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Why Women Don't Code - Quillette
oh look, another darmore apologist with a bad take who doesn't understand the effects of culture/socialization on gendered outcomes!
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8 weeks ago by cglinka
Using a logbook to improve your programming | James Routley

function lb() {
if [ -e ~/Dropbox/logbook/$(date '+%Y-%m-%d').md ]
code ~/Dropbox/logbook/$(date '+%Y-%m-%d').md
cat ~/Dropbox/logbook/ >> ~/Dropbox/logbook/$(date '+%Y-%m-%d').md
code ~/Dropbox/logbook/$(date '+%Y-%m-%d').md
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november 2017 by cglinka
Teach Yourself Computer Science
HN commentary, actually mostly useful:

database alt recommended by commentors:

the "two types" commentary seems as reductionist and full of BS as any other 'two types' arbitrary classification.
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march 2017 by cglinka
koalaman/shellcheck: ShellCheck, a static analysis tool for shell scripts
shellcheck - ShellCheck, a static analysis tool for shell scripts
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may 2016 by cglinka
We only hire the trendiest
When I started programming, I heard a lot about how programmers are down to earth, not like those elitist folks who have uniforms involving suits and ties. You can even wear t-shirts to work! But if you think programmers aren’t elitist, try wearing a suit and tie to an interview sometime. You’ll have to go above and beyond to prove that you’re not a bad cultural fit. We like to think that we’re different from all those industries that judge people based on appearance, but we do the s...
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march 2016 by cglinka
Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to... — programming is terrible
Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to extend. “ “Every line of code is written without reason, maintained out of weakness, and deleted by chance” Jean-Paul Sartre’s Programming in ANSI...
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february 2016 by cglinka
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