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JON RAFMAN interviewed by AIDS 3D « KALEIDOSCOPE blog!
Aids3d: As an artist you’ve got a lot of different things going on. Do you think it’s important as an artist to have a seemingly cohesive body of work, or at least some kind of delineation between different sub-practices. Could you outline some structure that organizes your practice as a whole?

Jon Rafman: What ties my practice together is not so much a particular style, form, or material but an underlying perception of contemporary experience and a desire to convey this understanding. One theme that I am continually interested in is the way technology seems to bring us closer to each other while simultaneously estranging us from ourselves. Another one is the quest to marry opposites or at least have conversations between them, the past and the present, the romantic and the ironic, even though these conversations often end in total clashes. All my work tends to combines irony, humor and melancholy.
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november 2011 by cecimoss
Platform Studies, a book series published by MIT Press, Ian Bogost and Nick Montfort, series editors
Platforms have been around for decades, right under our video games and digital art. Those studying new media are now starting to dig down to the level of code to learn more about how computers are used in culture, but there have been few attempts to go deeper, to the metal — to look at the base hardware and software systems that are the foundation of computational expression.
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march 2009 by cecimoss
signal and noise a celebration of sonic and media inspirations
and vivo are hosting this event. "VIVO Media Arts Centre presents the ninth annual Signal & Noise Festival; three days of innovative contemporary media art. Showcasing a spectrum of audio & video works, online games, live action performances and immersive installations, Signal & Noise is Vancouver’s premier alternative media event"
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september 2008 by cecimoss

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