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Language Mechanics On Escape Analysis Go, (Golang) Programming - Blog - Ardan Labs
Our Blog is a great source of insights about Go, also referred as "golang". Our main contributor Bill Kennedy is a renowned Go Trainer, consultant, and author.
golang  pointers 
may 2018 by cglinka
How to use Go and FastCGI « Davide Muzzarelli
FastCGI is a good solution for using Go in a shared hosting or in a VPS. This post is about how to write a Go program in FCGI mode and deploy it on Apache.
go  golang  fastcgi  dreamhost 
april 2016 by cglinka
NewStore TechTalk - Advanced Testing with Go by Mitchell Hashimoto - YouTube
Tech star Mitchell Hashimoto talks about "Advanced Testing with Go". Recorded in Berlin on March 15, 2016. Hosted by NewStore. Join our meet up group: http:/...
golang  testing  go  so_you_want_to_learn_x  a:mitchell_hashimito  video  tech_talk  @youtube  fixtures  mocks  interfaces 
april 2016 by cglinka
Finishing the Google Go Writing Web Applications Tutorial - Larry Price
A golang web app tutorial I did some work with Google Go recently and had the chance to follow their great tutorial Writing Web Applications. The …
golang  go  tutorial 
february 2016 by cglinka
Go in a Monorepo
DigitalOcean’s monorepo, cthulhu, has provided one of the most pleasant development experiences I have ever had. It works vastly better than attempting to keep dependencies up to date across multiple repositories. It enables large-scale refactoring using the excellent tools in the Go ecosystem, without fear of breaking one or more external projects.

git  golang  monorepo  dependency_management  go  dependencies 
december 2015 by cglinka
Going Go Programming: Understanding Pointers and Memory Allocation
"In other words, you can't specify specific values for properties of the specified type when using new."

This is a completely incomprehensible explanation of pointers in Go. The first paragraph or so starts out ok, and very very quickly falls apart. WTF using specif* three times in a flipping sentence.
golang  go  pointer  tutorial  bad  bad_writing 
october 2015 by cglinka
Taming Your Go Dependencies | DigitalOcean
Internally at DigitalOcean, we had an issue brewing in our Go code bases. Separate projects were developed in separate Git repositories, and in order to minimize the fallout from upgraded dependencies, we mirrored all dependencies locally in individual Git repositories. These projects relied on various versions of packages, and the problem was that there was no deterministic way to distinguish which project required what and when.
go  golang  dependencies  dependency-management  monorepo  source_control  git  repository 
october 2015 by cglinka
testing - colorizing golang test run output - Stack Overflow
go test -v . | sed ''/PASS/s//$(printf "\033[32mPASS\033[0m")/'' | sed ''/FAIL/s//$(printf "\033[31mFAIL\033[0m")/''
testing  go  golang  color  terminal  command_line  colorize 
october 2015 by cglinka
It's an unfinished ebook, but the beginning is really good!
go  golang  testing  so_you_want_to_learn_X  programming  coding  software_engineering 
october 2015 by cglinka
go-sqlmock - Sql mock driver for golang to test database interactions
go  golang  testing  sql 
october 2015 by cglinka
Home · golang/go Wiki
go - The Go programming language
go  golang  resource 
october 2015 by cglinka
Learning Go (Golang) — Medium
A dive into a language from the search company with an unsearchable name.
go  golang  commentary  resources  so_you_want_to_learn_X 
october 2015 by cglinka
Writing, building, installing, and testing Go code - YouTube
A first stop for newcomers to the Go Programming Language. This screencast describes setting up a workspace (GOPATH), writing commands and packages, using th...
go  golang  programming  video  tutorial 
october 2015 by cglinka
Go Programming - YouTube
Rob Pike Concurrency is the key to designing high performance network services. Go's concurrency primitives (goroutines and channels) provide a simple and ef...
video  go  golang  programming 
october 2015 by cglinka
From a Ruby monolith to microservices in Go, lessons learned - Niket Patel - GopherConIndia liveblog
Even though the new architecture requires deploying multiple services, Go makes the deployment simple and this is critical from a system administration perspective.
golang  ruby  microservices  go  via:popular  architecture 
march 2015 by cglinka

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