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Conservatives should be cautious about letter from Christine Blasey Ford's ex-boyfriend
“Right now, there is nothing to corroborate key details of the letter, and we know very little about its author, whose name has not been disclosed. We do not have a statement from the friend he claims Ford coached before the polygraph test. We have not seen any sort of further evidence of what the author claims was a six-year relationship – photos of their trip to Hawaii, for instance.”
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october 2018 by cbearden
Is Ford's Credibility Undermined by Her Refusal to Produce Her Therapy Records? - Volokh Conspiracy : Reason.com
“In any event, ‘recovered memory’ is a distraction, because while not impossible the much greater danger is that the therapist used a treatment modality, such as hypnosis, that affected Ford's perception of the memory, or engaged in suggestive questioning that doesn't arise to the level of ‘recovered memory,’ but skewed the memory. Details of memories from 30 plus years ago are already problematic from a reliability standpoint,* but memories that have been subject to hypnosis and related techniques are especially unreliable. Hypnosis can enhance memory, but it can also both lead the subject to add details to a memory, and to be much more confident that all the details of his memory are accurate.”
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october 2018 by cbearden

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