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Enthrall Miss_Lv
Jared is the alpha of his household and after much pushing from his beta wife Genevieve, he agrees to purchase an omega slave, Jensen.

Jared's heard about how strongly alphas react to the submissive omega nature, but he underestimated how it would effect him completely.
J2  au  spn  abo  cross-dressing  piercing  kink  angst  BDSM  sizekink 
december 2015 by cee_m
Pigments and Pentacles - SushiOwl - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“One--” He stabbed the needle right through skin and cartilage, pulling a loud squawk out of Stiles.

Stiles sucked in a few quick breaths then started to laugh. “You son of a bitch,” he snorted. “You said on three.”

“I lied,” Peter replied, smiling down at him.
peter/stiles  teenwolf  tattoo!kink  piercing  schmoop  au 
april 2015 by cee_m
Queer Your Coffee alisvolatpropiis
Derek's just over the city line when he sees a sign for an independent drive-thru place, Full Spectrum Brew. There are three cars in line when he turns in, which annoys him but gives him hope. Not that he really trusts the people of Beacon Hills to have much taste when it comes to coffee (god, he is a snob), but the shop’s popularity does seem to bode well. The line of cars moves way more slowly than he’d like, each customer in front of him seeming to take way too long to order, and then lingering when they get their coffee. He’s irritable from lack of sleep and an even more detrimental lack of caffeine, anxious to get out of the car. Finally it’s his turn and he slowly rolls up to the window, turning the radio down.

For a second, he thinks he must have fallen asleep while he was waiting, because what he sees when he looks in the window surely must be a dream.

Stunning brown eyes like glowing honey and sweet little nose, slightly upturned; a shapely pink mouth, bottom-lip pierced by a thin black hoop that he's worrying with the tip of his tongue as he smiles a gorgeous hello.

He's the most beautiful man Derek's ever seen.

And he’s shirtless.
derek/stiles  teenwolf  au  authors  coffee  meetcute  pwp  tattoos  piercing 
october 2014 by cee_m
Got me up all night, all I’m singing is love songs dirtymattress
Louis gets a tongue ring. Nick doesn't particularly care for it. At first.

based off this prompt for the Tomlinshaw fic-a-thon.
PWP  louis_nick  onedirection  piercing  blowjobs 
january 2014 by cee_m
stellamira: CW RPS: You Can Set Me Off Any Time, Baby (Jensen/Jared)
CW RPS: You Can Set Me Off Any Time, Baby (Jensen/Jared)
Jared sets off the metal detector at the airport security checkpoint. Jensen might not mind so much having to do a more thorough check.
Rated NC-17.
Warning: Piercings in delicate places
2615 words.

Written for this prompt at [info]blindfold_spn: Jared has a piercing (or more than one) that tends to set off metal detectors/security machines; Jensen works for TSA/Event Security and because Jared set off the alarms multiple times, Jensen gets to take Jared in the back for a more through examination. (Edited a little since the initial posting.)
rps  j2  piercing  tattoo!kink  au  pwp 
august 2011 by cee_m
juice817: Title: Just a Little PrickPairing: Jared
Title: Just a Little Prick
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Priestly looking Jensen gets his perineum pierced. Jared pierces him then eats his ass out in the tattoo chair.
Word Count: ~1150
j2  rps  au  piercing  dirtytalk  dirtybadwrong  kink:rimming 
august 2010 by cee_m
the cake is a lie - A Ring for You (Sam/Dean, NC-17)
Where Sam has to wait for his piercing to heal before he can fuck Dean and then he does so... with vigor.
bottom!dean  fanfic  pwp  sam_dean  piercing  spn 
june 2010 by cee_m

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