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Concept Albums And Prog Rock Make A Triumphant Return | The Creators Project
Visual artist Yoshi Sodeoka, whose video work you might recognize from the prismatic Yeasayer tour environment that debuted last summer, teamed up with film composer and musician Daron Murphy to create an ongoing audiovisual concept album called Sibyl.
prog  musicvideo  music  psychedelic  animation 
february 2013 by cecimoss
DIAMOND VARIATIONS: Activated Memory I & II by Sabrina Ratté
Activated Memory is a two video project based on animated photographs of different parks and buildings of Montreal. Through the use of video feedback, 3D animation and color manipulations, the pictures render a new kind of space, a virtual world where only fragments of "reality" subsist. The music accompaniment is composed by Roger Tellier-Craig.
architecture  video  sound  composition  3d  animation  color  virtual 
december 2011 by cecimoss
Rhizome | Six Films by Adam Beckett
co-organized this screening next week - can't wait!
sanfrancisco  animation  1970s  film  effects  filmmaker 
august 2010 by cecimoss
YouTube - TheMotionBrigades's Channel
Dedicated to showcasing stop motion animation
from the masters of the genre, with focus on rare and hard to find titles.
art  video  animation  russia  rare  movies  films  stop-motion  animated  film  youtube 
july 2009 by cecimoss
YouTube - Angel Long Time
i love the internet. via heart as arena.
animatedgif  rock  animation  youtube 
april 2009 by cecimoss
marisa olson- unlocking my sandbox
new artwork by marisa olson at ignivomous. "An animation of Sandbox icons liberated from my Facebook profile."
netart  animation  animatedgif  newmedia 
october 2008 by cecimoss

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