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Welcome to the Meghalayan Age - a new phase in history
The middle phase of the Holocene will be referred to as the Northgrippian, and runs from 8,300 years ago up to the start of the Meghalayan… The oldest phase of the Holocene - the exit from the ice age - will be known as the Greenlandian.
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july 2018 by carlesbellver
The Massive Project to Clean Up the Ocean With a Two-Kilometer Screen
$2.2 million from 38,000 people in 160 countries. The most successful non-profit crowdfunding campaign to date.
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december 2017 by carlesbellver
Un big data contra el cerdismo dominguero
La única forma es decirlo en plata. Hablando de mierda.
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december 2017 by carlesbellver
Does Our Survival Depend on Relentless Exponential Growth?
If we decide that limitless exponential growth on a finite planet is unsustainable, we need to plan for the transition to a new way of living before our ability to accelerate runs out. If we require new technologies or fields of study to enable this growth to continue, we must focus our efforts on these before anything else. If we want to survive the 21st century without major catastrophe, we don’t have a choice but to understand it. Almost by default, we’re all accelerationists now.
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october 2017 by carlesbellver
Geoengineering: Journey into geopoetry
Review: The Planet Remade, by Oliver Morton. Climate crisis cannot be solved, but could be managed.
His hope is embodied in the beauty of elegant engineering and joy in a world of thriving life: “a reimagining of how humans and nature can intermingle, a new consciousness of what can be done for the planet rather than a blind deference to what are claimed to be its limits”. He sees the future as creating “a we ... that can set a better course”
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june 2017 by carlesbellver
La contrarrevolución energética de Donald Trump
Los negacionistas quieren ganar tiempo, tal vez una o dos décadas, para terminar de explotar los nuevos yacimientos de gas (especialmente mediante la tecnología del fracking) y de petróleo […] Todo indica que estamos ante una gran simulación. Trump sería consciente de los efectos reales del cambio climático […] El equipo de climatoescéticos de la Casa Blanca, liderado por el secretario de Estado, Rex Tillerson, ex presidente de la Exxon Mobil, quiere marcar el compás de la transición energética y dar tiempo, el mayor tiempo posible, para que las big oil acaben dominando la era solar y planifiquen un nuevo orden financiero internacional basado en la economía verde. Actualmente las mayores inversiones y opas en energías renovables ya las están haciendo las petroleras y gasistas.
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may 2017 by carlesbellver
El germen de les amenaces modernes
Extracte de La situació del món 2015, Worldwatch Institute. CCCB.
july 2015 by carlesbellver
The science of bottomless pits
What would happen if you dove into a hole straight through the Earth?
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february 2015 by carlesbellver

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