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Eight Letters, three words, one meaning
Chad’s hiding behind a shelf of cups, pretending to be busy sorting the new to-go cups. Jared just snorts and looks up at the customer who's just reached the counter.
Jared can’t help but grin when he realizes who it is. The guy's been coming in for two weeks straight, every day and he always asks the same question. And for those two weeks Jared has always answered the same, only to feel his heart skip a beat at the dejected expression on the guy’s face..
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Sandy!McCoy  Humour  Christmas  Thanksgiving  New!Year's!Eve  Romance  pining!Jared  pining!Jensen  livejournal  Short  5000+  Barista!Jared  Barista 
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The Many Lives of Jared Padalecki
Jared has a way of stumbling across opportunities ass-over-elbows. Usually landing on his head, occasionally ending in a hospital visit. But if he survives? It'll all work out.
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  10000+  1st!meeting  Hurt/Sick!Boys  hurt!Jared  Humour  Lawyer  Lawyer!Jensen  Barista  Barista!Jared  Confession  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan  Basketball  dreamwidth  Short  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  pdf/mobi 
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Low Rising
Jared does laundry. Jensen overreacts. Danneel makes coffee. Harley has issues.
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Established!Relationship  Jared/Jensen  Student!Jared  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Domestic!fic  Schmoop  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  1000+  Short  livejournal  pdf/mobi 
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Piece of Cake
On a long hunt in rural Ohio, Sam and Dean find a local place to get their caffeine fix. But this brew is addictive in the very worst of ways.
SPN  SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Season!2  Case!fic  Cursed!Dean  Spell/Curse  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Barista  Witch/Warlock  Short  livejournal  1000+ 
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Trust Exercises
In which Sam and Dean open a hunters' coffee bar, Sam throws out his back, and maybe there is some fixage. .... 3,200
SPN!Non-AU  Gen  Season!9  AU!Season!9  909  Angst  post!Series  Curtain!fic  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Barista  Barista!Sam  Hunt  hurt!Sam  hurt!Dean  bad!back  Arm!broken/injured  Bat!Cave  Spell/Curse  Cursed!Sam  Confession  1000+  Short  livejournal  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Character-Castiel 
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Symphony in Coffee Tones
According to Jensen, Jared has two qualities. One, Jared is
hot. The pants-dropping, wow sexy, yum baby yum kind of hot. Two, Jared
is a terrible barista. Even if Jensen felt like being charitable and
understanding and shit, ‘you’re kidding, right?’ would still be an
accurate description of Jared’s skills. .... 3,509
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  1st!meeting  Barista!Jared  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Office  pining!Jensen  Amnesia  Amnesia!Jared  Powers!Jared  sick!Jared  hurt!Jared  Schmoop  1000+  archiveofourown  Short  Barista  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Superhero!Jensen  Superhero!Jared  Superhero 
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Due Cause Verse
"This wasn't right. Things like this didn't happen to people.
First days were full of training documents and get-to-know-you chats and
friendly talks with pleasant secretaries, not super-lawyers in disguise
with molesting eye contact assaulting you in elevators. This really
really wasn't how this was supposed to go... Maybe it wasn't how it was
going. Maybe none of it was really happening to him and in a few minutes
they would leave the room and all of this would go away and he'd have
his normal, average first day exactly the way he'd wanted it." Sam gets
his first job at the law firm of his dreams, which just happens to be
the workplace of his law-school idol, who in real life is a good deal
more cynical and a great deal more creepy than he might have imagined.
Also: Cas runs a snack cart. Also: Dean helps. ..... 103,261
Slash  SPN!AU  Sam/Lucifer  First!Time  Dean/Castiel  Lawyer  Lawyer!Sam  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Epic  100000+  archiveofourown  SPN  Character-Bobby!Singer  Character-Zachariah  Character-Castiel  Character-Gabriel/The!Tickster  Character-Anna!Milton  Character-Crowley  Character-Lucifer  Character-Balthazar  Character-Lillith  Character-Raphael  Character-Michael 
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Hold the Whipped Cream
International Best Selling Author Jensen Ackles is all kinds of
specific with the details of his life. He likes privacy, writing, and
coffee; black, no sugar, hold the cream. He’s become a fixture at the
local coffee shop, writing from his table every day for the past two
years. His vices include routine, neatness, and structure. Jensen
doesn’t do messes. Then there is Jared, recent post-grad basket case,
who’s been coming in every day for caffeine he doesn’t need and bringing
the increasing disaster in his life with him. Jared is a mess in all
the ways Jensen is not and so Jensen offers to help Jared in the only
way he knows how: by buying Jared a cup of coffee. .... 37,606
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Schmoop  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jensen  Writer!Jensen  Writer!Author  Romance  35000+  Long  archiveofourown  pining!Jensen  Humour  Barista!Jared  Slow!Burn  Friends!to!Lovers  1st!meeting  drunk!Jared  Adorable  Wealthy!Jensen  Barista  Undercover/Secret!Identity  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Stephen!Amell  Person-Osric!Chau  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
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I now pronounce you ....
Jared and Jensen are best friends who got married as a last
resort to ensure they had somewhere to live for their last year of
college due to being kicked out of their dorm thanks to the loveable
resident douchebag Chad Murray. It was supposed to be a quick fix for a
messy situation... What they got however was something that neither of
them could have ever expected. .... 103,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  College!AU  Living!Together  Friends!to!Lovers  Pretend/Mistaken/Couple  RPS!Family  hurt!Jensen  top!Jared  GSW  Hospitalized!Boys  Angst  Separated!Boys  Parent/Guardian!Jensen  Parent/Guardian!Jared  Kid!fic  Bartender!Jensen  Writer!Jared  teacher!Jensen  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Barista!Jensen  pdf/mobi  Secret  Emotionally!hurt  Emotionally!hurt!Jared  Emotionally!hurt!Jensen  asshole!Jensen  Epic  100000+  Student!Jared  Student!Jensen  Homophobia  Teacher  Barista  Bartender  Vacation  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Sandy!McCoy  archiveofourown 
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The Chemistry of Cookie-Making
Gabriel is sick, Dean is taking care of him and Sam... Sam has
just promised to use his only weekend off to take care of their coffee
shop. Sam isn't sure whether it's a good thing that Gabriel's older
brother has offered his assistance as well. All Sam knows about the guy
is that Lucifer is an asshole and Sam certainly isn't looking forward to
spending time with him. ... 10,829
SPN!AU  Slash  Sam/Lucifer  First!Time  Lawyer  Lawyer!Sam  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  sick!OC  Dean/omc  Barista!Sam  1st!meeting  Bottom!Sam  10000+  archiveofourown  Short  Dean/Gabriel  Barista  SPN  Character-Gabriel/The!Tickster  Character-Lucifer 
august 2015 by chellexxx
Come What Come May (Time And The Hour Runs Through The Roughest Day)
Jensen, a student at the University of Washington and grumpy
person in general, is not at all impressed by the fact that Jared
Padalecki, son of a famous country singer and a popular Hollywood actor
and general heartthrob of the nation, also decides to study at the same
university. He's also not happy about the fact that he ends up at
Jared's house party thanks to his best friend Danneel, but the morning
after a panic attack, when he wakes up in a strangers bed, he realizes
that Jared Padalecki maybe isn't as bad of a human being as the
magazines make him out to be. .. 28,053
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  College!AU  Student!Jared  Student!Jensen  Schmoop  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jared  RPS!Family  Big!Bang  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  Bed!Sharing  Thanksgiving  Christmas  top!Jared  Sweet  Romance  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Barista!Jensen  livejournal  archiveofourown  Long  25000+  Wealthy!Jared  Barista  Popular!Jared  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Steve!Carlson 
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And Light Remaining after Thunder
Dean Winchester is happy creating specialty baked goods for his
coffee shop, Hallowed Grounds. That is, until his brother Sam calls
unexpectedly from California. His return after three years away at
Stanford triggers a sequence of events that will catch the Winchesters
up in painful memories and present suspense as Sam is targeted by a
danger from their past, all while they try to sort out just exactly what
they mean to each other. ... 49,660 ...
SPN!AU  Slash  Sam/Dean  Previous!Relationship  Dean/omc  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Homicide  Stanford  AU!Pre-Series  Foster!Care  Romance  CPS  Chef/Baker!Dean  hurt!Sam  Abducted  Abducted!Sam  Big!Bang  archiveofourown  livejournal  35000+  Long  Separated!Boys  AU!Stanford  Chef/Baker  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  AU!Not!Raised!By!John  AU!Not!Raised!as!Hunters  Character-Chuck!Shurley  Character-Charlie!Bradbury  Character-John!Winchester  Character-Ellen!Harvelle  Character-Jody!Mills  Character-Victor!Henricksen  Character-Mary!Winchester  Character-Jo!Harvelle  Character-Kevin!Tran  Character-Missouri!Moseley 
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On the 5th day of March
Jensen is the owner of the local pastry, and Jared is a student
at the local college. This is the story of how he become both Jensen’s
employee and boyfriend, and how he has a secret he keeps from Jensen
...... 20,577
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Barista!Jared  Barista!Jensen  Boss/employee  sick!Jared  Secret  Hidden!Illness/Injury  Student!Jared  College!AU  Friends!to!Lovers  archiveofourown  20000+  Long  Work!Together  Boss!Jensen  Barista  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles 
may 2015 by chellexxx
Escape (For Love)
Jensen is on the look for love. Problem is, he's so rich and
famous, guys keep throwing themselves at him for all the wrong reasons.
So he moves across the country and takes a low paying job, pretending to
be someone else. Now all he has to do is find The One to watch Firefly
with. .... 5,219
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Barista!Jared  Barista!Jensen  Famous/notFamous  Famous!Jensen  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  Geek!Jensen  Schmoop  Secret  Romance  Humour  archiveofourown  Short  5000+  CEO!Jensen  BookStore  Work!Together  Wealthy!Jensen  C.E.O  Barista  Undercover/Secret!Identity  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Misha!Collins 
may 2015 by chellexxx
can’t keep your pretty hands off me
Jensen runs a small publishing house. Jared shows up to deliver
coffee and pastries to his weekly staff meeting, and Thursday fast
becomes Jensen’s favorite day of the week. ... 4,800
livejournal  Short  1000+  Bottom!Jared  Boss/employee  pining!Jensen  Office  Barista!Jared  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  Wealthy!Jensen  Boss!Jensen  Barista 
march 2015 by chellexxx
Ba Humbug!
Coffee, Christmas and a slightly somewhat grumpy Jensen...oh my! .. 833
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Schmoop  Christmas  aww  Sweet  Romance  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Office  under!1000  Short  livejournal  Adorable 
december 2014 by chellexxx
Kiss Me With a Bullet
Jared is a barista at a small coffee shop who promptly falls
for Jensen, his newest customer. But Jensen is hiding something big, and
it just might have something to do with the mob family across the
street. ... 8,821
Criminal!Jensen  RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Barista!Jared  Criminal/Mafia  livejournal  Outsider!POV  10000+  Short  Barista  Based!on!a!Movie/Book/TV!Show  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Movie-Daisy 
september 2014 by chellexxx
Grab Yourself an Alibi
Convincing your best friends that they are perfect for each
other is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Along the way, Jared and
Jensen find out a little something about themselves. ... 2,500
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Barista!Jared  Humour  Schmoop  pining!Jensen  1000+  Short  livejournal  Barista  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki 
september 2014 by chellexxx
Maybe Somebody's Coming and I Don't Know Who
AU where Jared was the workaholic with no love life, and Jensen was the laid-back guy who worked at a coffee shop. ... 4,100
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Schmoop  Romance  1st!meeting  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Barista!Jensen  Office  Short  livejournal  1000+  Pretend/Mistaken/Couple  Humour  Barista  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles 
september 2014 by chellexxx
Somebody for me out there
Jared grew up with him, the boy with the green eyes. He was his
only constant, the only thing that stayed with him when he lost
everything. Too bad he only existed in Jared's mind. ... College was
Jared’s chance at a life of his own, a chance to get out of the system
and start something real. What he wasn’t prepared for, though, was the
sight of the figment of his imagination turned flesh and blood. .....
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  livejournal  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  archiveofourown  College!AU  Artist!Jared  Foster!Care  Bottom!Jared  Secret  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Schmoop  Romance  Angst  Sad  20000+  Long  Barista!Jared  Student!Jared  Student!Jensen  pining!Jared  Artist  Barista  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Steve!Carlson 
september 2014 by chellexxx
One Kiss At A Time
Jensen, Jared's newest employee at Jay's Pad, has had a hard
decade. Recently released from a rehab facility, Jensen's living at a
shelter and just needs some help getting his life back on track, and
Jared vows to be the one to do just that. Jensen is also an amazing guy
and Jared finds himself falling hard after just a week, and he's
delighted to find out that Jensen feels the same way. But Jensen still
has demons he's fighting and secrets he's keeping and Jared knows that a
relationship is the last thing Jensen needs right now. But his heart
isn't listening, and when Jared's involved in a stomach churning ordeal,
it brings up things from Jensen's past that are revealed to be the
causes of all his problems. And Jared doesn't know if he can fix them
all. ...70,033

Verse 80,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Big!Bang  Boss/employee  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Addiction  Addict!Jensen  Angst  pining!Jared  Domestic!fic  livejournal  Living!Together  Memories/Flashback  Emotionally!hurt  Emotionally!hurt!Jensen  RPS!Family  Chef/Baker!Jensen  Romance  hurt!Jared  Bottom!Jared  50000+  Long  archiveofourown  Non-Con  Barista!Jensen  Barista!Jared  Work!Together  Boss!Jared  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  Wealthy!Jared  Chef/Baker  Barista  Attempted!Suicide/Suicidal!Thoughts  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Steve!Carlson 
august 2014 by chellexxx
The Unexpected
Jensen wasn't looking for a relationship. He liked his life
just the way it was, thank you very much. The last thing he expected was
to fall in love. Especially with a guy with a motor mouth and a rather
suspicious penchant for pink. .... 6,600
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  Schmoop  Romance  Shy!Jensen  Adorable  Office  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  5000+  Short  livejournal  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
august 2014 by chellexxx
Kevin Tran for President
Dean comes back from Purgatory to find Sam working as a barista
at a coffee shop near Princeton, watching over Kevin Tran. 11,394
SPN!Non-AU  Slash  Sam/Dean  First!Time  Pre-Slash  post!Season!7  Humour  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  pining!OC  Jealous!Dean  10000+  Short  archiveofourown  Barista!Sam  Barista  SPN  Character-Castiel  Character-Meg  Character-Kevin!Tran 
july 2014 by chellexxx
Jared Padalecki and the Kinky College Adventure
Jared needs to find a way to pay for college and survive the
antics of his room mate Misha. Jensen is a film director in town doing a
favor for a friend. Fate must have something special in mind, because
no matter what choices Jared makes, they almost always lead him to
Jensen ......... 30,000
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  College!AU  Big!Bang  Humour  Bottom!Jared  25000+  Long  pdf/mobi  livejournal  1st!meeting  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Porn  On!Set  Teacher  Student!Jared  Barista!Jared  Barista  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan  Director!Jensen 
june 2014 by chellexxx
A Twist Of Fate
When Jensen starts college under the name Ross Tailer he meets
Jared Tristan and the two have an instant connection. As time goes on
and they grow closer secrets are reviled and a connection that drew them
together could tear them apart. They are more connected then they
thought by the horrible tragedy that happen ten years ago when Jared
almost lost his life to Jensen’s brother in a shooting that left both
men scared. Can hope for a future rise from the ashes of the past and
can two deeply hurt men help heal each other or send them over the edge?
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Secret  Angst  Big!Bang  Emotionally!hurt  Emotionally!hurt!Jared  Memories/Flashback  College!AU  25000+  Long  livejournal  archiveofourown  top!Jared  RPS!Family  hurt!Jared  Emotionally!hurt!Jensen  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Student!Jared  Student!Jensen  GSW  WorkplaceShooting  guilty!Jensen  Depraved!Humans  Popular!Jared  Shy!Jensen  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Undercover/Secret!Identity  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles 
june 2014 by chellexxx
Cinnamon Twist
Jensen works at a coffee shop, and has a crush on one of the
regular customers. But every time he tries to talk to the guy, the damn
cinnamon gets in the way..... 3,514
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Schmoop  pining!Jensen  pining!Jared  1000+  Short  livejournal  archiveofourown  Barista!Jensen  Barista 
april 2014 by chellexxx
Would You (Go Out With Me?)
Prequel to Would You? Jensen walks half a block to the cafe to order a cup of coffee everyday.
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Romance  Schmoop  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Blind  Blind!Jensen  aww  livejournal  Short  1000+  Barista!Jared  Barista  Permanent!Injury!Jensen 
april 2014 by chellexxx
Hot Blind Guy
This entire plot was a prompt given by apreludetoanend for the
spn_j2_xmas exchange and it sounded cute, so I deviated very little from
it. I managed to work in college, humor, pets (obviously), coffee, and
happy endings. .. 1,700
RPS  RPS!AU  College!AU  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Student!Jared  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  pining!Jared  Adorable  Dog/Puppy  1000+  Short  livejournal  Romance  Blind  Blind!Jensen  Humour  Barista!Jared  Barista  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray 
march 2014 by chellexxx
Weather Bound
Prompt For the request coffeeshop, snowed in - maybe the college years? ... 900
livejournal  Short  under!1000  Schmoop  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Trapped  Mother!Nature  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Slash  College!AU  RPS!AU  RPS  Barista!Jared  Barista  Blizzard/Snow 
february 2014 by chellexxx
I Understand
Sam meets someone who gives him a new perspective on his brother
Bat!Cave  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  OFC  Short  1000+  Winchester!Gospels  Domestic!fic  913  Season!9  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  SPN 
february 2014 by chellexxx
Coming Home
Jared and Jensen are co partners of a coffee shop. Jensen has
an accident and Jared has an epiphany. And it's Christmas. .... 2,260
Schmoop  Car!Accident  hurt!Jensen  Christmas  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  archiveofourown  livejournal  Short  1000+  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  Barista!Jared  Barista!Jensen  Barista  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
january 2014 by chellexxx
Jack Verse
Jensen's approaching this thing with Jared the same way he's
handling senior year: with a healthy dose of cynicism and a razor sharp
tongue. A few fumbled kisses don't make Jared his boyfriend, the same
way acing bio doesn't make him a doctor. Except Jared doesn't seem to be
pretending it never happened quite the way Jensen expected him to and
his mom's got college brochures all over the house. Jensen's carefully
constructed island life is tilting faster than he's prepared for. Into
something new, something better. Man up Jack, we're just getting
started. 48,000. write your name all over my paper heart look out below i'll wait here by the shore 5-find the horizon
Student!Jensen  Student!Jared  Angst  Previous!Relationship  Humour  First!Time  Long  35000+  livejournal  Slash  Jared/Jensen  HighSchool!AU  RPS!AU  RPS  College!AU  Barista!Jared  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  pining!Jensen  Barista  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Sophia!Bush 
january 2014 by chellexxx
Holiday Spirit
Jensen's usual love for Christmas is taking a big hit this year, until he finds the perfect gift for himself. 1,300
Office  Sweet  Adorable  Christmas  livejournal  Short  1000+  Schmoop  First!Time  1st!meeting  Jared/Jensen  Slash  RPS!AU  RPS  Coffee!Shop/Cafe 
december 2013 by chellexxx
This morning, with him, having coffee
Jensen is Jared's Secret Santa. Christmas is almost here. He
doesn't have a clue what to get him. Until he gets a brilliant idea
centered around one of Jared's favorite things.
archiveofourown  Adorable  aww  Season!9  Bottom!Jared  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Schmoop  Christmas  Short  1000+  Jared/Jensen  Established!Relationship  Slash  RPS!Non-AU  RPS 
december 2013 by chellexxx
Muffins verse
Jensen and Jared crash into each other outside a coffee shop,
they go inside and eat muffins. At some point, Jared asks Jensen out,
except Jensen’s not so sure a chemo lounge is the greatest place for a
first date. ..... 22,500 ... verse 1-8 here .....
Schmoop  Romance  Cancer  sick!Jensen  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  livejournal  Slash  RPS  RPS!AU  Hospitalized!Boys  1st!meeting  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  20000+  Long  RPS!Family  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Christian!Kane 
october 2013 by chellexxx
Getting A Life
After taking one too many hits to the head from the Leviathan,
Sam is diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and he and Dean
give up hunting. They’ve made a life for themselves, with Dean taking a
job at Starbucks to pay the bills and Sam finding ways to cope with a
broken brain and Lucifer still on board.
Length!Unknown  livejournal  Memories/Flashback  Emotionally!hurt  Domestic!fic  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  hurt!Sam  Curtain!fic  Season!7  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  Emotionally!hurt!Sam  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
september 2013 by chellexxx
Due North
Jensen is a barista with a sordid past, Jared is running away
from the shambles of his engagement; they come together in the
wilderness of Caribou, Maine. Jared is everything Jensen isn't:
outgoing, noisy, and cheerful. It's annoying. Especially since Jared has
apparently decided that he likes Jensen and will stop at nothing to get
a date with him. Jensen can't send him away as long as he's paying for
coffee, and Jared won't take no for an answer, so Jensen agrees to a
single date. With a little luck, and the magic of the Northern Lights,
maybe they can have a chance after all. ... 36,000
Shy!Jensen  Seduction  Schmoop  top!Jared  Emotionally!hurt  Insecurity  RPS!Family  RPS  livejournal  Big!Bang  Romance  archiveofourown  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  pining!Jared  35000+  Slash  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Long  RPS!AU  Barista!Jensen  Barista  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Genevieve!Cortese/Padalecki  Person-Sandy!McCoy 
august 2013 by chellexxx
Win and Protect
The Padalecki's are a powerful organised crime family run by
Gerald. His sons are very much involved. One day Jared sees Jensen in a
cafe and follows him to the bookstore he works at/owns. He uses his
connections to have him followed and find out everything about Jensen.
When he is ready, Jared accidentally bumps into Jensen coming out of
the cafe which is his favorite and dumps coffee all over Jensen. While
appearing to be really sorry he persuades Jensen to go on a date with
him. While Jensen is shy at first they do go out and fall madly in love
with each other. Maybe they eventually get married. Would like Jensen to
discover Jared's criminal activities at some point. Maybe Jared finds
out about an ex who abused (but not sexually) Jensen and has him killed.
Jensen is weary but does accept what Jared does as he makes him feel
safe and protected. .....
Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Criminal!Jared  Shy!Jensen  Abused!Jensen  top!Jared  pining!Jared  livejournal  RPS  hurt!Jensen  Jared/Jensen  20000+  First!Time  RPS!Family  Jensen/omc  Slash  Criminal/Mafia  Long  RPS!AU  BookStore  Depraved!Humans  Abused  Hurt/Sick!Boys 
august 2013 by chellexxx
"Cuz you leave me speechless when you talk to me"
Jared’s sure he’s still a little drunk from last night. And
this morning has already been bad, so he’s decided not to take
responsibilities for whatever his mind comes up with during the day
..... 5,698
livejournal  RPS  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Insecurity  5000+  Slash  Short  RPS!AU  College!AU  Student!Jensen  Student!Jared  Barista!Jared  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  pining!Jared  pining!Jensen  Shy!Jared  Schmoop  Musician  Musician!Jensen  Shy!Jensen  Barista  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Matt!Bomer 
august 2013 by chellexxx
Reddish Gold and Caramel
Jared makes a bet against Misha that a single act of kindness
can turn someone's day around. To prove his point, he buys an extra cup
of the sweetest, richest coffee he can find and tells Misha to hand it
over to the person who seems to need it the most with a little note that
Jared scribbles on a napkin.
Enter Jensen Ackles, workaholic and caffeine-addict, mostly focused on
his own misery until he decides to return the favor by paying back his
benefactor through Misha again, while at the same time meeting a a
regular from the coffee shop with a dimpled, endless smile that might
just keep him sane.

Jared could be drawn to Jensen, in the sharp suit and the perfect smile
... if it weren't because he may already be falling for someone he has
never met.
Romance  First!Time  livejournal  Big!Bang  35000+  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Schmoop  Slash  RPS  Jared/Jensen  Long  RPS!AU  Person-Misha!Collins 
june 2013 by chellexxx
Above All The Bustle
A busker and a businessman walk into a sandwich shop. It's a
feel-good story. No one dies though someone is dead and someone else is
hit by a bus.
Musician!Jared  Schmoop  livejournal  RPS  Jared/Jensen  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  15000+  First!Time  Musician  Romance  Diner/Restaurant  Slash  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Long  RPS!AU  Wealthy!Jensen 
may 2013 by chellexxx
love struck
Jensen turns up his local coffee shop hung-over, new barista
makes a special hangover cure and chats to him. It shouldn’t be
highlight of his week but it is. He finds himself there each week,
hangover or no hangover. It’s kind of pathetic but Jensen’s kind of
smitten ..... 3,182
livejournal  RPS  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Adorable  Slash  1000+  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Schmoop  Short  RPS!AU  Romance  drunk!Jensen  sick!Jensen  Humour  1st!meeting  Barista!Jared  Barista  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Sophia!Bush 
may 2013 by chellexxx
They go into a coffeeshop to escape the weather and it turns out to be the best decision they ever made. .... 1,792
717  livejournal  post!Series  Season!7  Sam/Castiel  Established!Relationship  Adorable  Slash  SPN!Non-AU  1000+  Schmoop  Short  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  SPN  Character-Castiel 
may 2013 by chellexxx
I Crave The Stain of Almost Too Much Love
Classes he enjoys, a job where he gets free coffee and cookies,
and finding friends in Chad and Sophia - college life starts perfectly
for Jared. And then there's Jensen. After seeing him in the hallway on
his first day at school, Jared can't get him out of his mind, and the
friendship that forms between them quickly turns into something more. It
seems like it's too good to be true, and maybe it is, because Jared
can't stop wondering exactly how serious Jensen is about their
relationship. ... 31,000
Student!Jared  Student!Jensen  Shy!Jared  Big!Bang  Insecurity  top!Jared  Bottom!Jared  RPS!Family  Jensen/omc  25000+  pining!Jared  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  RPS  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  College!AU  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Barista!Jared  Schmoop  Geek!Jared  Mike/Tom  Barista  Popular!Jensen  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Michael!Rosenbaum  Person-Tom!Welling  Person-Steve!Carlson  Person-Sandy!McCoy  Person-Sophia!Bush  archiveofourown  fics!by!akintay 
march 2013 by chellexxx
Yesterday Was the Day That I Was Born
Being informed by your friends and loved ones that you're
congenial to the point of boredom and occasionally nausea is sort of a
drag. Which is why Jared resolves to have an irresponsibly awesome time
on his twenty-first birthday. But when his foray into excitement proves
to be the iceberg of his Titanic of a life, he's left wondering who and
what exactly he'll wake up to once he gets his head back above the
suddenly murky waves of his own existence......or something.
Angst  First!Time  Schmoop  Non-Con  Hooker!Jensen  Musician!Jensen  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Store  teacher!Jared  Musician  35000+  livejournal  RPS  Jared/Jensen  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Teacher  Jared/Sandy  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Sandy!McCoy 
january 2013 by chellexxx
Let Us Compare Mythologies
Jensen Ackles, award-winning author, is experiencing the
longest writing dry spell of his life until he spots a good-looking
stranger in a bookstore window and suddenly everything changes ....
Comment: This is so charming. Famous novelist Jensen Ackles gets his
inspiration from watching the cute guy in the bookstore across the road.
Bookstore worker Jared gets a crush on the guy that always sits writing
in the cafe. ..... 17,300
pdf/mobi  Famous!Jensen  RPS!Family  Jared/Misha  Writer!Jensen  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Store  Slow!Burn  Adorable  pining!Jensen  pining!Jared  15000+  RPS  Famous/notFamous  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash  Schmoop  Long  RPS!AU  BookStore  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Steve!Carlson  Person-Sandy!McCoy  Person-Katie!Cassidy  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
december 2012 by chellexxx
5000 Miles to Denmark
Jensen is a socially awkward med student who frequents the
local student hotspot coffee shop. He spends more time there than he
does his own apartment, but thats mostly because of the view. And by
view, he means the super tall, super hot guy he shamelessly ogles
between pharmacology and physiology homework. To his utter shock, Tall
Guy makes his way into Jensens life and seems utterly bent on staying
there and Jensens not about to say no. But Jensen knows that all good
things come with a catch. Thats just the way it works. But he never
expected one like this. 24,000
pdf/mobi  Royal!Jared  Famous!Jared  Shy!Jensen  Big!Bang  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Royalty  RPS!Family  20000+  RPS  Famous/notFamous  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  College!AU  Student!Jensen  Student!Jared  top!Jared  Geek!Jensen  Popular!Jared  Undercover/Secret!Identity 
december 2012 by chellexxx
Jared is a Norwegian student at College in USA. His family
holds a position back home that makes it impossible for him to be
anonymous. He is the King and Queen's middle child. In USA he meets
Jensen, an art-therapy student with a troubled relationship with his
family. His father is a minister, and they do belive homosexuality is a
sin. It doesn't make them love their son any less, but it makes it
harder for Jensen to face his family. 52,820
Coffee!Shop/Cafe  College!AU  pdf/mobi  Royal!Jared  Famous!Jared  Royalty  Bottom!Jared  RPS!Family  guilty!Jensen  Romance  50000+  Famous/notFamous  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  RPS  livejournal  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Homophobia  Undercover/Secret!Identity  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Christian!Kane  Bodyguard 
december 2012 by chellexxx
Its a nowhere little town south of the border. Youd think
nothing ever happened there. But when passion and obsession collide, all
bets are off. They couldnt keep away from each other. Now Jensen and
Jared will have to run for their lives or die for their sins because of
D/s  Length!Unknown  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Diner/Restaurant  RPS  Jensen/omc  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  livejournal  Slash  RPS!AU  Angst  top!Jared  hurt!Jensen  Hurt/Sick!Boys  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan 
december 2012 by chellexxx
He Had Me at Hello
After a devastating event that leaves Jared emotionless, he
moves back to Canada for Megans last year of high school. When Megan
gets a new job at a coffee shop and comes home talking about a guy she
works with named Jensen, Jared can't help but to start to have feelings
again ... 48,425
!College  Student!Jared  Vet/Animal!Shelter  Mechanic!Jensen  Bottom!Jared  top!Jared  Shy!Jared  Car!Accident  35000+  Angst  RPS!Family  RPS  First!Time  Jared/Jensen  archiveofourown  Slash  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Long  RPS!AU  Barista!Jensen  Barista 
december 2012 by chellexxx
Until You Catch On (I'll Hold My Breath)
Jensen works for his father's publishing house, a career
planned out for him since he was a kid, and parties the nights away with
his friends. It's not the life he wants for himself. Then he meets
Jared, who makes him look at his life in a new way, pushes him in the
right direction. Everything would be perfect, really, if only Jensen
wasn't in love with Jared, because he's absolutely sure that Jared
doesn't see him as anything but a friend. ... 35,000
RPS  Big!Bang  pining!Jensen  Romance  Slow!Burn  Jared/Jensen  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  RPS!Family  Jensen/omc  Jared/omc  35000+  Slash  top!Jared  Bottom!Jared  Long  RPS!AU  pdf/mobi  Student!Jared  Office  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Vet/Animal!Shelter  Vet!Jared  Schmoop  Barista!Jared  Friends!to!Lovers  CEO!Jensen  Wealthy!Jensen  C.E.O  Barista  Person-Christian!Kane  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Steve!Carlson  fics!by!akintay  archiveofourown 
december 2012 by chellexxx
You Be the Prom Queen
Three years ago, Jared Padalecki's parents disowned him, and he
moved to Boston to start over. He's got a decent life carved out for
himself, until he starts talking to his crush, and he realizes there's
still a lot he needs to deal with before he can really be the person he
wants to be. ... 20,000
livejournal  pining!Jared  RPS  20000+  Jared/Jensen  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  archiveofourown  First!Time  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Student!Jared  Student!Jensen  College!AU  Wealthy/Not!Wealthy  RPS!Family  Schmoop  Shy!Jared  Romance  Secret  Insecurity  Big!Bang  Geek!Jared  Homophobia  Wealthy!Jensen  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  Person-Misha!Collins  Construction/Builder!Jared 
november 2012 by chellexxx
Angels on Ariels
Jensen is an aspiring singer-songwriter who works in a
coffeehouse to pay the bills while he tries to get his music career off
the ground. Jared's a mechanic with a pickup truck, two dogs, and three
motorcycles. Jensen has been in Nashville eight months, and Jared has
been there four years, when they meet - twice - and click instantly.
Jensen wants Jared, and as a result Jared discovers that maybe he's not
completely straight. Jensen's friend Danneel wants him to keep seeing
the nice boy she set him up with, and Jared's coworker Katie keeps
teasing him about his friend, and the boys just want to figure out who
they are and what they want, and how they can get and keep the things
that will make them happy. ... 51,200
archiveofourown  Mechanic!Jared  Musician!Jensen  Writer!Jensen  Mechanic  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Musician  Big!Bang  livejournal  RPS  First!Time  50000+  Jared/Jensen  Slash  Long  RPS!AU  Barista!Jensen  Barista  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles 
november 2012 by chellexxx
Save Me From the Dark
After the events of 'The End' Castiel manages to get Dean away
from Zachariah, but when Dean returns he finds that nine months have
gone by and, more importantly, that Sam has all but disappeared from the
face of the planet. When he does find him, he discovers that Sam has
been permanently altered during his absence ......... 9,829
Brain/Head!injury  Dream/Nightmare  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Blind!Sam  5000+  sick!Sam  Blind  504  Season!5  Gen  livejournal  SPN!Non-AU  hurt!Sam  Short  AU!Season!5  early!Season!5  pdf/mobi  Barista!Sam  Separated!Boys  Barista  SPN  Hurt/Sick!Boys  archiveofourown  Permanent!Injury  Permanent!Injury!Sam 
september 2012 by chellexxx
The Deus Ex Machina Breakfast Special
All Sam wants is to drink his coffee in peace. Is that really too much to ask for?
Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Season!7  archiveofourown  Gen  SPN!Non-AU  1000+  Short  SPN  Character-Gabriel/The!Tickster 
april 2012 by chellexxx
like a boomerang
Darcy Grangers life gets a little bit more interesting, and
Dean Winchester celebrates his twenty-ninth birthday in an unexpected
Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Season!3  Gen  OFC  Birthday  aww  1000+  livejournal  SPN!Non-AU  Outsider!POV  Short  SPN 
august 2010 by chellexxx
the idea of an island
Starbucks barista watching the boys work a case over grande frappe-whatsits
Pretend/Mistaken/Couple  Coffee!Shop/Cafe  Season!Undefined  Gen  Outsider!POV  OFC  1000+  livejournal  SPN!Non-AU  Short  SPN  Mistaken!for!a!Couple 
august 2010 by chellexxx

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