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In his show, “Cream Grid Reruns,” Robert Beatty repurposes outmoded technologies to create hybridized sculptures, drawings, and installations. An anagram for “recurring dreams,” “Cream Grid Reruns” blurs sensory boundaries, and presents a unique vision of the fusion of the organic and the artificial. Beatty’s work will be on display at Institute 193 until mid-September.
installation  video  videoart  sculpture  scifi  drawing 
august 2011 by cecimoss
her tumblr is pretty amazing, via jamillah
art  illustration  drawing  collage  portfolio 
may 2009 by cecimoss
ZucchiniArt Gallery
"What can I say about a zucchini that hasn't already been said? A whole lot! I thought eggplants were the only creative, happy veggies until I met my first zucchini in an Italian restaurant. It had this great big smile on it's face. I think it was it's face. Green! That's one of my favorite colors. Talk about bold! This zucchini had the guts to take the place of meat in the lasagna. And, it was excellent. That's giving your all for art. Thus, the zucchini is the inspiration for many of my wild art explorations and statements. Just click on the images below to share some of my interests, fantasies and concerns... "
weird  art  drawing  computer 
february 2009 by cecimoss
dashiki pig on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
"while this is technically not a dashiki, this is technically also not the pig god from the monkey king stories, but an excuse to put a pig in a rainbow robe. maybe more of a kaftan"

why george is my hero, reason # 84905840958
drawing  print  paper 
january 2009 by cecimoss
De Aetatibus Mundi Imagines - a set on Flickr
16th century album/manuscript by Portuguese Renaissance figure, - Francisco de Holanda who had been a friend and/or student of Michelangelo during the painting of the Sistine Chapel. This work depicts biblical scenes, presumably (?) as designs for a more complete or polished series.

drawing  painting  renaissance  religion 
december 2008 by cecimoss
Zum George Chen - Shank zine & button
george chen makes a zine. this looks cool and i want one.
zine  printedmatter  comics  fanzine  drawing 
october 2008 by cecimoss
mountain fold gallery
new york gallery representing daniel higgs, CF, chiara giovando, ports bishop..
gallery  galleryspace  newyorkgallery  newyork  art  contemporaryart  music  noise  experimental  drawing  painting  installation 
september 2008 by cecimoss
Joy Drury Cox
The drawings require presence and quiet, both in the making and viewing, which in turn, opens up space for thought. Prior to and during the making of these drawings, I was thinking a great deal about time and how is measured, experienced, and valued. This has led me to consider notions of labor, both artistic and institutionalized. In both product and production, the question of “form” seems crucial. Often the most quiet, unobtrusive forms have the most powerful influence on everyday life. The “spaces” of the form become a place for the individual to construct him or herself for another entity.
drawing  conceptual  visual  graphicdesign  graphic  artist  contemporaryart  portfolio 
september 2008 by cecimoss
Industrial Art Gallery
gallery of early 20th century mechanical diagrams.
images  image  technology  industrial  drawing  design 
may 2008 by cecimoss
Lisi Raskin
Raskin's show at Bard was reviewed today in Rhizome. neat stuff!
sculpture  mediaart  intervention  artist  portfolio  drawing  space 
may 2008 by cecimoss
Flickr: Photos from seth alverson
russell's friend seth alverson's paintings and drawings
drawing  painting  artist 
april 2008 by cecimoss
New Weathering Lands
shawn reed's show from little cakes
art  drawing  exhibition  artist  painting 
april 2008 by cecimoss
Suzanne Treister Homepage
"Alchemy" drawings by Suzanne Treister, I like these.
artproject  drawing  media  information  artist  news 
march 2008 by cecimoss
Vidya Gastaldon
portfolio of artist vidya gastaldon
artist  drawing  illustration  portfolio 
june 2007 by cecimoss
Michael C Hsiung
Portfolio. Artist statement: " my work, I illustrate my own imaginative world, a place where creatures of fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and lullabies, which are a part of our childhood and adult culture, interact - be it warring or not.My work addresses ge
artist  portfolio  illustration  drawing  contemporaryart 
june 2007 by cecimoss
Rosemarie fiore
Rosemarie Fiore utilises common appliances and machinery, including amusement part rides, to facilitate her mark making explorations.
artist  electronic  illustration  drawing  contemporaryart  portfolio 
june 2007 by cecimoss
Kentler International Drawing Space
The Kentler International Drawing Space, located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, is dedicated to bringing important and timely contemporary art by emerging and established artists to the public. The gallery exhibits drawings and work on paper by New York based art
gallery  brooklyn  drawing  prints  art 
april 2007 by cecimoss
Steven Harrington
another 1960s influenced illustrator
illustration  1960s  artist  art  drawing  design  prints 
february 2007 by cecimoss

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