Fanfic: In The Eye of the Beholder: Unaware Ch 7, Supernatural | FanFiction
Really like her stuff well written but Dean usually isn't Dean in them
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march 2019
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9/11 a abandonment_issues abbadon/dean about abused!adam abused!dean abused!jensen abusive abusive!john adopt affection aftermath age alistair alistair/dean almost amnesia and angel angst anonymous anxiety/panic_attack apocalypse asshole!jared asshole!john asthma asylum attempted au australia?? author:littlesparrow69 author:marlowe78 azazel's back bad badass bamf bamf!dean bamf!jensen bath bdsm bear beating benders bestiality between big bittersweet blind!dean blink blood-loss bloody bobby bondage bones boris bottom!dean bottom!jensen boyking!sam brady/dean broken broken!dean brotherly brothers bugs bunker but c:spn:dean-winchester c:spn:john-winchester caleb calls cas casefic cassie/dean category:_gen changeling character character:_dean_winchester character:azazel character:bobby character:dean character:deanwinchester character:henriksen character:jensen character:jessicamoore character:john character:lucifer character:ofcs character:omcs character:pastorjim character:sam child-abuse choose circus clowns coerced coercion con concussion/head_trauma cool cougar cougars creature creepy crossover crucifixion cuddly curse cursed cursed!dean cursed!john d/s dad!dean dancing dark!sam dead deaged dealfic deam/m/f dean dean.winchester dean/'omcs dean/cassie dean/claire dean/gordon dean/jo dean/lucifer dean/monsters dean/ofc dean/omc dean/other dean/sam dean/sam/demon dean_winchester deanpov deanwinchester deathfic deathfic? demon/dean demons denial dick diner dirtytalk diving dodger_winslow dom!chad drugged drugged!dean drugged!jensen dub-con dubcon ellen ellicotted emotional_pain/hurt end evil evil!jeff evil!john evil!sam evilcult ew executioner's exhibitionism fae fairy familly_issues fandom:supernatural fear fight fighting fingering fire first-time fisherman flagstaff forced foster friends ftom.dead fun funny g.angst g.h/c gadriel gangbang gangrape gen genre:_humour genre:angst genre:dark genre:emotional_h/c genre:gen genre:horror genre:humor genre:hurt/comfort genre:pre-slash genre:pwp get gets ghost glamour gone good good/john gordon/dean groping guardian has hell hero het hoodie hooker!dean hookerfic hospitalized!dean house humor hunter hurt hurt!dean hurt!jensen hurt-dean hustler!dean hustling:pool hypnosis i imotd implied incubus is iscstill.a j2 jared jared/jensen jealous!sam jensen/danneel jerk jess jess/sam/dean jim john john&sam john/dean john/dean/sam johnwinchester kate kidnapped!dean kids killer king kink kink: kink:abuse kink:bdsm kink:bestiality kink:blindfold kink:blowjob kink:bondage kink:bottom!dean kink:cheating kink:coercion kink:dark!sam kink:dirty-talk kink:drugging kink:dub-con kink:evil!jared kink:evil!sam kink:exhibitionism kink:femdom kink:feminization kink:first-time kink:forced-orgasm kink:freckles kink:gang-rape kink:gangbang kink:groping kink:hair kink:handcuffs kink:humiliation kink:hurt!dean kink:hurt/comfort kink:kidnapping kink:manhandling kink:manipulation kink:nipple-play kink:non-con kink:noncon(attempted) kink:noncon(touching) kink:orgasm-control kink:pining kink:priapism kink:prostitution kink:rescue kink:revenge kink:riding kink:rimming kink:rough-sex kink:secret-identity kink:sexpollen kink:slave!dean kink:smart!dean kink:somnophilia kink:soulless!sam kink:stalking kink:strangulation kink:sub!dean kink:threesome kink:top!isham kink:top!sam kink:torture kink:victim-blaming kink:voyeur!sam kink:voyeurism kink:whipping leviathan list long looking loss lou low-self-esteem!dean lungs m/f m/m mac magic manhandling manipulation mary mary/dean masturbation meg/dean memory migraines mindcontrol mindgames mom monster multiple mute!dean nephilim ni nippleplay no no-penetration non-au non-con noncon objective-c of ofbtge ofc ofc/dean off omcs oneside orgasm orgasmdenial outsidepov outsider owes p4 pairing:dean/alastair pairing:dean/azazel pairing:dean/castiel pairing:dean/john pairing:dean/meg pairing:dean/monster pairing:dean/oberon pairing:dean/ofc(s) pairing:dean/omc(s) pairing:jared/omc(s) pairing:jensen/jared pairing:jensen/ofc(s) pairing:jensen/omc(s) pairing:none pairing:sam/dean piercing pining!jared plug pool possessive!sam post posthell pov pov:outsider powers!dean pre-series preseries pretty pretty!dean pretty!jensen prostitution protective protective!dean protective!john protective!sam psychological_trauma pt ptsd public purgatory pwp quiet rape rated:pg13 rating:nc-17 rec recovery remembers restraints/ropes/handcuffs reunion revenge rimming robbery rumspringa s sad sam sam's sam/dean samhelps? sammy scar schmoop season_1 season_2 sees self sequel sexslavery sexual_assault/abuse:non-con shifter sick sick!dean sick!sam sick_dean slash slenderman smart smary someone song sons soulless!sam spanking spn stanford stanford-era stanford-time starving stories story straight sub succubus swan swimming teacher teenchester teenchesters tentacle tessa threesome through time:season6 timetravel to torture toys unrequited vampire vampire/dean vampires venom voodoo voyeur wall wee wee-chester weechester weird werewolf!dean western westwing world wrist wrong younger!dean zoo ~author:dodger_winslow

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