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An Interview With George Chen - WFMU's Beware of the Blog
For more than fifteen years, George Chen has served as a incredibly important figure in the Bay Area experimental experimental music scene, not only as someone playing in groups such as Chen Santa Maria, KIT, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, Common Elder King Elder amongst others, but as a show promoter, stand-up comedian, zine editor, and founder of the brilliantly eclectic label Zum. Chen is an individual who is able to transfer a love of music, comedy, and art into an interactive setting, ultizing Twitter, podcasts, and other forms of "new media" to provide fans with hours upon hours of engaging and entertaining content.

Approaching the work of George Chen can be overwhelming, considering the immense diversity of his output in both form and style, but ultimately it is extremely rewarding as this plethora of different projects adds up to an experience that is funny, engaging, strange, meditative, and transcendental. Check out an interview with George after the jump.
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george chen doing stand up!
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