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Committee Dues | User Clip | C-SPAN.org
Amazing information revealed about the cost of being on a committee.
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april 2017 by cera
Is Lockheed Martin Shadowing You? | The Nation
In fact, its government contracts, thought about another way, amount to a "Lockheed Martin tax" of $260 per taxpaying household in the United States, and no weapons contractor has more power or money to wield to defend its turf. It spent $12 million on congressional lobbying and campaign contributions in 2009 alone.
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august 2012 by cera
Bill O'Reilly Is Angry - CollegeHumor video
LOL -- This gets really good at the 1 minute mark.
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may 2008 by cera
Wall Street Journal Video - WSJ.com
In the past 28 years, the market gains 3% better on average with a democrat as president over a republican. - Chief Investment Stategist of Equity Research, Standard & Poors
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april 2008 by cera
US Lobby Registration & Reporting Disclosure Page
Under "Client Name", type the name of the company.
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august 2007 by cera
Schneier on Security: The Future of Privacy
"In the past, personal and political liberty depended to a considerable extent upon government inefficiency. The spirit of tyranny was always willing; but its organization and material equipment were generally weak." "Science, Liberty, and Peace," Huxley
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august 2006 by cera
Scholars for 9/11 Truth
This site is very interesting!
february 2006 by cera

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