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Scanty Claus on Vimeo
tony conrad christmas video....oh dear...
tonyconrad  video  funny 
december 2010 by cecimoss
What Courtney Wore Today
oh dear. it's actually someone's job to write this thing!
celebrity  music  humor  funny  popculture  style  fashion  fashionblog  weird 
july 2010 by cecimoss
Slavoj Zizek (zizekspeaks) on Twitter
"Doesn't Gucci already control the market for ideological sunglasses?"
funny  twitter  philosophy 
november 2009 by cecimoss
Cosmic Hearse: Guest Poster: Ezra Lux
"Unleashed In The East is a good cover cause they're clothes are weird and they're rockin' out in steam.."
funny  music  metal 
july 2009 by cecimoss
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