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Sophie Clements
Sophie Clements is a visual artist based in London. Taking inspiration from ideas in science and experimental music, Clements manipulates time to create highly constructed objects that grow from their surroundings, producing collages that rely on chance interactions and discourse between the concrete ‘real’ and the constructed ‘unreal’. Her recent work explores the use of video as a form of sculpture, using devices including sculptural installation and video projection to deconstruct and re-assemble time and material to question the notion of physical reality in relation to time and memory.

Much of Clements’ work is made in relation to sound and music – the expression of the two languages of sound and visual as a singular voice being a key driving force. Sophie has worked in collaboration with a number of composers or sound artists, as well as various visual artists.
artist  interactive  sound  video  sculpture  portfolio 
october 2012 by cecimoss
“Interactive Infrasonic Installation”, 2007-2008 by Reinhard Gupfinger combines a 250-inch long organ pipe, a wind generator and a video-tracking interface for multi-user interaction. Pace and direction of the movements of users create a variable subsonic environment.
artwork  interactive  video  sound  soundart 
november 2009 by cecimoss
The Origins of Innocence V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media
Bernie Lubell’s work shows that interactive art in 2009 need not always be digital. He will place not high-tech interfaces or computers but rather analogue, mechanical installations made of wood, springs and rope and driven by muscle power in the exhibition space at V2_.
art  installation  exhibition  sculpture  interactive 
october 2009 by cecimoss
ArtCal - Chelsea - Pratt Manhattan Gallery - Broadcast
Pratt Manhattan Gallery will present “Broadcast,” an exhibition of thirteen works by an international group of artists who, since the 1960s, have engaged, critiqued, and inserted themselves into official channels of broadcast television and radio. The exhibition will run from February 20 – May 2, 2009 and will include single-channel monitor-based videos, video-projection works, photography, installations, and interactive broadcasting projects.
broadcast  television  video  videoart  photography  interactive  artproject  exhibition 
february 2009 by cecimoss
frey - art with machines - projects - wind
Wind is an experiment in real-time cross-perceptual visual sonification. Through digital transformation, a visual phenomenon becomes an audio phenomenon. Through an emphasis on process, the viewer’s attention is drawn away from the artwork as a representation of some phenomenon, and toward an experience of the phenomenon itself. The artwork serves purely to facilitate this movement, to shift the viewer’s perception away from their understanding of the artwork itself, and toward their own experience of the phenomena that the artwork is supposed to be ‘about.’
music  installation  sound  audio  soundart  artwork  artproject  art  interactive  nature  generative 
october 2008 by cecimoss
Feed (2006) by Shane Cooper
The work is composed of two halves. The upper half is a video wall of television screens, each tuned to a different channel and playing at low volume. The lower half is a garden of ferns that can survive under conditions of extreme lighting. The television screens provide light to the plants, which grow towards them in a constricted space, eventually colliding
biology  installation  television  light  sculpture  interactive  media  art  artproject  artwork 
october 2008 by cecimoss
SEEN - Fruits of our labor (2006) Osman Khan and Omar Khan
SEEN was placed in front of the San Jose Museum of Art facing Cesar Chavez Park (Aug7-14 2006). Standing at 8' tall and 4' wide the black acrylic screen's projection is invisible to the naked eye. However electronic CCD apparatus are able to capture this spectrum, thereby allowing the projection to be seen and captured by digital cameras, video cameras, phone cams, and the like. It is only through the digital apparatus that the messages can be read. The audience is encouraged to photograph and share these messages: the fruits of other's labors. What was previously hidden from your view is revealed through the technical device. You become complicit in the most personal way to this exchange.
visuality  mediaart  LED  social  installation  newmedia  interactive  technology  publicart 
september 2008 by cecimoss
----- krcf home -----
Knowbotic Research (Yvonne Wilhelm, Christian Huebler, Alexander Tuchacek) was established in 1991, and has experimented with formations of information, interface and networked agencies. Their more recent projects present artistic practices in an attempt
artgroup  activism  intervention  newmedia  network  portfolio  interactive 
july 2008 by cecimoss
portfolio for artist jon rubin, reviewed in rhizome today by marisa...some great stuff here
performance  performanceart  social  public  interactive  video  videoart  portfolio 
july 2008 by cecimoss
Anthony McCall
light sculpture- in synthetic times
artist  art  sculpture  interactive  light  design 
june 2008 by cecimoss
Boston based art group experimenting with new technologies
art  artists  artgroup  technology  newmedia  installation  machine  interactive 
may 2008 by cecimoss
via MO. whoa. I really like this guy's work. clever interactive (and loud!) installations. esp. "language extension #4" and "biotronic research module #7"
installation  sound  interactive  sculpture  portfolio  artist  analog 
february 2008 by cecimoss
Adam Chapman
Art, Interactive, Generative, Video, Installations, Video Art, Reactive Objects, Kinetic, Sculpture
artist  portfolio  newmedia  interactive  generative  art  installation  video  videoart 
january 2008 by cecimoss
Natasha Barrett
The focus of this work stems from an acousmatic approach to sound, the aural images it can evoke, and an interest in high quality or unusual recording techniques that reveal detail the ear will normally miss// portfolio for natasha barrett //
soundart  installation  multimedia  sculpture  interactive  sound  portfolio 
january 2008 by cecimoss
aether architecture
For the convergence of new media and actual spaces, we do interactive architecture systems and dynamic graphical interfaces, projects where spatial design and technology meet to create cultural experiences.// Adam Somlai-Fischer
portfolio  installation  architecture  newmedia  interactive  design  technology 
january 2008 by cecimoss
Locosound - a sound journey
LocoSound is a flux audio experience that is synchronized with the landscape viewed from a train window.
radio  sound  movement  interactive  music  composition  technology  audio 
january 2008 by cecimoss
Reconfigurable House
The Reconfigurable House is an environment constructed from thousands of low tech components that can be “rewired” by visitors. The project is a critique of ubiquitous computing “smart homes”, which are based on the idea that technology should be
art  installation  newmedia  technology  exhibition  environment  code  interactive 
january 2008 by cecimoss
Experimenta is Australia’s leading contemporary arts organisation dedicated to commissioning, exhibiting and promoting media art. Since 1986 Experimenta has promoted new media and digital arts through a
australia  exhibition  newmediart  newmedia  technology  interactive  art 
december 2007 by cecimoss
Knifeandfork is a collaborative investigation founded in Sweden and currently operating out of New York and Los Angeles; with video, mobiles, databases, animation, and artificial intelligence, we create nonlinear narratives in physical space
portfolio  artgroup  collective  artcollective  newmedia  technology  interactive  performance 
december 2007 by cecimoss
harm van den dorpel
portfolio for harm van den dorpel, via i heart photograph
artist  collage  portfolio  interactive  newmedia  netart  newmediaart 
december 2007 by cecimoss
Paul Sermon
portfolio for artist paul sermon- work deals with telematics and presence
telematic  art  portfolio  interactive  newmedia  technology 
november 2007 by cecimoss
Silophone is a project by [The User] which combines sound, architecture, and communication technologies to transform a significant landmark in the industrial cityscape of Montréal.

Silophone makes use of the incredible acoustics of Silo #5 by introduc
architecture  soundart  interactive  noise  instrument  art  technology 
july 2007 by cecimoss
The Living
architecture firm based in new york, engaged in environmentally engaged critical and experimental projects
technology  architecture  urban  interactive  theory  architects  activism 
june 2007 by cecimoss
Networked Music Review
Networked_Music_Review (NMR) focuses on emerging networked musical explorations made possible by computers, the Internet, and mobile technologies. NMR gathers data about projects, performances, composers, musicians, software and hardware. It includes inte
music  interactive  electronicmusic  artblog  musicblog  contemporaryart  soundart  sound 
may 2007 by cecimoss
Interactive Architecture dot Org
Interactive Architecture dot Org is a research platform set up by Ruairi Glynn to support the his ongoing work of the Interactive Architecture Workshop, Bartlett School of Architecture. It explores the emerging practice within architecture that merges dig
newmedia  architecture  blog  technology  interactive 
february 2007 by cecimoss

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