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Graphic Arrays at Aram Bartholl – Blog
“Graphic Arrays” is about screen resolutions and aspect ratios and how these evolved over the laste decades. The left board is dedicated to more recent mobile vertical resolution ending at iPad retina. The right board represents the long history of desktop screen pixel sizes starting with the classic VGA (640×480) IBM standard from 1987 till todays common 2560×1600 desktop monsters.
computer  newmedia  standards  screen  newmediaart  artwork 
february 2013 by cecimoss
Idle Screenings
Idle Screenings streams video and image art to thousands of desktops daily, through the use of custom screensaver software. Our exhibition explores value within an attention economy by beaming original works into empty rooms at the expense of other resources, such as energy, bandwidth, and time.
exhibition  newmedia  online  computer  internetart  internet  curation 
november 2012 by cecimoss
Desktop Views
DESKTOP VIEWS is a project about entering the (virtual) space that serves as the foundation of the working environment.

"Desktop is the main element of a human - machine interface. Desktop is your window to the digital world. Desktop is your first step into virtual reality. Desktop is a reflection of your individuality. Desktop is your everyday visual environment. Desktop is an extension of your organs. Desktop is the face of your computer. Desktop is your everyday torture and joy. Desktop is your own little masterpiece. Desktop is your castle. Desktop is a seducer. Desktop is a reliever. Desktop is your enemy. Desktop is your friend. Desktop is a psychoanalyst. Desktop is your little helper. Desktop is your link to other people. Desktop is a device for meditation. Desktop is the membrane that mediates transactions between client and server. Desktop is a substitute for so many other things. Desktop is a question. Desktop is the answer." - Alexei Shulgin

The site has been launched with the first 10 desktops collected and 5 more will be released each following week. The site can be viewed by 'Date' (in the order the desktops have been received) or it can be viewed alphabetically by 'Name' (with the artist's first name). After clicking on the thumbnail, the enlarged version can be clicked once more to view the full-sized image in a new window. To view the artist's website, click on their name above the enlarged version of their desktop. Below is a screengrab of my own desktop. - Adam Cruces
interface  newmedia  internetart  design  computer  contemporaryart  artist 
november 2011 by cecimoss
The Tale of the Big Computer - Triple Canopy
The corpse cannot be found. Every bit of evidence is critical. The room where my investigation is taking place is filled with boxes; folders are stacked on top of an imitation-wood desk; the walls are covered with documents and photographs. In the center of the main wall hangs a plastic sleeve with a novel inside. Just to inspect the cover—its color scheme (watercolor shades of yellow and green on blue), graphics (circles resembling planets and a magnetic tape reel), typography (“commercial script”)—the book is clearly several decades old. The title, Sagan om den stora Datamaskinen, en Vision av Olof Johannesson, confirms this observation; the Swedish word datamaskin, “data machine,” now rings obsolete. In English, the title is: The Tale of the Big Computer: A Vision by Olof Johannesson.
computer  1960s  opera  scifi  fiction  history  performance  mediaart  sound  sweden  artandtechnology 
august 2011 by cecimoss
Nate Harrison
Nate Harrison is an artist and writer working at the intersection of intellectual property, cultural production and the formation of creative processes in electronic media.
art  artist  sampling  video  music  copyright  electronic  techno  audio  hsitory  film  computer 
may 2009 by cecimoss
»Oh why so serious?«, 2008 by Paul Chan.
sculpture  artwork  computer 
april 2009 by cecimoss
NYCEMF: Welcome
harvestworks is involved with this
music  festival  nyc  computer  venue  sound 
march 2009 by cecimoss
ZucchiniArt Gallery
"What can I say about a zucchini that hasn't already been said? A whole lot! I thought eggplants were the only creative, happy veggies until I met my first zucchini in an Italian restaurant. It had this great big smile on it's face. I think it was it's face. Green! That's one of my favorite colors. Talk about bold! This zucchini had the guts to take the place of meat in the lasagna. And, it was excellent. That's giving your all for art. Thus, the zucchini is the inspiration for many of my wild art explorations and statements. Just click on the images below to share some of my interests, fantasies and concerns... "
weird  art  drawing  computer 
february 2009 by cecimoss
NEXUS/foundation for today's art
he Hacktory, presents "Unintended Uses," an exhibition of hacked and repurposed video games, electronics, kinetics, musical instruments, motion sensors, painting, computers, circuitry and public spaces. The artists are utilizing technology as their palette to open up worlds of new possibilities.
exhibition  friends  videogame  hack  electronic  music  sound  sensor  computer  publicspace 
february 2009 by cecimoss
“Harddisko” is an installation piece dealing with raw computer sounds. Rhythmic noises are evolving from sixteen harddrives, which are orchestrated through simple power circuits. By cutting the harddisk's power in varying sequences and amplifying the peculiar sound characteristics of each drive, an unpredictable acoustic and visual interplay is taking place.
sound  music  computer  artproject  art  soundart 
february 2009 by cecimoss
mathwrath updated his site -- toootallly different format now & lots of new work.
computer  image  artist  portfolio  gif  animatedgif  video 
december 2008 by cecimoss
YouTube - evltube's Channel
Electronic Visualization Laboratory youtube account
technology  arthistory  computer  youtube  videos  graphic 
november 2008 by cecimoss
bit - Exhibition (from ZKM)
With the present exhibition the ZKM | Karlsruhe dedicates itself to the most important international artistic currents of the 1960s, the New Tendencies, and their significance for the history of computer-based art. In 1968 the movement decided to incorporate into its program the computer as a medium of artistic work so as to thereby assert its avantgarde claim and to contribute to the definition of a technology which, as one quite rightly presumed, would define the future of civilization.
art  exhibition  computer  print  arthistory 
november 2008 by cecimoss
now vs. then vs here vs. there vs this vs. that vs me vs. you vs. us vs. them Hayley A. Silverman
Hayley A. Silverman, now vs. then vs here vs. there vs this vs. that vs me vs. you vs. us vs. them
Single-channel video, Mirror, Powerbook G4 (DVD loop, w/sound)
artwork  video  technology  newmedia  art  computer 
november 2008 by cecimoss

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