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future : alberto de michele
this looks dark, but interesting:
"At this moment I am about to finish a project about a group of 40-to-70-year-old thieves from the north of Italy. My father calls them I Lupi, the Wolves, and the only time they steal is when it is very foggy. The fog makes everything invisible, including themselves, so they really need to be familiar with the area where they operate. They rob banks, jewellery shops, trucks, anything they can profit from. I managed to persuade them to take part in my project. In collaboration with them I am working on a video in which the main characters are the Wolves themselves."
documentary  crime  family  artproject  video 
may 2009 by cecimoss
YouTube - Destroying Dead Kennedys CDs
does anyone want to write AT & do an art project with these? they need to get rid of thousands of copies of the dead kennedys fresh fruit for rotting vegetables b/c of a lawsuit.
art  artproject 
may 2009 by cecimoss
Saadane Afif / e-flux
Since 2004 Saâdane Afif (Vendôme, France, 1970) has been constructing his exhibitions like record releases. Under a generic title, in the exhibition space he groups together a set of elements that usually define and colour an album. For each project Afif works with a songwriter he commissions to pen lyrics for the works he is presenting. The commission is very specific: after explaining the possible meanings and forms of the pieces, he invites the author to write a song related with each one. The song must maintain the original title, stick to the spirit of what he has explained and develop a formal, metaphoric or symbolic relationship with the work, projecting its own imaginary. The lyrics are then handed over to musicians to perform them and the final result of the process is the production of an album. To date, with the catch-all title of Lyrics, each of Saâdane Afif's exhibition projects has led to an album.
artproject  sound  music  pop  culture  media  exhibition 
april 2009 by cecimoss
susan alexis collins - seascape (2009)
Seascape is presented at De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea,
4 April – 14 June 2009. The exhibition will feature a series of five live Seascape projections positioned within the gallery windows facing out to sea.

Each reveal in real-time an image being constructed live from the webcams installed at the five locations across the South East coast. Continually collecting this data - from top to bottom and left to right in horizontal bands - these images are constantly generated and renewed pixel by pixel in front of the viewer. A selection of digital prints from this vast archive of material will also be presented as part of the exhibition. Poised, like the sea itself, between unchanging stillness and continuous movement, counterpointing the ongoing motion of the pixel with the endless vigil of the lens staring out to sea, these projections and prints will mark the limits of the visible throughout the day, presenting the viewer with a series of infinitely evolving seascapes.
webcam  internet  digital  streaming  landscape  art  artproject  video 
april 2009 by cecimoss
Netart-Project dedicated to Roman Opalka: Camera Obscura 1-Inf
Camera Obscura 2005/1-Inf is a worldwide project in which two holes of a twin-holed pinhole camera are being auctioned simultaneously on Ebay every week.
ebay  artproject  photography  photo 
march 2009 by cecimoss
ArtCal - Chelsea - Pratt Manhattan Gallery - Broadcast
Pratt Manhattan Gallery will present “Broadcast,” an exhibition of thirteen works by an international group of artists who, since the 1960s, have engaged, critiqued, and inserted themselves into official channels of broadcast television and radio. The exhibition will run from February 20 – May 2, 2009 and will include single-channel monitor-based videos, video-projection works, photography, installations, and interactive broadcasting projects.
broadcast  television  video  videoart  photography  interactive  artproject  exhibition 
february 2009 by cecimoss
“Harddisko” is an installation piece dealing with raw computer sounds. Rhythmic noises are evolving from sixteen harddrives, which are orchestrated through simple power circuits. By cutting the harddisk's power in varying sequences and amplifying the peculiar sound characteristics of each drive, an unpredictable acoustic and visual interplay is taking place.
sound  music  computer  artproject  art  soundart 
february 2009 by cecimoss
The Fragmented Orchestra
The Fragmented Orchestra is a huge distributed musical structure modelled on the firing of the human brain's neurons. Twenty-four sites around the UK are connected to each other to form a “neural” network. The sonic information captured at these sites is transmitted over the internet, causing other sites to “fire”.
installation  soundart  geography  artproject  sound 
february 2009 by cecimoss
bits & pieces by peter traub
bits & pieces is a continuous composition that gets its source sounds from the web. Every morning a special search process looks for web pages with links to sound files. If links are found, the sound files are downloaded. The day's 'catch' is then used to create the pieces in bits & pieces for the next 24 hours.
sound  soundart  newmedia  internet  artproject 
february 2009 by cecimoss
Artistes :: Piero Golia :: Portfolio
"postcards from the edge" -- On January 14, 2005, Italian artist Piero GOLIA vanished in New York. He reappeared three weeks later, on the morning of February 7, at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. Between those two dates, he left absolutely no trace of himself, crossing borders illegally, travelling without any trackable means of payment, thus living the adventurous life of a fugitive.
Postcards from the Edge is a series of custom-made woven blankets, depicting landscapes of a mythical journey through America - the only remains of his vanishing experience.
artproject  disappearance  series  conceptual  performance  textile 
december 2008 by cecimoss
MAKE: Blog: Front pages of newspapers reproduced alphabetically with a scalpel and glue
NYTimes front page reproduced alphabetically with a scalpel and glue by Kim Rugg
artproject  print  paper  text 
december 2008 by cecimoss
by justin kemp. this is hilarious.
artproject  artwork  netart  newmedia 
october 2008 by cecimoss
frey - art with machines - projects - wind
Wind is an experiment in real-time cross-perceptual visual sonification. Through digital transformation, a visual phenomenon becomes an audio phenomenon. Through an emphasis on process, the viewer’s attention is drawn away from the artwork as a representation of some phenomenon, and toward an experience of the phenomenon itself. The artwork serves purely to facilitate this movement, to shift the viewer’s perception away from their understanding of the artwork itself, and toward their own experience of the phenomena that the artwork is supposed to be ‘about.’
music  installation  sound  audio  soundart  artwork  artproject  art  interactive  nature  generative 
october 2008 by cecimoss
Feed (2006) by Shane Cooper
The work is composed of two halves. The upper half is a video wall of television screens, each tuned to a different channel and playing at low volume. The lower half is a garden of ferns that can survive under conditions of extreme lighting. The television screens provide light to the plants, which grow towards them in a constricted space, eventually colliding
biology  installation  television  light  sculpture  interactive  media  art  artproject  artwork 
october 2008 by cecimoss
i heart photograph: jon feinstein
the project is stills from the intro logos to '70s and '80s horror and sci-fi movies--all shot from VHS tapes. many of these logos are from now defunct production companies, but my main interest in them was their ability to create a false sense of eeriness simply from combining a cheap, yet vibrant logo with lo-fi casio-soundscapes, a burst that at times created more of a sense of terror than the movie itself.
videoart  video  film  horror  scifi  artproject 
september 2008 by cecimoss
Longplayer is a one thousand year long musical composition. It began playing at midnight on the 31st of December 1999, and will continue to play without repetition until the last moment of 2999, at which point it will complete its cycle and begin again. Conceived and composed by Jem Finer, it was originally produced as an Artangel commission, and is now in the care of the Longplayer Trust.
artproject  composition  music  sound  soundart 
august 2008 by cecimoss
"Hidden Persuaders" by Robert Overweg
"magazine ads are digitally retouched and ridden from their products, branding, and other type, leaving the bare visual surroundings...eroticized glitter and abstracted glamour unfolds. esthetics of consumption are laid bare in the process."
artproject  theory  digital  graphic  photography  visual 
july 2008 by cecimoss
this was just added to the artbase. wowzers.
netart  psychedelic  newmedia  artproject 
june 2008 by cecimoss
Nest Rotterdam
artist built a nest on the side of an office building in rotterdam?
artproject  artist  conceptual  installation  publicart 
may 2008 by cecimoss
Lin + Lam
Lin + Lam produce research-based projects that examine how individual and national subjectivities are mediated and defined. Paying close attention to materiality, site, and the specificities of different medium, the collaboration is a productive integrati
artist  artgroup  artproject  portfolio  photography  videoart  installation  media 
may 2008 by cecimoss
SARoskop (2007) by Karin Lingnau and Martin Hesselmeier
electromagnetic  visualization  artproject  artists  art 
april 2008 by cecimoss
MACHINES FOR SINGING is an architectural sound installation which 'plugs in' to a building to record the subsonic and supersonic life of its fabric. Real time audio streams are processed, to create a symphony out of the dynamic interplay of environmental
soundart  architecture  sound  artproject 
april 2008 by cecimoss
Hobbs/Neustetter: Urbanet: Hillbrow/Dakar/Hillbrow
"Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter (for their contribution to the Dak’Art Biennale ‘Off’ Programme) interviewed a group of Senegalese immigrants asking them to draw maps of Dakar, which Hobbs/Neustetter would use to navigate the city during their
artproject  artist  urban  maps  memory  publicspace  mapping 
april 2008 by cecimoss
Suzanne Treister Homepage
"Alchemy" drawings by Suzanne Treister, I like these.
artproject  drawing  media  information  artist  news 
march 2008 by cecimoss
public art initiative in los angeles, curated by emi fontana of galleria emi fontana in milan
exhibition  publicart  publicspace  artist  artproject 
march 2008 by cecimoss
RADIOTAXI creates temporary site-responsive FM / Web radio fiercely committed to neighbourhood participation through a serious engagement with sound, liveness and listening. // mobile radio project
artproject  radio  transmission  transmissionart  radiostation 
february 2008 by cecimoss
one cold hand? by jennifer gooch
art project by jennifer gooch, "a site for collection and hopeful reunion of pittburgh's lost gloves"
art  blog  collection  internet  artproject  web  community 
january 2008 by cecimoss
Baltimore Shopping Network by Jimmy Joe Roche
youtube shopping network by baltimore artist jimmy joe roche
humor  videoart  video  artproject 
january 2008 by cecimoss
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