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Solar Records: The Sound of LA - WFMU's Beware of the Blog
SOLAR (Sound of Los Angeles Records) was THE hottest R&B label of the late 1970s and mid-‘80s. Rivaled only by NYC’s Salsoul Records, SOLAR successfully bridged the delicate gap between disco and funk during a period where both genres were struggling to find an identity in the post-Carter/pre-Reagan administrations. Buoyed by bouncy rhythm tracks and appregioed synths, SOLAR’s Jheri curl-slick music embodied L.A.’s hip (and stratified) cultural identity. From backyard boogies in Compton to roller-skating jams at WeHo’s Flippers, SOLAR kept the City of Angels – as well the world – dancing on sunshine.
r&b  losangeles  music  live  musicvideo 
april 2013 by cecimoss
Awesome Tapes From Africa Weekend on Network Awesome - WFMU's Beware of the Blog
We're thrilled to collaborate with Awesome Tapes From Africa this weekend to present the most interesting and inventive collection of African videos this side of Khartoum. Guest curator Brian Shimkovitz culls from his deep knowledge of African music to deliver collections of African TV commercials, Pop Music of Pre-War Somalia, even the outrageous 2002 film, "Sharon Stone" - a classic Nollywood drama about an overly ambitious woman willing to do anything to make it to the top.
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march 2013 by cecimoss
Party Lab
mp3 of friday's cellular chaos set
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january 2011 by cecimoss
Programs - Triple Canopy
I'm playing at 177 livingston at the end of the month with c.lavender! we're doing a live soundtrack to joe merrell's 3D films. announcement just went up.
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september 2010 by cecimoss
BRUAR FALLS on MySpace Music
new place for shows in brooklyn, run by the cakeshop folks
event  venue  music  live  brooklyn 
march 2009 by cecimoss
one podcast was literally a 2 hour field recording from the side of a highway in vacaville. weirdos.
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march 2009 by cecimoss
YouTube - Epee du Bois Live
epee du bois through accidental glitch glasses
electronic  synth  music  live  video  minimalsynth  minimal 
march 2009 by cecimoss
Cronicaster (Cronica)
The Crónicaster presents regular digital releases of Crónica related pieces: radio broadcasts, live performances, special remixes, and everything else we can get our hands into.
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september 2008 by cecimoss

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