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Kodak Ktypto
Kodakcoin: “an attention monger jumping onto a buzzy trend with a gimmicky approach”.
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january 2018 by carlesbellver
Polarr photography guide
Basic photography concepts explained: temperature, exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.
april 2015 by carlesbellver
To beat the iPhone, you have to beat the iPhone’s camera
In all the years of Android’s existence, in spite of huge investments of time and money, there’s never been a standout Android cameraphone. Some have cameras that are better in low light than the iPhone’s, many have higher resolution, and a number claim to be faster at focusing — but none pull it all together into the same comprehensive package that the iPhone can offer. Samsung and LG give you a pared-down "just shoot" experience, but they lack software polish and speed; Motorola’s camera launches and shoots quickly, but the quality is mediocre; and Sony manages to combine an excellent image sensor with terrible autofocus. Microsoft’s PureView cameras fare better, but the Windows Phone camera app is comparatively slow and unintuitive, and there’s a reason why former Lumia chief Ari Partinen is now tagging his photos with #iPhone6Plus instead of #Lumia1520.
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january 2015 by carlesbellver

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