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Keepin' It Vaguely Imaginary
Jared is lucky enough to get his dream job upon graduating as a
fully qualified psychiatrist. He's also lucky enough to have a best
friend insane enough to follow him half way across the country to go to
said job. His luck runs out on his first day, it would seem. .... 32,245
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Richard  Medical!Professional!Jared  Medical!Professional  Shrink  Romance  Humour  First!Time  25000+  Long  archiveofourown  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Steve!Carlson  Person-Richard!Speight!Jr 
september 2015 by chellexxx
(And If I Swallow Something Evil) Put Your Fingers Down My Throat
He’s maybe, sort of, kinda
head-over-heels-can-I-have-your-baby-and-say-‘I do’ in love with Richard
Speight Jr. And, well, that might be a problem. Not least of all
because Richard has been avoiding him since season six started shooting.
.... 4,078
archiveofourown  Short  1000+  Confession  PWP  Bottom!Jared  pining!Jared  Angst  First!Time  Jared/Richard  Slash  RPS!Non-AU  RPS  Person-Richard!Speight!Jr 
march 2015 by chellexxx
Sincere Friends of Liberty Have Been Rare
Jared is a 14-year-old convict with no hope and no future,
until the day a man named Mark Pellegrino visits him with a deal. What
follows is a balancing act, as Jared struggles to regain his life
without destroying himself in the process. .... 70,000
RPS  RPS!AU  RPS!Family  Slash  First!Time  Prison/Jail  Non-Con  hurt!Jared  Bottom!Jared  Jared/Richard  50000+  Long  livejournal  Dub-Con  Deal  Abused!Jared  Angst  Big!Bang  Gen  archiveofourown  Abused  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Richard!Speight!Jr  Person-Mark!Pellegrino  Person-Katie!Cassidy  Person-Aldis!Hodge  Slave!fic 
september 2014 by chellexxx
If I Fall
Jared finds himself in too deep, and then discovers he’s maybe not the only one. 3,761
Jared/Richard  First!Time  Schmoop  Sweet  archiveofourown  Short  1000+  pining!Jared  On!Set  post!Season!5  Slash  RPS!Non-AU  RPS  Bottom!Jared  Person-Richard!Speight!Jr 
december 2013 by chellexxx
Return of the King
When a recently-divorced and rather drunk Jared swears that
he'll marry the next person stepping into the bar he's at, he really,
really didn't expect it to be Richard. Unfortunately Misha and Jensen
aren't going to let him forget the promise he made, and to his surprise,
neither is Richard. Later, when the show's writers decide that Gabriel
is returning, Jared has reached a state of confusion in regard to his
relationship with Richard. Richard, however, is more than happy to help
him sort it all out.
On!Set  RPS!Non-AU  Jared/Richard  Romance  First!Time  drunk!Jared  livejournal  archiveofourown  Long  15000+  Slash  RPS  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Richard!Speight!Jr 
december 2013 by chellexxx

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