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ian svenonius - artforum.com / 500 words
Ian Svenonius has been a lead vocalist and songwriter in bands for over twenty-four years, including the Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up, and Chain & the Gang. Based in Washington, DC, he published The Psychic Soviet (Drag City) in 2006, and hosted a talk show for VBS.tv titled Soft Focus from 2007 to 2010. His new book, Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock’n’Roll Group, was published by Akashic this month, and serves as part warning, part manual, and part spiritual dérive for anyone looking to take up musical instruments in the interest of forming a rock ’n’ roll group.
music  1990s  DIY  popculture  rock  punk 
february 2013 by cecimoss
Jury-Rig It: Shadow Infrastructures
Our out-of-sight-out-of-mind / ignore-’em-’til-they-break infrastructures have certainly made their presence known this week, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Many of us — including folks perched comfortably in the upper echelons of “First World” Manhattan — have had a bitter taste of some #thirdworldproblems. Consequently, we’ve all been reminded that the infrastructures we rely on for our most basic day-to-day activities are far from smart, seamless, and invisibly ubiquitous. Instead, they’re physical, fallible, easily conquered by falling trees and salt water. And when they fail us, we often have to resort to extreme measures to access the same services they otherwise so unobtrusively provide.
architecture  DIY  technology  information  design  infrastructure 
november 2012 by cecimoss
Little Libraries and Tactical Urbanism: Places: Design Observer
A few years ago libraries were flying high. I wrote a book about the so-called "third wave" library-building boom of the '90s and early aughts, a boom made possible in part by the dot.com bubble. Today, nearly a decade later, our cities and their libraries find themselves in a very different situation. While libraries are welcoming record numbers of visitors and breaking circulation records, library budgets are facing drastic cuts, some of those flashy new buildings are often shuttered, and cities are resorting to the privatization or outsourcing of library services. Meanwhile, many services that patrons once relied on libraries to provide — specifically the provision and preservation of information in multiple formats — are now accessible elsewhere, including in our living rooms, and even in the palms of our hands.

Libraries are about much more, of course; they exist not simply to store and provide access to information. Advocates argue that libraries continue to serve crucial civic and social functions, and their tenacious faith is reinforced by a flurry of recent street-level library activity. The last few years have seen the emergence of myriad mini, pop-up, guerilla and ad-hoc libraries, which are part of the phenomenon that Mimi Zeiger, in her Interventionist’s Toolkit series for this journal, calls “provisional, opportunistic, ubiquitous, and odd tactics in guerilla and DIY practice and urbanism” — to which I might add, librarianship. Nowadays we have libraries in phone booths and mailboxes, in public parks and train stations, in vacant storefronts and parking lots. Often these are spaces of experimentation, where new models of library service and public engagement can be test-piloted, or where core values can be reassessed and reinvigorated. They are also often an effort to reclaim — for the commons, for the sake of enlightenment (or does this term now carry too much baggage to be used without scare quotes?) — a small corner of public space in cities that have lately become hyper-commercialized, cities that might no longer reflect the civic aspirations of a diverse public. As DePauw University librarian Mandy Henk puts it, “They ... show the power of self-organization and what people can build working together, outside of traditional institutions. Building and using them is a form community empowerment.” [1]
architecture  libraries  intervention  literature  reading  space  DIY 
may 2012 by cecimoss
East Village Radio -> News -> Free Noise: Download a Compilation of Belgian Experimental Music from 1981
The excavation of music’s alternative past via blogs, reissue labels, and countless other technologically enhanced avenues continues to yield some divine aural treats. Regional cassette labels of the ‘80s from around the world whose output was often limited to obscure mail-order catalogs and hand-to-hand sharing have found new life on the internet. Cassette Art Classics is doing their part by salvaging experimental works from such legendary labels as Al Margolis of If, Bwana’s Sound of Pig, and Belgium’s Sandwich Records and Insane Music and presenting them for free download via Bandcamp.

The latest addition to Cassette Art Classics' expanding archive is Sandwich Records/Insane Music’s 1981 compilation Insane Music for Insane People. The tape contains works from Belgian artists Bene Gesserit, Pseudo Code, Human Flesh, and others that date as far back as 1974.
1970s  1980s  cassette  music  musichistory  DIY  recordlabel 
april 2012 by cecimoss
Coventry University Podcasts » Blog Archive » Zombie Media: Media Archaeology as Circuit Bending - Jussi Parikka
Reuse, remix, remediation, and various other inventions of the “re” are an emblematic part of contemporary digital culture. This talk gives an insight into how we can reimagine media archaeology as an artistic methodology of circuit bending and reinventing old media into new uses – something we refer to as “zombie” media instead of dead media. The talk addresses how the methodologies of reuse and opening up old technology can be seen as crucial artistic methodologies to address the political economy of closed consumer technologies – and how this links up with the ecological crisis of information waste. The talk is based on the text co-written by Garnet Hertz and Parikka, and nominated for the Transmediale 2011 Media Theory Award.
mediastudies  mediahistory  obsolescence  technology  mediatheory  art  mediaart  circuitbending  DIY  contemporaryart  mp3  podcast 
october 2011 by cecimoss
love the packaging on these 
tape  label  experimental  noise  diy 
august 2011 by cecimoss
FUNGI GIRLS on MySpace Music
if jesus & mary chain were texas teenagers...
music  band  diy  garage  pop 
november 2009 by cecimoss
c60 Radio
really great radio show out of austin
music  experimental  cassette  tape  mp3  diy  noise 
november 2009 by cecimoss
d u d e s p a c e s
sounds like blank dogs! totes good
music  lowfi  DIY 
june 2009 by cecimoss
Joan Marie Polo
christopher's band from when he was 12. freestyle singing over the cure and NIN. this I totally dig.
art  performance  performanceart  music  DIY  lowfi 
january 2009 by cecimoss
Botas Dacca
these have been blowin up in the blogosphere. cute.
shoes  fashion  fashiondesigner  DIY  recycle  environment 
january 2009 by cecimoss
Night-People interview and label profile with Shawn Reed
night people is awesome, i've played shawn's cassettes on my radio show. this interview features sound clips too.
music  DIY  experimental  noise  cassette  label  recordlabel  silkscreen  art 
october 2008 by cecimoss
Black Horizons
oakland based experimental label- uton, pulse emitter, acre..
label  recordlabel  cassette  music  DIY  experimental  noise  drone 
july 2008 by cecimoss
Renata Mann | Jewelry Designer
these are cool. from refinery 29. can't afford but want!
jewelry  designer  fashion  craft  DIY 
april 2008 by cecimoss
Simon Yates - Artwork & Inventions
fun, super low tech art projects. 3D.
artist  portfolio  3D  DIY 
april 2008 by cecimoss
THE RIOT PROJECT - a photoset on Flickr
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! flickr set of old riot grrrl posters. swoon!
DIY  riotgrrrl  musicreference  musichistory 
july 2007 by cecimoss
Persistance of Vision Projects
Full listing of Persistance of Vision (PoV) project suggestions from Make magazine.
pov  LED  technology  art  DIY 
april 2007 by cecimoss
The Waterden label holds a specially curated collection of works by musicians active in the so-called UK DIY movement that flourished in the late 1970s - early 1980s.
musichistory  musicreference  uk  newwave  postpunk  diy 
february 2007 by cecimoss
Oakland based fashion designer- makes cute HUGE 70s hippie beaded earrings
fashiondesigner  jewelry  oakland  DIY  style  fashion  70s 
january 2007 by cecimoss
Music list. Focused on noise robot core art mess avant dumb dada stupid experimental set your face on fire, i don't know.
noise  music  mailinglist  yahoogroup  art  experimental  bizarre  avantgarde  label  DIY 
december 2006 by cecimoss
Hanson Records is a record label operated by musician Aaron Dilloway, formerly of the band Wolf Eyes. The label has released numerous Wolf Eyes albums as well as albums by Kevin Drumm, Smegma, Hive Mind, Hair Police, Sagor & Swing, Oren Ambarchi, Loren Co
label  recordlabel  noise  music  DIY  midwest 
december 2006 by cecimoss
Collective Jyrk- label collective out of Portland. Ghosting, Yellow Swans, Inca Ore, Bonus, Grouper.
label  recordlabel  music  noise  art  portland  DIY 
december 2006 by cecimoss

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