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Solo show in Sim City
Sim City 2000 Performances and Installations by Kim Asendorf
artwork  videogame  performance  installation  newmedia 
november 2011 by cecimoss
Rhizome | Codes of Honor
When I found the legend of Eddie Lee, I found the center to my film. In order to portray the tension between regret for the time spent playing without a visible legacy and nostalgia for the thrill of the game, I integrate three perspectives: i) a narrator in a virtual world who reminisces about his days as a pro-gamer, ii) a Chinatown Fair regular who recounts his greatest memory, and iii) classic cut-scenes from the games themselves. In this way,  Codes of Honor moves through actual, virtual, and imaginary space and time.
videogame  gaming  narrative  gameart  film  virtual 
august 2011 by cecimoss
LSD: The Dream Emulator - [autofish.net]
LSD: The Dream Emulator is a 1998 Sony Playstation game released only in Japan. The game is a series of dreams, apparently based on someone's actual dream journal. As you wander through different areas, pushing on anything transports you to another scene. Some actions end a dream early, such as jumping off a cliff.
art  design  game  LSD  videogame  gaming  images 
april 2009 by cecimoss
NEXUS/foundation for today's art
he Hacktory, presents "Unintended Uses," an exhibition of hacked and repurposed video games, electronics, kinetics, musical instruments, motion sensors, painting, computers, circuitry and public spaces. The artists are utilizing technology as their palette to open up worlds of new possibilities.
exhibition  friends  videogame  hack  electronic  music  sound  sensor  computer  publicspace 
february 2009 by cecimoss

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