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Sleeping Twice A Day is Better, Healthier, and More Natural
A new study details how throughout history sleeping in two big chunks every day actually used to be the normal thing to do […] So what changed? We moved to a society that values mass productivity and efficiency over leisurely personal health.
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16 days ago by carlesbellver
Scientists think they found a new human organ—a fluid-filled “shock absorber”
Find needs to be confirmed, but it stands to raise a lot of basic biology questions.
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22 days ago by carlesbellver
El negocio de la sanidad privada crece imparable a costa del deterioro del sistema público
Consultores privados atribuyen su auge a "las deficiencias en el sector sanitario público que sigue sufriendo las medidas restrictivas tomadas en 2012".
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9 weeks ago by carlesbellver
Las desigualdades económicas marcan el nivel de supervivencia de los pacientes de cáncer
Richard Sullivan: "La oncoplutocracia, mediante la que solo los pacientes y países ricos se benefician de los progresos contra el cáncer, tiene que parar".
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11 weeks ago by carlesbellver
Breastfeeding rates are a marker of social class in the US

Breast milk has become a luxury good, another example of what the sociologist Elizabeth Currid-Halkett calls inconspicuous consumption: the investments in intangibles like health and education that increase social capital for the modern wealthy. And because these costs are largely invisible, it’s easy to frame breastfeeding as a free good equally available to all. The truth is much more complicated.
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august 2017 by carlesbellver
Why the Calorie Is Broken
Century-old figures remain the basis for today's standards.
health  science 
january 2016 by carlesbellver
Are beards good for your health?
Microbes found in facial hair kill bacteria, like penicillin.
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january 2016 by carlesbellver
Ageing rates vary widely, says study
A huge gulf in the speed at which our bodies age.
health  biology 
july 2015 by carlesbellver

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