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Explained Simply: How DeepMind taught AI to play video games
How a neural network learnt to play Atari games by itself using Reinforcement Learning.
AI  gaming 
september 2017 by carlesbellver
Neuroeducació i videojocs bèl·lics
La indústria del videojoc i el joc amb les emocions.
gaming  war  peace  violence 
july 2016 by carlesbellver
Gameful Design
An alternative to gamification?
gaming  education 
july 2016 by carlesbellver
Curated list of PICO-8 resources, tutorials, tools and more.
gaming  programming 
may 2016 by carlesbellver
Virtual console for making, sharing and playing tiny games.
programming  gaming 
march 2016 by carlesbellver
Arduboy puts open source monochrome gaming in your wallet
Credit card sized game system and open platform for people to play, create and share games.
gaming  gadgets  programming 
may 2015 by carlesbellver
the videogame history timeline | an archive of videogame-related information
Video games history timeline and visual timeline (flash, beta). By Mauricio Giraldo Arteaga (Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia). "This site aims to visualize the story of videogames and its most related events".
february 2010 by carlesbellver
Dingoo Digital A320
The unofficial english support site.
gaming  dingoo 
december 2009 by carlesbellver
Open source games console and media player.
opensource  gaming  console  hardware  gp2x 
october 2008 by carlesbellver

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