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Keep This Secret
Sam and Dean travel to the fairy realm hoping to make a deal to get Adam released from the Cage. The price: their shared secret.
SPN  SPN!Non-AU  Slash  Angst  archiveofourown  20000+  Long  Fae/Fairies  Deal  Character-Adam!Milligan  PTSD  Emotionally!hurt  hurt!OC  pining!Sam  Dream/Nightmare  Hell  Season!8  813  Alternate!Universe  Big!Bang  guilty!Sam  First!Time 
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By Morning Lights
Not everything around the Bunker is dangerous, and not everything Dean cooks ends up on the table.
SPN  SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Season!8  Bat!Cave  Short  Fae/Fairies  livejournal  1000+ 
february 2018 by chellexxx
Between the Earth and Sky
The world is a dangerous place when you're four inches tall and almost every creature out there considers you a possible snack. Being strangers stranded days away from their home, Jared and Jensen slowly get to know each other during their struggles to find food and shelter as their way back home takes them through forests and over plains, bringing them both terrible enemies and new allies.
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Long  archiveofourown  Big!Bang  Wing!fic  Winged!Jared  Winged!Jensen  Fae!Jensen  Fae!Jared  Fae/Fairies  25000+  SciFi/Fantasy!AU 
may 2017 by chellexxx
the darkness within
Ever since he lost the Mark of Cain, Dean's been haunted by
ever-worsening nightmares. He insists it's nothing, but when injuries he
sustains while asleep appear on him for real, Sam goes to great lengths
to figure out what's happening — and to make Dean let him in. 19,002
SPN  SPN!Non-AU  Slash  Sam/Dean  First!Time  livejournal  archiveofourown  Season!11  AU!Season!11  Season!10  hurt!Sam  Fae/Fairies  Dream/Nightmare  Long  15000+  Emotionally!hurt  Emotionally!hurt!Dean  Hooker!Sam  Bed!Sharing  Angst  Prostitution/Hustling  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
march 2016 by chellexxx
Blended Reality
John runs into his sons in a bar. And they seem to be under the
impression he's been dead for three years. Season 4/5 spoilers. ....
SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Resurrected!John  Fae/Fairies  AU!Season!4  Addiction  Addict!Sam  hurt!Sam  Demon  Abducted  Abducted!Sam  Abducted!OC  Powers!Sam  Confession  post!Season!5  Dream/Nightmare  20000+  Long  Demon!Blood  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-Castiel  Character-John!Winchester  Character-Pastor!Jim 
january 2016 by chellexxx
Soul Bonded
Having an unrequited crush on the heir to the Fae throne isn't
the smartest thing Jared's ever done. But when the King of the Unseelie
finds a gap in wall between their worlds, Jared saves Jensen and sets
off a chain reaction that ends up with Jared in the Queen's chamber in
Seelie, unable to explain why he can't stop touching Jensen without
passing out. And suddenly it looks like Jensen is seeing Jared in a
whole new light. ..... 20,429
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Schmoop  Big!Bang  SciFi/Fantasy!AU  pining!Jared  Royalty  Royal!Jensen  20000+  Long  archiveofourown  Romance  Powers!Jared  Fae!Jensen  Boss/employee  Boss!Jensen  Agent/Police  Agent/Police!Jared  Bodyguard  Bodyguard!Jared  Steve/Chris  Musician  Musician!Jensen  hurt!Jared  Bottom!Jared  top!Jared  Witch/Warlock!Jared  Witch/Warlock  Fae/Fairies  Humour  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Steve!Carlson  Person-Jim!Beaver  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
november 2015 by chellexxx
The Queen of Light Took Her Bow
Battle lines are drawn when the touch of the Fae is felt in the
town where the Winchesters have found refuge. The repercussions could
change the family’s path forever. Sam 18 Dean 22. .... 147,310
pdf/mobi  Spell/Curse  Amnesia!Dean  Sam/OFC  hurt!Dean  !School  guilty!Dean  asshole!John  Angst  hurt!Sam  100000+  Teenchesters  Pre-Series  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Epic  Fae/Fairies  Amnesia  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-John!Winchester 
october 2013 by chellexxx
Prince Consort
Jared Padalecki had what most people want; a good home, great
friends, and a fulfilling job. The only thing Jared is missing is a love
life – and after a few glasses of wine he’s happy enough to tell people
about the pains of being mated to one of the fae. Jared’s life is
turned upside down though when Titania, Queen of the fae and his mate’s
mother, shows up demanding he use his bond to find her lost son. Jared
doesn’t know where to find Jensen, but with his friends in tow, he heads
back to the Otherworld to face the four tribes of the fae to find his
wayward mate. Will Jared be able to find Jensen through a bond that has
been three year muted? And can he find a way to save Jensen before the
tribes of the Otherworld try to rip him and his friends apart?
livejournal  RPS  Big!Bang  Jared/Jensen  Length!Unknown  First!Time  RPS!Family  Bonding  Slash  RPS!AU  Fae/Fairies  Fae!Jensen  Royalty  Royal!Jensen  Separated!Boys  Alone/Separated  pdf/mobi  Separated!Boys  Person-Alona!Tal  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
august 2013 by chellexxx
Once In A Blue Moon
Jared's an ordinary, not overly popular student who makes an
innocent but heartfelt wish, with no idea what he's letting himself in
for. Jensen's an oversexed fairy godmother(..godfather..whatever) who
suddenly finds himself with a new assignment. 13,269
Powers!Jensen  Spell/Curse  livejournal  RPS  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  10000+  Schmoop  Slash  Short  RPS!AU  Student!Jensen  Student!Jared  HighSchool!AU  Fae/Fairies  Fae!Jensen  Virginity  Cursed!Jared 
august 2013 by chellexxx
Outside, Over There
When Sam is four, he's stolen by the fae, and Dean is left with
a changeling in his place. Trouble is, no one else notices. If he's
going to get Sammy back, he's on his own. Until Sam starts visiting him
in his dreams, that is. .... 28,000
Bottom!Sam  25000+  livejournal  Big!Bang  First!Time  Sam/Dean  Slash  Long  SPN!AU  Fae/Fairies  Abducted  Abducted!Sam  Dream/Nightmare  Angst  SPN  AU!Raised!Apart 
july 2013 by chellexxx
In the Lap of the Gods
Massachusetts is a lot more inviting without bands of angry
little Fae to ruin your day. Post 6x14 "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning" a
little hurt, a little comfort and a lot of awesome from our boys and
Bobby. 25,518  25000+  Season!6  Case!fic  614  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Long  Fae/Fairies  SPN  Character-Bobby!Singer 
june 2013 by chellexxx
Our Story is Infinite
After he left high school, Jared thought he'd seen the last of
Jensen Ackles: Life Ruiner, so it came as an unpleasant surprise when
Ackles turned up again as one of Jared's college roommates. Jared didn't
plan on living with him and he didn't plan on falling for him, but once
they got together, he figured things would get easier. He was wrong
about that too. Life, as it turned out, was just full of magical
surprises. ..... 24,000
College!AU  Spell/Curse  Romance  Schmoop  Big!Bang  livejournal  RPS  Living!Together  Jared/Jensen  20000+  Slash  Long  Domestic!fic  RPS!AU  HighSchool!AU  Student!Jensen  Student!Jared  SciFi/Fantasy!AU  pdf/mobi  Royalty  Royal!Jensen  pining!Jared  Fae/Fairies  Fae!Jensen  Cursed!Jensen  One!Hates!The!Other!At!First  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki 
may 2013 by chellexxx
Stray Cat Blues
The fairies like to make Dean the butt of their jokes. This time they get Sam, too. Bobby is stuck dealing 3,245
Season!6  Adorable  livejournal  1000+  Schmoop  Spell/Curse  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Short  Humour  hurt!Sam  Fae/Fairies  Kitten/Cat!Dean  Kitten/Cat!Sam  Cursed!Sam  Cursed!Dean  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-Bobby!Singer  Kitten/Cat 
august 2012 by chellexxx
Sam and Dean Winchester: Unicorn Hunters
AU after Season 5. Sam and Dean are ready for a little down
time after saving the world and somehow escaping from hell (again), when
the Summer Queen shows up in their motel room to enlist their help.
Turns out, the whole near-Apocalypse thing thinned the veil between our
world and the world in which the faeries banished an ancient, terrible,
and bloodthirsty race of beasts: Unicorns. Luckily, with the help of
some faery allies and an unorthodox plan, they might be able to save the
world. Again. But this time from unicorns. 24,555
top!Sam  Big!Bang  Case!fic  post!Season!5  livejournal  20000+  Humour  Sam/Dean  First!Time  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  Long  Fae/Fairies  Unicorn  SPN 
february 2012 by chellexxx
Servicing Oberon
Dean got away from the Fairies the first time they tried to get
him, but they couldn't just let him go. The second time they kidnap
him, they have a plan to get him to cooperate, and Dean's not thrilled
to discover what it is they want from him. 4,422
Abducted!Dean  1000+  609  Season!6  Sam/Gabriel  Non-Con  Torture  Abducted  Dean/Castiel  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  hurt!Sam  Short  AU!Season!6  Fae/Fairies  SPN  Gabriel!Lives  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-Castiel  Character-Gabriel/The!Tickster 
october 2011 by chellexxx
We Mortals Be
Angry fairies cast Sam and Dean into a deadly forest where they
come face to face with what it really means to be brothers. 11,778  Poison  Weechesters  guilty!Sam  Time!Travel  hurt!Dean  hurt!Sam  504  Season!5  Spell/Curse  livejournal  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  10000+  Short  AU!Season!5  Fae/Fairies  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Time!Travelling!Dean  Time!Travelling!Sam 
july 2011 by chellexxx
Fey Child
AU. Wincest sort of. While fighting a nest of vampires Sam does
the one thing he never wanted to do in order to save Dean. And now he
has to deal with the consequences, including a brother who doesn't
believe him. What will he do Dean turns his back on him ..... 35,949
Season!2  Vampire  AU!Season!2  Sam/Dean  Slash  35000+  First!Time  Long  SPN!AU  Fae/Fairies  Fae!Sam  Angst  hurt!Dean  Hunt  Powers!Sam  Sam/OMC  Bed!Sharing  Possessed!Sam  Demon  Bottom!Sam  hurt!Sam  Bonding  Caught  Someone!Finds!Out  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  All!Hell!Breaks!Loose  AU!Not!Brothers  Character-Bobby!Singer  Character-Ellen!Harvelle  Character-Meg  Character-Victor!Henricksen 
november 2010 by chellexxx
Strength to Endure
Strength comes in many forms, some more obvious than others.
One brother must overcome the pain of his past if he is to save his own
life and that of his brothers 3,573
guilty!Sam  guilty!Dean  Emotionally!hurt  Memories/Flashback  Spell/Curse  hurt!Sam  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  1000+  Short  Emotionally!hurt!Sam  SPN  Fae/Fairies  Trapped  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
november 2010 by chellexxx
Part of the Cure
They're in Holly, Colorado, hunting fairies, which is the stupidest thing Dean has ever heard of .... 7,940
Case!fic  PWP  Under!the!Influence  Possessed!Sam  Bottom!Sam  Humour  archiveofourown  Sam/Dean  SPN!Non-AU  Slash  5000+  Spell/Curse  Short  Fae/Fairies  SPN 
october 2010 by chellexxx
Credit in the Straight World
Sam has always had his brother, when he wanted him and when he
didn't. But that was before he was the lucky recipient of a gift from
faerie that Dean can't remember and John can't forget. It leaves Sam to
find his own way to navigate between the 'real' world and the Winchester
world and deal with guilt he can't shake, no matter how hard he tries.
And trying? Is going to involve plenty of sex, rebellion (and maybe some
of Dean's rock and roll. But not much). 29,580
pdf/mobi  livejournal  Amnesia!Dean  Prostitution/Hustling  pining!Sam  Bed!Sharing  Sam/Jess  Bottom!Sam  Big!Bang  Bondage  D/s  Tattoo  Sam/OMC  Spell/Curse  Amnesia  Angst  25000+  Sam/Dean  Pre-Series  Teenchesters  First!Time  SPN!Non-AU  Slash  Caught  Long  Someone!Finds!Out  AU!Pre-Series  Fae/Fairies  Cursed!Sam  SPN  Character-John!Winchester 
september 2010 by chellexxx
Rule Number One
What happens when Sam forgets rule number one? Sam and Dean
have to deal with the fae and things with them are never as
straightforward as they appear. Who will end up paying the price? ....
Amnesia!Dean  top!Sam  guilty!Sam  Angst  Deal  pining!Sam  Spell/Curse  Sam/Dean  SPN!Non-AU  Slash  livejournal  5000+  Amnesia  First!Time  Short  Fae/Fairies  SPN 
september 2010 by chellexxx

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!School  1000+  5000+  10000+  15000+  20000+  25000+  35000+  100000+  Abducted  Abducted!Dean  Abducted!Jared  Abducted!OC  Abducted!Sam  Addict!Sam  Addiction  Adorable  Agent/Police  Agent/Police!Jared  Agent/Police!Jensen  All!Hell!Breaks!Loose  Alone/Separated  Alternate!Universe  Amnesia  Amnesia!Dean  Angst  archiveofourown  Artist  Artist!Jared  asshole!John  Attempted!Suicide/Suicidal!Thoughts  AU!Not!Brothers  AU!Pre-Series  AU!Raised!Apart  AU!Season!2  AU!Season!4  AU!Season!5  AU!Season!6  AU!Season!11  Bat!Cave  Bed!Sharing  Big!Bang  Bodyguard  Bodyguard!Jared  Bondage  Bonding  Boss!Jensen  Boss/employee  Bottom!Jared  Bottom!Sam  Case!fic  Caught  Character-Adam!Milligan  Character-Alex  Character-Bobby!Singer  Character-Castiel  Character-Claire!Novak  Character-Ellen!Harvelle  Character-Gabriel/The!Tickster  Character-Jody!Mills  Character-John!Winchester  Character-Meg  Character-Pastor!Jim  Character-Victor!Henricksen  College!AU  Confession  Cursed!Dean  Cursed!Jared  Cursed!Jensen  Cursed!Sam  D/s  Deal  Dean/Castiel  Demon  Demon!Blood  Depression  Domestic!fic  Dream/Nightmare  Emotionally!hurt  Emotionally!hurt!Dean  Emotionally!hurt!Sam  Epic  Established!Relationship  Fae!Jared  Fae!Jensen  Fae!Sam  Fae/Fairies  Fairy!Tale  Famous!Jared  First!Time  Gabriel!Lives  Gen  guilty!Dean  guilty!Sam  Hell  Het  HighSchool!AU  Hooker!Sam  Humour  Hunt  hurt!Dean  hurt!Jared  hurt!OC  hurt!Sam  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Jared/Jensen  Kitten/Cat  Kitten/Cat!Dean  Kitten/Cat!Sam  Length!Unknown  livejournal  Living!Together  Long  Memories/Flashback  Musician  Musician!Jensen  Non-Con  One!Hates!The!Other!At!First  pdf/mobi  Person-Alona!Tal  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan  Person-Jim!Beaver  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Steve!Carlson  Person-Tom!Welling  pining!Jared  pining!Jensen  pining!Sam  Poison  Possessed!Sam  post!Season!5  Powers!Jared  Powers!Jensen  Powers!Sam  Pre-Series  Pre-Slash  Prostitution/Hustling  PTSD  PWP  Resurrected!John  Romance  Royal!Jared  Royal!Jensen  Royalty  RPS  RPS!AU  RPS!Family  Sam/Dean  Sam/Gabriel  Sam/Jess  Sam/Jody  Sam/OFC  Sam/OMC  Schmoop  SciFi/Fantasy!AU  Season!2  Season!5  Season!6  Season!8  Season!10  Season!11  Season!12  Secret  Separated!Boys  Short  Slash  Someone!Finds!Out  Spell/Curse  SPN  SPN!AU  SPN!Non-AU  Steve/Chris  Student!Jared  Student!Jensen  Tattoo  Teenchesters  Time!Travel  Time!Travelling!Dean  Time!Travelling!Sam  top!Jared  top!Sam  Torture  Trapped  Under!the!Influence  Unicorn  Vampire  Virginity  Weechesters  Wing!fic  Winged!Jared  Winged!Jensen  WIP  Witch/Warlock  Witch/Warlock!Jared 

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