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Artup is a Bay Area community-powered incubator for forward-looking work stationed at the intersection of contemporary art and digital technology. Welcoming artists of all disciplines, Artup provides a foundation for a consistent and engaging stream of high quality work for and by curious aesthetes throughout the Bay Area.

The Bay Area is technological ground zero. Bay Area residents are the first to experience the impact of the latest technological developments. Artup strives to stimulate responsive artworks and critical conversations to match that intensity.

Technology workers in the Bay Area are transforming the world. Now is the time for Bay Area artists to do the same.
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april 2013 by cecimoss
An Interview With George Chen - WFMU's Beware of the Blog
For more than fifteen years, George Chen has served as a incredibly important figure in the Bay Area experimental experimental music scene, not only as someone playing in groups such as Chen Santa Maria, KIT, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, Common Elder King Elder amongst others, but as a show promoter, stand-up comedian, zine editor, and founder of the brilliantly eclectic label Zum. Chen is an individual who is able to transfer a love of music, comedy, and art into an interactive setting, ultizing Twitter, podcasts, and other forms of "new media" to provide fans with hours upon hours of engaging and entertaining content.

Approaching the work of George Chen can be overwhelming, considering the immense diversity of his output in both form and style, but ultimately it is extremely rewarding as this plethora of different projects adds up to an experience that is funny, engaging, strange, meditative, and transcendental. Check out an interview with George after the jump.
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march 2013 by cecimoss
Rhizome | Artist Profile: Duncan Malashock
A lot of my work deals with interfaces, either making them, using them, or automating their use.  Those mediated experiences, you could say, are a tech-oriented phenomenon, but really the way I figure it, you could just as well say that any experience can be mediated through anything else that’s a “medium”.  Personally, I tend to explore ideas that come about through my personal relationship to technology as a medium.  And I think that’s pretty normal for an artist, no matter what materials are involved, because I see the creative process as basically being made of two interacting mechanisms.  The first is your own ability to manipulate what you’re working on, and the second is your ability to be emotionally and intellectually affected by the results.  It's a feedback loop, where the results of one process affect the tactics of the other; you see what “works” and what doesn’t “work”, whatever that happens to mean at the time, and you go back and change it until it does.  
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august 2011 by cecimoss
Pukekos: Cellular Chaos
BJ gave cellular chaos a nice write up!
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september 2010 by cecimoss
Notions of Home - The New York Times > Art & Design > Slide Show > Slide 1 of 9
"There is little that is cozy about 'HomeBase IV,' a site-specific installation built around a dozen artists’ notions of home. It is installed in a vacant medical clinic on the Lower East Side, unused for three years but still carrying the unmistakable whiff of an institution you don't want to be in."
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may 2009 by cecimoss
NEXUS/foundation for today's art
he Hacktory, presents "Unintended Uses," an exhibition of hacked and repurposed video games, electronics, kinetics, musical instruments, motion sensors, painting, computers, circuitry and public spaces. The artists are utilizing technology as their palette to open up worlds of new possibilities.
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february 2009 by cecimoss
george chen doing stand up!
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january 2009 by cecimoss
George Chen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Facts: In San Francisco Magazine Dec 2004, Chen was cited as having more friends on social networking website Friendster than Larry Ellison of Oracle and Burning Man founder Larry Harvey."
george's wikipedia entry!!! via virgil porter's delicious.
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december 2008 by cecimoss
Blog : FAMILY Los Angeles
no way! invasion of the gigantic david kramer! this billboard is two blocks from my work. weeeird!
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october 2008 by cecimoss

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