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Awesome Tapes From Africa Weekend on Network Awesome - WFMU's Beware of the Blog
We're thrilled to collaborate with Awesome Tapes From Africa this weekend to present the most interesting and inventive collection of African videos this side of Khartoum. Guest curator Brian Shimkovitz culls from his deep knowledge of African music to deliver collections of African TV commercials, Pop Music of Pre-War Somalia, even the outrageous 2002 film, "Sharon Stone" - a classic Nollywood drama about an overly ambitious woman willing to do anything to make it to the top.
wfmu  sudan  africa  music  1970s  1980s  musicvideo  live  performance 
march 2013 by cecimoss
East Village Radio -> News -> Free Noise: Download a Compilation of Belgian Experimental Music from 1981
The excavation of music’s alternative past via blogs, reissue labels, and countless other technologically enhanced avenues continues to yield some divine aural treats. Regional cassette labels of the ‘80s from around the world whose output was often limited to obscure mail-order catalogs and hand-to-hand sharing have found new life on the internet. Cassette Art Classics is doing their part by salvaging experimental works from such legendary labels as Al Margolis of If, Bwana’s Sound of Pig, and Belgium’s Sandwich Records and Insane Music and presenting them for free download via Bandcamp.

The latest addition to Cassette Art Classics' expanding archive is Sandwich Records/Insane Music’s 1981 compilation Insane Music for Insane People. The tape contains works from Belgian artists Bene Gesserit, Pseudo Code, Human Flesh, and others that date as far back as 1974.
1970s  1980s  cassette  music  musichistory  DIY  recordlabel 
april 2012 by cecimoss
Just To Get A Rep? The Growing Pains of 6 Future Hip-Hop Stars (Pt. 1) - WFMU's Beware of the Blog
The late 80's and early 90's represented a period of both relentless creativity and intense change in the world of hip-hop. The genre was hitting what many fans see as its peak, a declaration that can be backed up by that era's advances in both production, namely a greater sophistication in terms of sampling, and MC'ing, with Rakim in particular ushering in a game-changing complexity and dexterity sadly missing from much of today's landscape. Alongside such rapid transformation and innovation, there of course appeared a good share of trends, some good, some over-hyped, some completely misguided....So here is the first in what may be a small series: classic rap acts who first came out of the gate riding on images that fall on the complete opposite spectrum of what they would eventually become celebrated for.
rap  1980s  1990s  hiphop  wmfu 
august 2011 by cecimoss
Playlist for Brian Turner - July 12, 2011
show guest hosted by ryan of dais records - so much good stuff here.
show  radio  cassette  1980s  electronic  industrial 
july 2011 by cecimoss
YouTube - Mo-Dettes - WHITE MICE - RARE VIDEO
fun, via typical girls mailing list/dan selzer
music  1980s  postpunk  punk 
august 2009 by cecimoss
these mixes are really good
disco  electronic  mp3  music  italo  1980s  1970s 
june 2009 by cecimoss
d u d e s p a c e s
via jamillah, i like this
art  artist  digital  video  1980s 
june 2009 by cecimoss
Severed Heads - Adenoids 1977-1985
this is an absolutely incredible collection. severed heads 4 eva.
music  electronic  1980s 
may 2009 by cecimoss
Thunder Gongz
noise/experimental blog, lots of cassette stuff.
experimental  drone  audio  electronic  mp3  synth  1980s  blog  musicblog 
january 2009 by cecimoss
NINI RAVIOLETTE - Suis-je normale ?
music video for suis je normale by nini raviolette.
french  newwave  musicvideo  minimalsynth  1980s 
november 2008 by cecimoss
YouTube - Alf- Bloopers
"turkey sushi"
another video from chen.
humor  television  1980s 
november 2008 by cecimoss
YES spooky cold wave classix from pieter s.
This is the perfect soundtrack to the life of a lone, wandering individual who despite her desperate longing for 'relief,’ or rather 'meaning,' simply cannot rationalize killing herself because she is already 'dead,' and the ensuing existential dilemma and frozen cold realization which ensues: that every day is not Halloween...but is real and...quite wonderfully Very Rare and actually...worth living...WIERD.'
music  goth  electronic  coldwave  newwave  1980s  mp3  podcast 
october 2008 by cecimoss
Z Channel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
slowing making my way through this list- fantastic resource for film...
film  movie  1970s  1980s  cinema 
august 2008 by cecimoss
bourbonese qualk archive 2007
via wfmu's beware of the blog. AWESOME archive of bourbonese qualk's entire catalog
electronic  industrial  music  1980s  artist  band  archive  musichistory  musicreference 
april 2008 by cecimoss
Krisma Music
Whoa! HIbernation is one of my favorite albums. There are like a million videos on this site. Whoa!
newwave  musicreference  musichistory  1970s  1980s  music  band 
september 2007 by cecimoss
Fit & Limo
homosexuals-esque husband and wife duo from the early 80s
musicreference  musichistory  band  1980s 
july 2007 by cecimoss
Wierd Records (Very Rare)
WIERD is a weekly party run by artist and DJ Pieter Schoolwerth. Since 2003 WIERD has been dedicated to featuring live performances by bands and DJs working within the worlds of Coldwave, Minimal Synth, Gothic, Darkwave, EBM, Industrial Dance, Electro, Ap
coldwave  newyork  minimalsynth  1980s  music  recordlabel 
april 2007 by cecimoss
Minimal Wave
A comprehensive project documenting the history of minimal synth, minimal electronik, and coldwave music from all over the world. Minimal Wave is dedicated to keeping this music alive via special edition releases, and providing current news.
minimalsynth  1980s  coldwave  electronic  electronicmusic  electronik  minimal  music  synth 
december 2006 by cecimoss

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