VALLÖBY Rug, low pile - 6 ' 7 "x9 ' 10 " - IKEA
IKEA - VALLÖBY, Rug, low pile, 6 ' 7 "x9 ' 10 ", , Durable, stain resistant and easy to care for since the rug is made of synthetic fibers.The
shopping  rug  ikea 
16 days ago
Coiled Rope Bed - Shell — Siamese Social Club
Soft, sculpted bowl made of tightly sewn cotton rope fitted with a
linen/cotton cushion. Cushion is removable and machine washable. Handmade
using all natural materials. Designed to be a comfortable and considered
addition to your space.

Bowl is made of 100% undyed cotton rope. Cushion is made of 50/50
linen/cotton and filled with 100% cotton batting. 

Machine wash cushion in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Vacuum rope
bowl with brush attachment, and spot...
shopping  inspiration  diy 
23 days ago
Why Women Don't Code - Quillette
oh look, another darmore apologist with a bad take who doesn't understand the effects of culture/socialization on gendered outcomes!
programming  via:popular  sexism  gender  james_darmore  bad_takes  Stuart_Reges  a:Stuart_Reges 
8 weeks ago
The Psychology of Money · Collaborative Fund
“Was it really necessary to tell her that if you spend money on things, you will end up with the things and not the money?”

You can laugh. But the truth is, yes, people need to be told that. When most people say they want to be a millionaire, what they really mean is “I want to spend a million dollars,” which is literally the opposite of being a millionaire. This is especially true for young people.

A key use of wealth is using it to control your time and providing you with options...
finance  psychology  investing  money  via:popular 
8 weeks ago
Modest Dressing, as a Virtue - The New York Times
What’s really behind fashion’s — and women’s — love of concealing clothes?
fashion  feminism  politics  modesty  @nytimes  a:naomi_fry  caftan  dress  dresses 
9 weeks ago
Lasik’s Risks Are Coming Into Sharper Focus - The New York Times
this makes me feel even more justified in never allowing lasers near my eyeballs
health  lasik  medicine  vision  via:popular 
9 weeks ago
NYC's Subway Should Be Full of Hoverboards Instead - The Atlantic
this sounds like a nightmarish hellscape and thinking back to the volume analysis for the hyperloop, also doesn't even sound plausible. also, way to penalize people without flexible schedules, ie the poorest and worst paid.
via:popular  nyc  subway  public_transportation  privatization  transportation  @theatlantic  a:PETER_WAYNER  public_transit  bad_takes 
9 weeks ago
Sewing Swimsuit Fabric: Tips and Tricks to Sew a Swimsuit
Sewing swimsuit fabric isn't much different than other projects. Here, I've compiled all the tips and tricks to help you sew a swimsuit for summertime.
sewing  swimwear  swim_suit  fabric  crafts 
10 weeks ago
Researchers wonder what it means when you keep your phone out without using it - MIT Technology Review

women are less likely to have functional pockets, so more likely to need to hold things in their hands when making short trips places. I'd like to see how 'phone holding' compared to a) holding other objects and b) the presence of a bag or purse.
via:popular  phones  psychology  research  technology  culture  sexism 
10 weeks ago
Applebee's Deserves to Die - Eater
Young people’s generally decreased standard of living and the preferences they have developed as a result are destroying established industries, and older people don’t like it.
food  restaurant  essay 
11 weeks ago
Giving Myself A Dress Code Changed My Dang Life
Even though my style is super casual, the color palette and abundance of white makes it look polished — something that’s not insignificant as I navigate the world as a woman of color. Do my white jeans alone keep me from getting harassed by the cops? No. But my overall look reads as middle class, relatively conservative — I’m basically riffing on the aspirational clothes of my youth; pretty much everything I wear would be completely at home on a white yuppie in the late 80s/early 90s — and super non-threatening. This isn’t the main reason why I’ve chosen these clothes — I genuinely just really like them, and bold prints/colors are deeply not me — but I’m not going to pretend that they don’t help me literally and figuratively move through the world more easily.
fashion  dress_code  style 
11 weeks ago
Catapult | The Undead Hipster | Kashana Cauley
Kashana Cauley explores why hipsterdom, despite being declared dead, continues to flourish.
hipster  culture  economy  millennials  commentary 
11 weeks ago
Becoming Ugly
I’m writing in a circle that keeps leading me back to the same questions: How do I become ugly to these people? How do I offend their sensibilities with my very existence? But the work provides no answers—just more of the angry bile that I first tasted in the moments before I punched Tom at 14 and has since tinged my mouth again and again. I want to spit it everywhere and I want it to stain.

feminism  women  culture  misogyny  rapeculture  sexism 
11 weeks ago
A Brief History Of The Tumblr Witch – The Establishment
It’s safe to say that witches are having a socio-pop culture moment. We love witches in all their permutations, strengths, spells, and darkness. After centuries of persecution, distrust, and disdain…
witches  cultural_commentary  tumblr 
11 weeks ago
Swimwear Basics  |  Seamwork Magazine
Everything you need to know about making your own swimsuit. By Haley Glenn.
sewing  swimming  swimwear  swim_suit  howto 
11 weeks ago
Sourcing Swimsuit Fabric & Supplies | Closet Case Files
The following shops have a swimsuit fabric selection; please let us know in the comments if there any additional resources I’ve missed (especially internationally!)

sewing  swimwear  swim_suit  crafts  crafting  shopping  fabric 
11 weeks ago
I Dress Terribly On Purpose – Member Feature Stories – Medium
I can remember no watershed moment where I thought to myself, “Today, I will don a shapeless gray sack and scowl at those who thwart me.” Like so many of life’s great revolutions, my transmutation…
fashion  clothing  sexism  feminism  art 
11 weeks ago
An Ambitious Proposal Regarding the Plight of the Incel
In recent weeks, many have been acquainted with a new kind of struggle. The ancient plights of racial inequity, wealth inequality and gender disparity are well-worn causes. A lesser known plight…
incel  a_modest_proposal  free_market  sex 
11 weeks ago
I, Cringely Cloud Computing May Finally End the Productivity Paradox - I, Cringely
The dirty secret of IT is that spending money on it doesn't actually increase organizational productivity, but that may finally be changing with cloud computing.
productivity  it  cloud_computing 
12 weeks ago
Best Linen Sheets - Linen Sheet Set Reviews | Apartment Therapy
To have perfectly worn-in sheets, you need to use and enjoy them for a long time and to do that you have to start with quality, go-the-distance bedding.
shopping  sheets  linen 
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