[Ördögölő Józsiás] The Richest of Men, by privatesnarker
“Are we not rich?” Boricz was sitting up from where he’d been lying on top of his spread-out cloak. Against the sun, Villikó only saw the broad shape of his back and shoulders, hair a golden glint. He sat up as well.

“We are?”

 “We have our freedom, soft grass to sit on, blue skies overhead…”

 “…Others in charge of dinner… I’ll count myself rich as long as it won’t be squirrel.”

[It's a lovely spring day, and Boricz and Villikó are about to share a secret.]
fandom:ördögölő.józsiás  author:privatesnarker  pairing:boricz/villikó  rating:t  m/m  fanfiction  genre:sff  genre:fairytale  genre:backstory 
april 2016
[Ördögölő Józsiás] Best-laid Plans, by privatesnarker
The problem was that Boricz was a rotten actor.

“Found you!” He sidled through the crowd of revelers to where Durmonyás was standing off to the side, looking like he was trying to blend into the heavy tapestry. “You know the purpose of a party is to socialize, not hide by the food tables, right?”

“We can’t all be natural chatterbags, oh excuse me, networkers.” Despite his grumbling, he didn’t object when Boricz slotted himself neatly to his side. It had been a full quarter of an hour since they’d last talked, and he was looking especially sharp in his formal clothes, so Boricz kissed his cheek and linked arms with him for good measure.

[In which Boricz and Durmi pretend to be involved for Reasons, except at some point it stopped being pretend, and what now?]
fandom:ördögölő.józsiás  pairing:boricz/durmonyás  rating:g  author:privatesnarker  m/m  fanfiction  genre:sff  genre:fairytale  genre:alternate.universe  au:canon.divergence  genre:fix-it 
april 2016
[Star Wars] Thoughts in Clay, by Sath
Kylo threaded the Force into each word. “You will get on your knees, for me, and beg.”

Hux’s face went still. Then he repeated every word back to him, and kneeled.
author:sath  pairing:hux/kylo  rating:e  m/m  fanfiction  fandom:star.wars.sequel.trilogy  fandom:star.wars  genre:sff  genre:pwp  kink:mind.control 
april 2016
[Rómeó és Júlia] New Horizons, by privatesnarker
They say Academy years are the best years of one's life, and Benvolio is very excited to leave behind Verona's oppressive atmosphere of hatred and bloodshed in favour of new experiences, new places, new people - except there seems no escaping the feud when his roommate turns out to be fucking Tybalt Capulet.
author:privatesnarker  fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  pairing:tybalt/benvolio  rating:g  genre:sff  au:science.fiction  genre:alternate.universe  fanfiction  m/m 
march 2016
Bright Expectations - Rómeó és Júlia (Színház), Romeo And Juliet - All Media Types - privatesnarker [Archive of Our Own]
With Romeo's heart surgery having been a full success and his future big and open before him, Benvolio feels he needs to step aside and make room. Romeo disagrees.

Characters were raised together and operate under the assumption that they are (distant) cousins, and there is kissing in this, so I tagged it just to be on the safe side.
fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  pairing:benvolio/romeo  rating:t  fanfiction  m/m  genre:sff  au:science.fiction  genre:alternate.universe  author:privatesnarker 
march 2016
[Star Wars] Corellian Brandy, by lategoodbye
Sinjir blinks away memories of the dead. He doesn't mourn them. Not really. Something in him is fundamentally broken. So much so that he never notices the tell-tale orange and white until the pilot sits down right next to him.
fandom:star.wars  fandom:star.wars.novels  pairing:sinjir.rath.velus/wedge.antilles  m/m  fanfiction  author:lategoodbye  rating:g  genre:sff 
march 2016
[Star Wars] The Claim, by Sath
Strapped for credits, the First Order falls back on two ancient Imperial traditions: insurance fraud, and fake marriages. [The best fake marriage insurance fraud fic ever.]
to-feedback  fandom:star.wars  fandom:star.wars.sequel.trilogy  pairing:hux/kylo  rating:t  genre:sff  genre:humor  genre:crack  m/m  fanfiction  character:porbo.the.hutt 
march 2016
[Rómeó és Júlia] Flick of a blade, by drcalvin
Put Tybalt and Mercutio together, and there has always been enough tension to cut with a knife. When they meet outside the bathhouse, and an actual knife is brought into game things escalate to previously unimaginable levels. [Some kind of 18th century gaslight fantasy AU. NOTE: contains oral knifeplay.]
fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  author:drcalvin  rating:e  kink:knifeplay  m/m  fanfiction  historical:18c  genre:alternate.universe  au:historical  genre:sff 
march 2016
[Les Miserables/Tingleverse] Pounded in the Butt by the Buff Gay Madeleine, by Esteliel
This was the moment of his triumph. As sweet as these sinful pastries might taste, Javert was not here to indulge sordid desires. He was the law. And the law said that Unlicensed Living Pastry Prostitution was an illegal act, and to be strictly punished.

A fusion with Chuck Tingle's "Glazed By The Gay Living Donuts".
fandom:les.miserables  fandom:tingleverse  rating:e  m/m  pairing:javert/gay.living.pastry  genre:crack  genre:parody  genre:pastiche  author:esteliel  au:fusion  genre:alternate.universe  fanfiction 
march 2016
[Star Wars] Star Wars: European Union --Episode I: Advent of Evil, by gregorianpeas
Thanks to mysterious authorial intervention, popular figures from the European Union have been transported across the stars! But what will they find exploring these new frontiers? Trade alliances, surprise buttsex or a place to call their own?
author:gregorianpeas  fandom:star.wars  genre:parody  genre:humor  rating:t  fanfiction  gen  genre:sff  genre:crossover  characters:european.union.politicians  fandom:political.rpf 
march 2016
[Rómeó és Júlia] Gifts for any season, by drcalvin
Tybalt doesn't like to shop for Christmas gifts for his family. Luckily, this year an unwary Montague is in position to assist - whether he wants to or not.
gen  fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  character:tybalt  fanfiction  author:drcalvin  theme:holidays 
january 2016
[Star Wars] looking right at the other half of me, by outruntheavalanche
It isn’t until after the last of the revelers has turned in for bed and the bonfires have burned to ash that Leia takes a moment—really takes a moment—for herself.
fandom:star.wars  fandom:star.wars.original.trilogy  pairing:luke/leia  m/f  rating:t  warning:incest  genre:sff  fanfiction  author:outruntheavalanche 
january 2016
[Star Wars] In Tandem, by nymja
Leia tries to picture Han as a father. She envisions her infant son being asked to hold a plasma torch as dad attempts to weld a coupling that’s come undone for the fifth or sixth time.

Han tries to picture Leia as a mother. He sees his kid, with tons of hair.


Lots and lots of hair.
gen  m/f  fanfiction  author:nymja  fandom:star.wars  pairing:han.solo/leia.organa  rating:t 
december 2015
[Good Omens] Crowley and Aziraphale Save The World, by afrai
Crowley and Aziraphale have to get married for Reasons. A wedding gift in memory of CrowleysAngels, LJ fandom and some good old eschatological times.

"I am not standing up at the altar with a man in jeans and a novelty T-shirt."
fandom:good.omens  author:afrai  m/m  fanfiction  rating:g  pairing:crowley/aziraphale 
november 2015
[Rómeó és Júlia] Gallant offers ill-delivered, by drcalvin
Nurse Angelica is not young, but she also doesn't feel old enough to lay aside all pleasures of the flesh. When she makes an offer to a man she thought would be amiable to at her advances, he spurns her cruelly.

Then, it knocks on her door, and she learns that there are still courteous men in fair Verona.

(Courteous, perhaps, but not always well-versed in what a woman wishes. Luckily, Angelica knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it.)
fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  pairing:nurse/tybalt  author:drcalvin  rating:m  genre:pwp  m/f  fanfiction 
november 2015
[Les Misérables] Jazz, Liquor, and Voices from an Otherwordly Plane, by furchte_die_schildkrote
Favourite, Zephine, and Dahlia run a phony psychic business out of a Jazz Age lesbian bar. When a newcomer to the bar, Fantine, begins offering her own psychic services, Favourite and Zephine decide to scope out the competition.
fandom:les.miserables  author:furchte_die_schildkrote  pairing:fantine/favourite  characters:grisettes  f/f  fanfiction  historical:1920s  historical:jazz.age  au:historical  genre:alternate.universe  rating:g 
november 2015
[Les Misérables] Goodness and Philosophy, by Germinal
"...a cat can transform itself into a lion; that does happen..."

Treat written for trickortreat2015, because the grisettes prompt gave me ideas I couldn't get rid of :). Any smut happens offscreen, and this is basically just Fantine's life not sucking so much.
fandom:les.miserables  characters:grisettes  pairing:fantine/favourite  rating:t  author:germinal  f/f  kink:impact.play  fanfiction  historical:19c 
november 2015
[Rómeó és Júlia] Better than wit, by drcalvin
Mercutio is battered, but his pride remains intact. Even if his circumstances have been temporarily reduced to a torn shirt, thin breeches and the most hopeless boots in his wardrobe, nothing to moan about. Once he has walked back to Verona - in these truly hopeless boots - taken a bath, burnt his clothes and drunk himself insensible, all shall be well.

Except today Tybalt has decided to take some air, and when did a Capulet know to leave well enough alone?
fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  pairing:tybalt/mercutio  rating:e  author:drcalvin  genre:pwp  genre:backstory  kink:s&m  kink:rough.sex  warning:implied.rape  m/m  fanfiction 
november 2015
[Rómeó és Júlia] Dinner Date, by Kira_K
Tybalt allows himself to be pushed against the wall in the alley and smirks down at Mercutio. They are barely out of sight of their friends but Mercutio is a risk taker and Tybalt feels indulgent - for the moment. He is never sure if he hates or loves the other man; and while biting kisses and bruises pressed against his skin don’t help to decide they are much fun.
fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  m/m  genre:sff  theme:vampires  rating:m  author:kira_k  pairing:tybalt/mercutio  fanfiction  au:fantasy  genre:alternate.universe  genre:pwp 
november 2015
[Szentivánéji álom] When in Rome..., by drcalvin
What gift is fit for a king? Especially when the king is as glorious as the immortal Oberon, master of all the unseen spirits of the world?

Puck doesn't know the answer, but a suggestion leads him to investigate where not even the king of fairies ventures: the mortal world.
rating:t  gen  fanfiction  character:puck  character:oberon  genre:fairytale  genre:sff  setting:ancient.rome  author:drcalvin  theme:loyalty  fandom:a.midsummer.night's.dream 
november 2015
[Discworld] Life Lesson, by MiraMira
Performing the Duty is never easy. It's even harder when Susan's lines of work intersect.
fandom:discworld  author:miramira  character:susan.sto.helit  gen  theme:death  fanfiction  rating:g 
november 2015
[Bone Wars RPF] Lizard Brain, by PinkCoffeeMosquitoJelly
This time, when Cope breaks camp at the end of the digging season, he leaves something behind instead of destroying everything. Marsh investigates.
fandom:19th.century.rpf  historical:19c  rating:g  character:othniel.charles.marsh  character:edward.drinker.cope  fanfiction  fandom:historical.rpf  author:pinkcoffeemosquitojelly 
november 2015
[Szentivánéji álom] This mortal road we stumble on, by drcalvin
Five things about being human that Oberon and Titania attempted to understand; and that one thing they didn’t even try to figure out.
fandom:szentivánéji.álom  recs  fandom:a.midsummer.night's.dream  character:oberon  character:titania  character:puck  rating:g  gen  fanfiction  author:drcalvin 
september 2015
[Star Wars] Open Wide and Empty, by Dispatches (orphan_account)
After the Jedi purges, one of the few survivors finds Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine, but Obi-Wan's in no mood to face the past.
rating:e  pairing:obi-wan.kenobi/quinlan.vos  fanfiction  m/m  fandom:star.wars  fandom:clone.wars  fandom:star.wars.prequels  genre:sff  author:dispatches 
may 2015
[Writing] Berlynn Wohl’s Awesome Slash Tutorial For Cool People, by berlynn_wohl
A guide for novice slash writers to help hone your skills and build confidence. Sort of Sherlock-centric, but applicable to any fandom.
resources:writing  resources:meta  author:berlynn_wohl 
january 2015
[Les Miserables] Inescapable, by Miss M
Éponine regained her senses. Fool! she thought bitterly. This gentleness could surely be nothing but a mask, if Cosette had even so much as a suspicion -- and if not, then truly she was too good to be made of flesh and blood.
fandom:les.miserables  pairing:cosette/eponine  pairing:valjean/javert  preslash  m/m  m/f  gen  author:miss.m  fanfiction  historical:19c  genre:fix-it  genre:alternate.universe  au:canon.divergence  to-feedback 
january 2015
[Les Miserables] Marks of Love, by Esteliel
When Valjean had first loosened the knot due to the heat, Javert had caused a glimpse of something: a reddened mark blooming on pale skin damp with perspiration. [I'd probably rate this a hard T.]
fandom:les.miserables  to-feedback  pairing:valjean/javert  rating:m  author:esteliel  historical:19c  m/m  fanfiction  genre:fix-it 
january 2015
[Frontier Wolf] An Auspicious Beginning, by Sineala
The night before the First Attacotti Frontier Scouts leave for Belgica, Hilarion brings a matter to the attention of his commander.
rating:g  fandom:frontier.wolf  pairing:alexios/hilarion  historical:roman.britain  historical:4c  m/m  fanfiction 
january 2015
[Les Miserables] Castigation, by Miss M
That this abhorrent whelp should be the one to break his defences and tear down the carefully-constructed dams that held his unnatural passions at bay -- it was shameful. It was insupportable.

It was also, sadly, an unchangeable fact.
fandom:les.miserables  pairing:javert/montparnasse  rating:e  m/m  historical:19c  genre:pwp  fanfiction  theme:hatesex  author:miss.m 
january 2015
[A Christmas Carol] Heaven's coins, by drcalvin
Marley's haunting was all that saved Scrooge from eternal damnation. Years have passed and it is time to repay the favor.
fandom:a.christmas.carol  character:ebenezer.scrooge  character:jacob.marley  rating:g  gen  fanfiction  author:drcalvin  historical:19c 
december 2014
[La vie parisienne/Párizsi élet] Five schemes that didn't get Bobinet out of marrying his cousin: A comedy in six acts, by drcalvin
Metélla has won her Gardefeu's hand in marriage; Gardefeu is learning to cope with his instinctual panic at the mere thought of matrimony.

The only cloud on the sky is that Bobinet, their dear friend and Metélla's occasional lover, remains stuck in an unwanted engagement to his cousin. Luckily, Gardefeu has the perfect plan of how to get him un-engaged.
fandom:la.vie.parisienne  fandom:párizsi.élet  rating:e  pairing:gardefeu/métella/bobinet  m/m/f  historical:19c  author:drcalvin  fanfiction  theme:polyamory 
december 2014
[Threepenny Opera] Glotz mal romantischer! by Susanoo_no_Mikoto
The Director: Repeat to me – again – what exactly our parameters for this casting call were?

The Assistant: A novel take on a song. A sequel. A happy end, not related to "Happy End". Queer readings and innovative settings welcome, which I think this tropical island might have become, if we'd let the scene progress.

There are many readings of any text, and many rewrites of any reading.

Macheath, the killer and gangster, was friends with Tiger Brown, the sheriff of London. That is the truth. The policeman betrayed his duties for his friend, his friend for his honor, his honor for his greed. Is that the truth?
fandom:threepenny.opera  author:susanoo_no_miko  pairing:macheath/tiger  rating:t  m/m  fanfiction  genre:metafic  to-feedback 
december 2014
[Threepenny Opera] Hungry and Hollow, by privatesnarker
Other men might have relied on a smuggled dose of poison as a last resort, a concealed blade or an improvised rope. Mack relied on Jackie.

(A Threepenny Opera vampire story)
fandom:threepenny.opera  author:privatesnarker  rating:t  warning:violence  warning:consent.issues  pairing:macheath/tiger  fanfiction  m/m  warning:dark  genre:alternate.universe  theme:vampires  au:supernatural 
november 2014
[Ördögölő Józsiás] Diplomacy, by privatesnarker
If you asked either of their employers, Boricz and Durmonyás definitely aren't friends. Not that it would be anyone's business if they were. In which there is a lot of fairy wine and not enough sleep, Boricz has a tempting offer and Durmonyás has to be the sensible one. [I'd rate T.]
fandom:jozsias.the.devilslayer  pairing:boricz/durmonyás  rating:not.rated  author:privatesnarker  genre:sff  au:canon.divergence  genre:fix-it  m/m  fanfiction  genre:alternate.universe 
november 2014
[Eagle of the Ninth] The Girls are Well Enough, by bunn
In which the Tribune Servius Placidus goes undercover in a ridiculous fake moustache, and learns that Yorkshire girls should really not be messed with.

When Marcus asks Placidus what he thinks of Britain, Placidus replies "‘The girls are well enough, and the hunting. For the rest - Roma Dea! I can bear to leave it behind me!". I wondered which girls he had met, and how...

Normally I only really write gen, but frankly Placidus is not really a gen kind of guy, and he really wants to be in stories that are all about GIRLS and BOTTOMS. I'm counting myself lucky that things didn't get any steamier, honestly.
fandom:eagle.of.the.ninth  character:servius.placidus  rating:t  author:bunn  historical:roman.britain  historical:2c  genre:humor  fanfiction 
november 2014
[Sword Song] Audrsaga, by bunn
When old Queen Aud decided that she would build a new ship and sail away to Iceland, after the death of her son Thorstein the Red, Sword Song's protagonist Bjarni decided not to go along with them.

This is what happened next for Aud.
fandom:sword.song  character:aud.the.deep-minded  character:muirgoed  character:erp  character:signy  author:bunn  gen  fanfiction  historical:viking.era  to-feedback 
november 2014
[Blood Feud] Born in the Purple, by bunn
To pay for the Viking army that helped the Emperor Basil defeat the Bulgars, the Princess Anna was sent to the North to marry the barbarian prince, Khan Vladimir. She wasn't happy about it.

This is not a graphic story: there's no sex and no violence. But it is a story about a woman who is forced into a marriage she doesn't want at all.
author:bunn  fandom:blood.feud  pairing:anna.porphyrogenita/khan.vladimir  m/f  gen  historical:viking.era  historical:byzantium  historical:10c  fanfiction  theme:arranged.marriage  warning:consent.issues 
november 2014
[Les Miserables] And not to scornful man, by wetyourselfwithblood
"Until six weeks before, Javert’s loyalty to Monseigneur Chabouillet had never interfered with his work. The incident with the woman had changed that."

Father Madeleine's servant receives some disquieting news.
fandom:les.miserables  fanfiction  author:wetyourselfwithblood  pairing:valjean/javert  rating:g  m/m  gen  au:canon.divergence  historical:19c  theme:religion  genre:alternate.universe 
november 2014
[Rómeó és Júlia] the hurt cannot be much, by Red_Mercutio
"To find Mercutio in his bedroom, lounging or asleep on his bed, was no strange thing: their friendship was largely based on breaking into one another’s rooms while the other was absent — or otherwise invading each other’s personal space in ways that most people would find wholly inappropriate and even indecent. So no, it was not at all strange to find Mercutio sleeping like the dead atop his duvet. The strange (or, more accurately, terrifying) thing was all the blood."
fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  author:red_mercutio  rating:t  fanfiction  pairing:romeo/mercutio  m/m  historical:16c  fandom:roméo.et.juliette  fandom:romeo.and.juliet 
november 2014
[Rómeó és Júlia] On the way home, by privatesnarker
When Romeo is drunk he gets cuddly. When Mercutio is drunk he sometimes gets serious. Unfortunately, their communication isn't the best.
fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  pairing:romeo/mercutio  rating:g  genre:comics  fanart  artist:privatesnarker  m/m 
october 2014
[Rómeó és Júlia] Corrections, by privatesnarker
Tybalt thinks he knows what Romeo wants. Romeo doesn’t disagree, but insists on adding his own spin.
fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  fandom:roméo.et.juliette  fandom:romeo.and.juliet  pairing:tybalt/romeo  rating:t  m/m  fanfiction 
october 2014
[Rómeó és Júlia] for all that beauty that doth cover thee, by Red_Mercutio
"Some weeks after they – himself, Romeo, Julia, and Tybalt – fled the city and came to this pretty little place, Mercutio discovered that he could climb from his bedroom window and onto the roof."
fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  fandom:roméo.et.juliette  fandom:romeo.and.juliet  character:mercutio  character:julia.capulet  pairing:romeo/julia/tybalt/mercutio  theme:polyamory  m/m/m/f  gen  fanfiction  author:red_mercutio  rating:g 
october 2014
[Rómeó és Júlia] The smile on your face need never rust, by drcalvin
"Benvolio doesn't bring any flowers to Romeo's grave. He only brings himself. Words, sometimes. New songs if he has heard them, though he rarely goes to the taverns these days."

A story about losing, coping and moving on without forgetting that you used to dance with kings.
fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  rating:t  fandom:romeo.and.juliet  fandom:roméo.et.juliette  character:benvolio.montague  character:peter(résj)  character:rosa  genre:sff  theme:grief  author:drcalvin  gen  fanfiction 
october 2014
[Rómeó és Júlia] RésJ/Faust Crossover, by privatesnarker
Cynical demon Mercutio makes a deal with ingenuous human Romeo for the latter's soul. Can this somehow not end in death and tragedy?

Crossover of Rómeó és Júlia and Goethe's Faust, mostly in the form of comics and pictures c: [In which Mercutio is more or less Mephistopheles, but Romeo is decidedly not Faust.]
au:fusion  fandom:rómeó.és.júlia  fandom:faust  pairing:romeo/mercutio  pairing:tybalt/mercutio  pairing:romeo/julia  genre:comics  rating:m  artist:privatesnarker  author:privatesnarker  fandom:roméo.et.juliette  fandom:romeo.and.juliet  fanart 
september 2014
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actor:szabó.p.szilveszter artist:alby_mangroves artist:atov artist:katie.marie.claude artist:minuiko artist:motetus artist:privatesnarker au:canon au:canon.divergence au:fantasy au:fusion au:historical au:modern au:science.fiction author:acaramelmacchiato author:amarguerite author:ankhiale author:anonymous author:ariadnes_string author:bunn author:carmarthen author:cinaed author:drcalvin author:elsane author:fyre author:genarti author:grenegome author:isis author:knowyourwayinthedark author:madame-le-maire author:melannen author:miss.m author:opalmatrix author:osprey_archer author:primeideal author:privatesnarker author:red_mercutio author:riventhorn author:sath author:seascribe author:sineala author:smokefall author:stonecarapace author:stripysock author:taenia author:ten.little.bullets author:thehighestpie author:voksen author:wetyourselfwithblood character:alanna.of.trebond character:aquila character:bishop.myriel character:bobinet character:combeferre character:cosette.fauchelevent character:cottia character:courfeyrac character:der.tod character:enjolras character:eponine.thenardier character:esca.mac.cunoval character:fantine character:gavroche character:grantaire character:hilarion character:javert character:jean.prouvaire character:jean.valjean character:joly character:keladry.of.mindelan character:lucius character:marcus.aquila character:marius.pontmercy character:mercutio character:montparnasse character:natasha.romanov character:rosaline character:tybalt character:uncle.aquila characters:grisettes characters:les.amis f/f fanart fandom:a.midsummer.night's.dream fandom:aubrey-maturin fandom:avatar.the.last.airbender fandom:avengers fandom:az.ördög fandom:blood.feud fandom:discworld fandom:dresden.files fandom:eagle.of.the.ninth fandom:elisabeth fandom:firefly fandom:frontier.wolf fandom:highlander fandom:historical.rpf fandom:la.vie.parisienne fandom:lantern.bearers fandom:les.miserables fandom:mozart! fandom:protector.of.the.small fandom:párizsi.élet fandom:rebecca fandom:romeo.and.juliet fandom:romeo.e.giulietta fandom:roméo.et.juliette fandom:rpf fandom:rómeó.és.júlia fandom:shakespeare fandom:song.of.the.lioness fandom:star.wars fandom:star.wars.sequel.trilogy fandom:szentivánéji.álom fandom:színház fandom:takarazuka fandom:temeraire fandom:the.eagle fandom:thor fandom:threepenny.opera fandom:tortall fandom:vorkosigan.saga fandom:watchmen fanfiction gen genre:afterlife genre:alternate.universe genre:backstory genre:comics genre:crack genre:crossover genre:epistolary genre:fairytale genre:ficlet.collection genre:fix-it genre:humor genre:parody genre:plotty genre:pwp genre:series genre:sff genre:superheroes historical:10c historical:15c historical:16c historical:18c historical:19c historical:20c historical:2c historical:4c historical:5c historical:7c historical:age.of.sail historical:arthurian historical:byzantium historical:cold.war historical:roman.britain historical:rome historical:viking.era historical:wwi history:queer kink:d/s kink:impact.play language:french language:hungarian language:russian m/f m/m m/m/f pairing:alexios/hilarion pairing:aral/cordelia pairing:cosette/eponine pairing:cottia/esca/marcus pairing:cottia/marcus pairing:dan.dreiburg/rorschach pairing:dresden/marcone pairing:elisabeth/der.tod pairing:enjolras/grantaire pairing:eponine/montparnasse pairing:esca/marcus pairing:grantaire/prouvaire pairing:ivan/byerly pairing:joly/bossuet/musichetta pairing:macheath/tiger pairing:marius/cosette pairing:marius/courfeyrac pairing:mercutio/benvolio pairing:mercutio/romeo pairing:romeo/mercutio pairing:rudolf/der.tod pairing:tybalt/mercutio pairing:valjean/javert preslash rating:e rating:g rating:k+ rating:m rating:nc-17 rating:not.rated rating:pg rating:pg-13 rating:r rating:t resources resources:argot resources:books resources:history resources:interviews resources:language.study resources:lyrics resources:meta resources:photos resources:plot.bunnies resources:reviews resources:translations resources:video resources:writing russian-practice setting:modern theme:crossdressing theme:death theme:dinosaurs theme:family theme:friendship theme:genderswap theme:ghosts theme:polyamory theme:unrequited.love theme:ust to-feedback to-read translations:lyrics warning:consent.issues warning:dark warning:violence wip

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