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Have we stopped to appreciate how crazy Donald Trump has gotten recently? - Vox
At the conservative Weekly Standard, Stephen Hayes was just agog. This is "not about tactics or messaging," he wrote. "It's about something simpler and something much more important: Donald Trump is not of sound mind."
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The conservative divide on Trump and the “how bad could it get” question - The Washington Post
I’ve been following the reaction of policy-wonk conservatives, including many lawyers, to the likely nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in the November election. By policy-wonk conservatives, I mean people such as the members of the Federalist Society; Republican staffers, past, current and future; employees of conservative and libertarian think tanks; and those who follow their work. Among this crowd, it seems that very few are actually in favor of Trump. But there’s a sharp divide in terms of how much to be against him. Some plan to hold their noses and vote for Trump despite finding him very problematic. Others, who often go by the “NeverTrump” moniker, plan to not vote, to vote third-party or to vote for Hillary Clinton.
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A letter to a Bernie-or-bust voter.
To the Bernie voters who are disgusted with the process and disillusioned with the Democratic nominee, I hear you. But if you plan to stay home, defect to a third party candidate, or vote Trump in November, think back to the fall of 2000. It only took 100,000 ideological purists in one state to give our country away to a know-nothing nightmare of a president.
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