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Essence - Chapter 1 - Udunie - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There were headlights coming up behind him, and Stiles had the hysterical thought that all he needed right now was to be found by some wayward axe-murderer, but when the car stopped, he did actually recognize it.

“Need a ride?” Peter asked, popping the door open.

And really, what could he lose?


The one where Stiles makes a miraculous recovery
peter/stiles  teenwolf  hurtcomfort  magic  mates  sick!fic 
november 2015 by cee_m
While You Were(n't Quite) Sleeping mikkimouse
Scott’s mom, Melissa, had given Stiles the basics on Derek’s condition when he’d first come over here a month ago. Derek had been here six years, the only survivor of a horrific house fire that had killed the rest of his family. It had left him burned, half his face puckered with scars, and he’d been in a catatonic state the entire time. Stiles couldn’t even begin to imagine how awful that would be, being trapped in your own body for years on end, all alone.

Stiles had an inkling of how much being alone sucked, anyway.
derek/stiles  teenwolf  au  hurtcomfort  pre-slash  anyage 
october 2015 by cee_m
should the pillars of memory topple out of my reach - bleep0bleep - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
If Stiles didn’t know any better he’d say that look in Derek's eyes is adoring, but he does know better, and also amnesiac Derek thinks they’re married. Which is the only fact he hasn’t questioned so far, which is the weirdest thing.
derek/stiles  teenwolf  amnesia_fic  schmoop  hurtcomfort 
march 2015 by cee_m
In Our Bedroom After the War - dancinbutterfly - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
With Stiles on the mend from an attack on him and their son by a rogue omega, Derek could at least imagine their brand of normal again although it felt a ways off. (Written for Art Prompt 1001 in the Teen Wolf Reverse Bang)
derek/stiles  teenwolf  kid!fic  hurtcomfort  via:evadnefenn 
december 2014 by cee_m
i'll follow you, follow you home annemari
Nick should be prepared for this. He absolutely should be prepared for this, is sure he's even thought about this moment before. But he didn't sleep that well, and it's a Friday, and he dashed home after the show this morning because Louis said, "Just call me, Nick." Said he'd be waiting up, and he didn't care it was almost three in the morning in LA.

So, yeah. Nick isn't prepared for Harry to answer Louis's phone.

The one where Nick and Louis are in a secret relationship, Louis gets hurt on tour, and they both realise they have some things they need to figure out.
sick!fic  hurtcomfort  louis_nick  onedirection  misunderstandings  angst  comingout 
november 2014 by cee_m
Life on Life's Terms insomniacjams

Jeff Skinner suffers a career-ending injury before his career is given a chance to begin. This is what happens in the year that follows.
JeffSkinner_EricStaal  hockey  au  injury  hurtcomfort  angst  ooc 
november 2014 by cee_m
Penalties in Minutes - Fahye - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]

And yeah, maybe Patrick has ranted at him a bit about how you can't always treat sex like a powerplay, Jonathan, but Pat knows as well as Jon that the best plays fall in that sweet spot between preparation and inspiration.
olympics  hurtcomfort  Kane_Toews  hockey  pwp  bdsm 
october 2014 by cee_m
Shatterproof pyes
The first time that Derek kisses Stiles, they're in the Jeep—which is sideways—while they're trapped in an overpass collapse.

It's the second time when things really get scary.
derek/stiles  teenwolf  hurtcomfort  injury 
october 2014 by cee_m
With Eyes Shut Tight RemyJane

Patrick is temporarily blinded due to a hockey injury. Of course this leads to feelings.
hurtcomfort  Kane_Toews  hockey  schmoop  blind 
september 2014 by cee_m
The Importance of Vaccinating Your Lyncanthrope by Stoney Stiles takes care of Derek when he gets chickenpox. 6k, GA archiveofourown.org/works/2178810
Herd immunity only works if the herd stays vaccinated, Derek. Well, it's not like Derek had ever expected that he'd need an MMR, Stiles. Good thing Stiles is awesome at sick beds. Yes he is, too, Derek.

In which possibly temporary human!Derek believes himself to be cursed, but nah, that's just a pox, brah. No it isn't the same thing. (Just some gentle hurt-comfort. Unbeta'd, and inspiration from this tumblr post.)
derek/stiles  hurtcomfort  sick!fic  teenwolf  anyage 
august 2014 by cee_m
In honor of Nick potentially injuring himself this morning, I posted some fic about his last sports injury: archiveofourown.org/works/1326217
Cast your minds back to Nick's first football match against Olly Murs last August. He hurt his foot and texted his friends and colleagues incoherently from A&E. Here are some other things he probably didn't do.
onedirection  nick_harry  schmoop  hurtcomfort  sick!fic  phone!sex 
march 2014 by cee_m
@ro_mm_ck @solarcat there's this email carepackage fic archiveofourown.org/works/1243252? but before that my latest bookmark is archiveofourown.org/works/691173
Arranged marriage AU in which we mash up every romance novel we've ever read, from every conceivable era. Originally written in email 1/17-2/3/2012, minimally edited.
duncs_seabs  hockey  arranged_marriage  hurtcomfort  schmoop  historicalfic 
march 2014 by cee_m
Aftershocked pyes
The first time that Derek kisses Stiles, they're in the Jeep—which is sideways—while they're trapped in an overpass collapse.

It's the second time when things really get scary.
derek/stiles  teenwolf  injury  hurtcomfort 
march 2014 by cee_m
This is THE sid geno olympics emotional h/c fic to read right now archiveofourown.org/works/1213264
Sid is still pretty sure this is a bad idea, but he keeps walking because he's given it a full twenty-four hours since the game, and now he has to do something.
SidneyCrosby_EvgeniMalkin  hurtcomfort  olympics  hockey  anyage  drunk_high!fic 
february 2014 by cee_m
King and Lionheart thehoyden
Sidney’s wedding day doesn’t go quite as he’d planned. When he’d bothered to imagine it at all, he’d thought of a nice June wedding in Nova Scotia, outdoors with the sun streaming down. He hadn’t imagined this hurried affair on the tarmac on a rainy and unseasonably cool day in early September, a month after his twenty-fifth birthday.
SidneyCrosby_EvgeniMalkin  arranged_marriage  hockey  hotlikeburning  hurtcomfort  slowburn  toys 
february 2014 by cee_m
Forgotten how to stand - beckaandzac (becka) - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Niall is a Chelsea midfielder recovering from major knee surgery. With luck, he should be back and better than ever next season, but for the summer he's basically housebound, and in the back of his mind he knows he might never play again. To liven up the monotony, he seeks out the services of Louis, a high-class hooker who's happy to make house calls. And although Niall's been with professionals in the past, he couldn't have expected the feelings he has for Louis, how quickly being with Louis starts to feel like being with a friend. Or more than a friend.
hookerfic  niall/louis  football  sports  au  onedirection  angst  hurtcomfort 
february 2014 by cee_m
TeenWolf || Exposure (LOLAFEIST)
After Stiles falls into an icy creek, Derek tries to warm him up in a cheap motel room, and it's not as much fun as that sounds.

|| Awkward boners, and huddling for warmth.
via:dabadee  schmoop  derek/stiles  teenwolf  hurtcomfort  cuddling 
january 2014 by cee_m
squeezing blood from a stone achilleees
Kaner’s voice wavers, losing composure. “It’s a platelet disorder.”

Johnny frowns. “Like… the shit that clots your blood?”

“Right,” Kaner says. “I don’t have any.”
angst  hockey  Kane_Toews  medical  hurtcomfort  au 
november 2013 by cee_m
You and Me in the Wreckage hapakitsune

Sidney never felt like he was missing anything from his life; he had his job, he had his friends - and then Geno showed up and turned his world upside down.
hurtcomfort  angst  SidneyCrosby_EvgeniMalkin  hockey  au  amnesia_fic  firefighter 
november 2013 by cee_m
Closed Fracture lightgetsin

"You're on Puck Daddy," Taylor said, instead of a greeting.

Sidney sank back into the pillows. "So? What's new?"

"The headline is 'Best Hockey Player in the World Sidney Crosby Taken Out by Eight Year Old, Breaks Arm in Mite Hockey Game.'"
SidneyCrosby_EvgeniMalkin  hockey  homophobia  angst  hurtcomfort 
november 2013 by cee_m
while you're here in my arms - vlieger - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
while you're here in my arms


Post-Leafs porn.

as far as jeff's injury goes, this works on the fact that (as best i know) jeff said he was okay right after the game friday, and practiced on saturday, and it was only sunday he wasn't feeling well and sat out? that's all i can gather for now. anyway, it's just porn.
hockey  pwp  hurtcomfort  JeffSkinner_EricStaal 
october 2013 by cee_m
Fic: never saw it coming [sid/geno, hockey rpf]
Geno shoots the puck, hears the whistle, turns and there’s Sid -- face down on the ice. He doesn’t remember skating over to him but he must because suddenly he’s looking down at him and -- there’s blood.
via:midnightbex  anyage  hockey  SidneyCrosby_EvgeniMalkin  hurtcomfort 
october 2013 by cee_m
Kick at the Darkness 'Til It Bleeds Daylight - the_deep_magic - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Kick at the Darkness 'Til It Bleeds Daylight


Stiles will never forget the day Derek first shoved the brand-new leather straps into his hands, mumbling a question Stiles couldn’t quite understand because all he heard was the unspoken I’ve never trusted anyone else with this. Stiles is sure he probably gaped like a fish for a full minute before throwing his arms around Derek and promising him anything he wanted, whenever he wanted it.
derek/stiles  teenwolf  BDSM  bottom!derek  rimming  fingering  hurtcomfort 
october 2013 by cee_m
more punk!stiles/cop!derek (2.5k NC-17) - Queerly_It_Is
Derek saves a kid from a fire and Stiles is at his apartment afterward.
derek/stiles  police  teenwolf  aftercare  hurtcomfort  pwp 
september 2013 by cee_m
Counting to Infinity - artenon - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Counting to Infinity


When Derek goes deaf, he finds himself going to Stiles for help. Stiles does.
angst  derek/stiles  hurtcomfort  teenwolf  pre-slash  anyage 
september 2013 by cee_m
And posted. Teen Wolf, Isaac/Scott, coda for 3x4 & the h/c bingo prompt loss of home. archiveofourown.org/works/873949
Shatters Like Glass.
His trust has been destroyed twice, Isaac isn't sure if he can build it up for a third time.

Coda to 3x4
scott/isaac  hurtcomfort  teenwolf  anyage 
july 2013 by cee_m
Came home, like a stone (fell heavy into your arms)
In the aftermath of Gerard's final attempt to bring down the pack; Isaac and Scott's friendship becomes something more, as they forge a new connection and learn to trust each other and themselves.
hurtcomfort  scott/isaac  teenwolf  healing 
july 2013 by cee_m
Teen Wolf - Make Peace With Your Demons, by LolaFeist Derek/Stiles
When Peter poisons Derek with wolfsbane, Stiles makes a choice. He's not going to lose.
(Fuck or die)
teenwolf  derek/stiles  length:0k-5k  hurtcomfort  angst  fuckordie  via:northern 
april 2013 by cee_m
The Boy and the Beast Dira Sudis (dsudis)
In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)
derek/stiles  teenwolf  dream!fic  au  pack  scott  wolf  slowburn  hurtcomfort 
april 2013 by cee_m
Fastening One Heart to Every Falling Thing by thefourthvine
Geno can't. Sidney won't.

Sidney is a super powerful psychic and Geno has no abilities.
hockey  SidneyCrosby_EvgeniMalkin  au  soulbonding  telepathy  angst  hurtcomfort  sick!fic 
march 2013 by cee_m
Just Glide - BewareTheIdes15 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
This is surprisingly touching and engaging for what is ostensibly a PWP. Derek and Stiles are living in a small shuttlecraft for some reason when they get hit by a rogue asteroid and knocked off course. Injured and without power, they have to huddle for warmth until their ship comes back into sensor range.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  pwp  startrek-au  sci-fi  pining!derek  oblivious!stiles  possessive!derek  nc17  hurtcomfort  plotty  ★★★★  via:mklutz 
march 2013 by cee_m
Aversion Therapy entanglednow
If Stiles had had more than a second to think about it, he probably would have remembered that his spur of the moment ideas weren't always his best ones.
derek/stiles  teenwolf  hurtcomfort  angst  silliness 
march 2013 by cee_m
Want is a Dangerous Thing - grimm - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Weirdly sweet weres are know AU with slavery (Derek buys Stiles at auction to get him through heat week; turns out they're mates.) Three.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  slavery  close-to-canon-au  angst  nc17  via:mklutz  hurtcomfort  auction 
march 2013 by cee_m
Darling It Is No Joke - thehoyden - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Hoyden wrote this AMAZING AU where Derek's family is alive and well but living a few hours from Beacon Hills, where Derek is Sheriff Stilinski's newest deputy. Stiles, staying at home to save money while doing some consulting work, accidentally mistakes him for a stripper the first time they meet. It's understandable.
teenwolf  close-to-canon-au  derek/stiles  plotty  pining!derek  pining!stiles  possessive!derek  oblivious!stiles  sweet  domestic  cute  angst  hurtcomfort  amazing  favourite  ★★★★★  via:mklutz 
march 2013 by cee_m
The Way across the Flame (we'll make it together) - CranberryBliss (lostyoursoul) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Cute fix-it (/make it worse?) for 202 with the fire alarm and Isaac. Isaac does get his claws into Stiles and Derek is not pleased.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  pre-slash  hurtcomfort  episode-related  possessive!derek  oblivious!stiles  isaac  ★★  via:mklutz 
march 2013 by cee_m
Sleepover - Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles
Oh my GOD this was hot. Just.. post-hurt-comfort PWP basically, where Derek and Stiles collapse in Stiles' room after an evening of battling mythical creatures and wake up together the next morning. Surprisingly sweet.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  pining!stiles  oblivious!stiles  pining!derek  possessive!derek  pwp  nc17  kink  sweet  ★★★  via:mklutz  hurtcomfort 
march 2013 by cee_m
Lock All The Doors Behind You - entanglednow - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Suuuper cute story where Derek goes feral and the only person he'll let near him at first is Stiles. So obviously it's up to Stiles to slowly get him cleaned up and human again.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  jealousy  possessive!derek  domestic  sweet  hurtcomfort  angst  miscommunication  team  ★★★★  via:mklutz 
march 2013 by cee_m
The Coldest Story Ever Told - reni_days - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
TITLE: The Coldest Story Ever Told
WORD COUNT: 3,500-ish
SUMMARY: They're fucking cold and fucking miserable, but really, it actually isn't Spencer's fault.
A/N: Written for the [info]hc_bingo prompt: "cuddling for warmth / snowed in." Thanks to [info]barmy_bunk for the beta. Warnings for rampant fluff in an h/c fic, plot contrivances, and also I know less than nothing about hypothermia, so. *epic handwave* I apologize for...everything.
bandom  spencer_brendon  anyage  hurtcomfort  cuddling  p!atd 
january 2012 by cee_m
Spencer's poor hands ficlet - Sena - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
Spencer's poor hands ficlet

Oh, Spencer Smith, your poor hands.

I felt bad about Spencer's hands. And then I thought somebody should probably give him a blowjob to cheer him up. And then I wrote about it.
bandom  spencer_brendon  hurtcomfort  schmoop  pwp  p!atd 
january 2012 by cee_m
More Adventurous - fictionalaspect - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
Brendon gets kicked out of his house for being gay. He doesn't want the other members of the band to know so he hides it. He gets his own apartment, but has to work to afford it hobviously, and between work, school, not eating enough, the band and lol mental stress of being in love with Spencer and lying to his best friends, he gets sick and all is revealed. Spencer's family are horrified and let Brendon stay with them.
bandom  spencer_brendon  hurtcomfort  highschool  au  p!atd 
december 2011 by cee_m
the hardest part of ending is starting again - 12 Ficlets for Xmas #1: Something That's Real (Sam/Dean, NC-17)
TITLE: Something That's Real
WORDS: 1694
SUMMARY: Set post-7x07 The Mentalists. With Lucifer's hallucination showing up everywhere and Amy put behind them, Sam needs to be able to believe in Dean more than ever.
spn  sam_dean  hurtcomfort  coda  angst 
december 2011 by cee_m
brooklinegirl: New Fic: Remedy (Take Two and Call Me in the Morning) (MCR, NC-17)
Remedy (Take Two and Call Me in the Morning)
by [info]brooklinegirl 28
My Chemical Romance, Frank/Jamia, Frank/Jamia/Gerard
Summary: Gerard finds out that Pedicone's been cheating on him, and Frank and Jamia make him feel better, in their own way. (11,100 words)
frank_jamia_gerard  threesome  hurtcomfort  mcr  bandom  het  angst 
december 2011 by cee_m
brooklinegirl: Fic: One Hundred Percent (Almost. Maybe.) (MCR, Frank/Gerard, NC-17)
One Hundred Percent (Almost. Maybe.)
By [info]brooklinegirl
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Summary: Frank sighed. "I'm playing tonight," he said, firmly. "It is a fucking sore throat. Luckily, I am not the lead singer. I can play my fucking guitar with a sore throat. I can play it with my eyes closed. I am fine." (11,400 words of, you know, Frank being sick. A LOT.)
bandom  mcr  frank_gerard  hurtcomfort  sick!fic  schmoop 
june 2011 by cee_m
glovered: fic: Hitch your wagon to a star
title: Hitch your wagon to a star
pairing: Sam/Dean
words: 6k
summary: Totally cliche fix-it tree house fic. As in, littered with cliches. Grit-your-teeth style shamelessness.
a/n: Spoilers for 6x22. Imma dedicate this to [info]britomart_is who didn't ask for crack, but I want to shmex with her icon of Sam and also she keeps inexplicably giving me hats and candy.
spn  sam_dean  coda  angst  hurtcomfort  schmoop  via:missyjack 
june 2011 by cee_m
balefully: FIC: Don't Fight With Your Pillow, Part 1
Title: Don't Fight With Your Pillow
Authors: [info]balefully and [info]setissma
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Words: 14,053

Summary: Jensen breaks his arm, Jared is a mother hen, and everything ends in sex.
j2  rps  spn  hurtcomfort  schmoop 
june 2011 by cee_m
ratherastory: Time Out
Title: Time Out
Summary: Sam kind of maybe has a little meltdown after the events of "Simon Said," courtesy of an ill-timed migraine. Dean helps, because that's what big brothers are for. Written for [info]summer_sam_love's Summer of Sam's project to produce fanworks for each and every episode of SPN, featuring Sam.
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers up to 2.5 "Simon Said." Swearing, and shameless, shameless h/c.
Wordcount: 3,369
Neurotic Author's Note: I fiddled with this until I went cross-eyed, but there's really no good way to convey a migraine in text form. So, this is my best attempt at that. Other than that, I have not much to say, for once. Don't worry, I'm sure it won't last. ;)
spn  gen  angst  hurtcomfort  via:killabeez 
june 2011 by cee_m
A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing
Title: A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing
Pairing: Frank/Gerard (ARE YOU SHOCKED?)
Rating: NC-17
Length: 28K
Summary: He made it to the bathroom and stood there leaning heavily on the sink, staring at himself in the mirror. He didn’t look like a creepy sadist. But neither did Christian Bale, and that hadn’t ended well for anybody.
bandom  frank_gerard  MCR  hurtcomfort 
january 2011 by cee_m
the future's on the bound - fic: i could stay away forever (but that's a lie) | jared/jensen | R
title: i could stay away forever (but that's a lie)
author: [info]earthquakedream
pairing: Jared/Jensen, past Jared/OFC
rating: R
warnings: none
disclaimer: These guys aren't mine, only the words are.
word count: ~1900
summary: AU. Jensen's Christmas sucks. Then Jared shows up, which only makes it suck more.
author's note: This was written for [info]insmallpackages for the request surprise Christmas reunion or visit between the boys. It got a lot angstier than I was going for, but I hope the ending is happy enough! I hope you enjoy, mystery giftee. <3
j2  rps  christmas  hurtcomfort  angst  au  spn 
january 2011 by cee_m
All Levels - Fic: Worries Go Down Better With Soup, PG, (1/1)
Title: Worries Go Down Better With Soup
Author: Dante
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam isn't eating. Cue Mommy Winchester's cure-all, tomato-rice soup.
Spoilers: Season 2. Specifically, Simon Said. Can be considered a coda.
Disclaimer: Supernatur
sam_dean  sick!sam  anyage  hurtcomfort  coda  spn 
november 2010 by cee_m

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