU  Slash  Short  Kink-Spanking  SPN 
october 2010 by chellexxx
So Sweet You Make My Mouth Water
Sammy tastes like salt and sugar, and Dean knows he shouldn't
know this. Shouldn't know how his brother tastes in the early morning,
light filtering through thin curtains; shouldn't know how he tastes
after a long run, or sets of pushups or sit-ups 3,200
Bottom!Sam  Seduction  livejournal  1000+  First!Time  Sam/Dean  SPN!Non-AU  Pre-Series  PWP  Slash  Teenchesters  Short  Kink-Spanking  SPN  archiveofourown 
september 2010 by chellexxx
Dangerous Risks
After their fathers death, Sam feels that his brother is
drifting further away from him, and tries to get his attention in some
way. 1,990
Gen  Season!2  1000+  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Kink-Spanking  Hunt  Werewolf  hurt!Sam  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  In!My!Time!of!Dying 
august 2010 by chellexxx

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